Embracing New Adventures: My Journey from Biking to Paddle Boarding


  My name is Greg and this is part of my story. I do not know about you and what things you are grateful for, for me it is a long list although I will keep it shortish I hope. The first is being alive, I feel we should all be grateful for this, and for being free. For the planet from flat corn fields, to lakes and raging rivers, sandy beaches, and imposing mountains.

The Accident

After a severe biking accident left me with lasting injuries, I found myself at a crossroads in my life. The fear of the road, combined with a longing for the outdoors, pushed me to explore new avenues for adventure and healing. This is the story of how I transitioned from road biking to mountain biking and eventually found my passion in paddle boarding, all thanks to the encouragement of friends, family, and the support of Glide Paddle Sports.


From Asphalt to Trails: The Shift to Mountain Biking

My journey began in the flat terrains of Kansas City, where road biking was my escape and exercise. However, a life-threatening encounter with a car shifted my perspective on road biking. Recovery was tough, and the thought of getting back on a bike was daunting. Yet, the urge to get outdoors and move was undeniable. Encouraged by friends, I reluctantly swapped the road bike for a mountain bike, discovering the joys and challenges of trail riding. The experience was liberating, allowing me to reconnect with nature and regain my confidence, though it wasn't without its limitations and physical reminders of my accident.

A Wedding, A Paddle Board, and A New Beginning

stand up paddle board

An invitation to a friend's wedding in Florida introduced me to paddle boarding. Initially resistant due to fears of wildlife and the unfamiliar, I was persuaded by the enthusiasm of a young relative and the promise of adventure. My first experience on a Glide paddle board was transformative. The stability and ease of use of the board allowed me to quickly find my balance and enjoy the serene beauty of Florida's waters, including a memorable encounter swimming with manatees. This experience reignited my passion for outdoor activities and set me on a new path.

Gratitude and Growth

glide stand up paddleboard

I am profoundly grateful for the support system around me—friends, family, and the opportunities my job provides. The accident, while a setback, opened doors to new hobbies and interests that have enriched my life. Glide Paddle Sports, in particular, has played a significant role in my paddle boarding journey. Their quality boards and exceptional customer service have not only facilitated my love for the sport but also inspired me to explore further and push my boundaries.

Choosing the Right Board: A Journey with Glide

My initial foray into paddle boarding with a Glide board was so positive that it led me to pursue it further. After experimenting with another brand, I returned to Glide, seeking a board that matched my evolving interests and abilities. Their guidance was invaluable, steering me towards the Retro board, which perfectly suited my needs for both river and flat water paddling. This choice has allowed me to experience the thrill of navigating rapids and the tranquility of SUP camping, further cementing my love for paddle boarding.

Looking Forward

dock at sunset

My adventure from biking to paddle boarding has been a journey of self-discovery, healing, and gratitude. It's a testament to the power of community, the importance of staying open to new experiences, and the role of quality gear in enhancing those experiences. As I continue to explore the possibilities that paddle boarding offers, I look forward to sharing more adventures and, hopefully, inspiring others to step out of their comfort zones and discover their passions. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey, especially Glide Paddle Sports, for their exceptional products and support. Here's to many more adventures on the water!

This story is not just about finding a new hobby; it's about overcoming fear, embracing change, and the transformative power of nature and community support. It's a reminder that sometimes, the path to healing and happiness involves paddling through uncharted waters.