Fall Stand up Paddle boarding

We know we the bitter-sweet feeling of when the colder weather kicks in announcing Fall's arrival. 

Most people think that Paddleboarding is only a Summer activity, but we're excited to give you the tea on Fall paddling.

Here's our tips and tricks on making paddle boarding during Fall just as fun as Summer paddling!

SUP in the Fall can be a magical time.  The kiddos are back in school, and they and their parents are too busy with weekend soccer games to make it out to the waterways.

The air is crisp but not too cold yet and the fall tapestry that surrounds most lakes and rivers creates a beauty that wasn’t there in the summer.  Sure, the water is cooler but you are an accomplished paddle boarder now so there won’t be any of those errant missteps that would send you into the drink over the summer.


Glide Stand up Paddle Board

You will want to dress in layers for a fall SUP excursion as your paddle will typically start out cool and then you will warm up as you work your muscles. You can read more about what to wear here.

A good rule of thumb is to dress for the water temperature even though you don’t plan on going in.  Quick drying clothing material is also recommended just in case you do find yourself in the water.

Be sure to check the weather before your SUP paddle as fall weather can be somewhat unpredictable in many parts of the country.  

Wind is definitely not your friend when on a SUP because you tend to become a human sail.  With this in mind, it is always recommended that you paddle out into the wind so that the wind is at your back when you paddle back to your starting point. 


sitting on a glide fishing paddle board

You will want a leash on your SUP and a pdf on you. The leash will keep your SUP from blowing away from you in high gusts and it’s illegal to not have a pdf on most of the nation’s waterways.  

It’s not recommended that you SUP solo in the fall or winter months but if you do, make sure that you carry your phone in a waterproof case that floats. 

Preferably a case that lets you also take photos of the beautiful fall landscape.  Bringing a dry bag with dry clothes in it is also a great “pro tip” for autumn paddling.

inflatable paddle board


Don’t let a little change in the weather keep you from the activity that you love.  Fall has so many good things going for it: less people, fewer bugs, gorgeous scenery, and hardly any boat wakes.

Check out our paddleboards so that you can get on the water anytime you want.


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