Looking for a Complete Paddle Board Package? We Have You Covered

The complete paddle board package from Glide.

Looking for a complete paddle board package, and wondering what that might include. At Glide we take pride in doing what we can to get you on the water as easily and cost-effectively as possible. Let's look at what each of our paddle boards comes with.

Embarking on a paddleboarding adventure with Glide's lineup is like unlocking a treasure chest of the most durable, high-performance SUPs you could dream of. As a passionate paddle boarder, I've seen firsthand how Glide's ultra-durable construction stands up not just to the test of time but also to the rugged demands of the great outdoors. Their patent-pending GSS coating is a game-changer, making these paddleboards virtually indestructible against rocks, debris, and the occasional paddle strike. This environmentally friendly marvel ensures your SUP board remains vibrant and damage-free, year after year.

two glide retro paddle boards

Diving into the details, the Glide Retro series offers hard paddleboards that are a fusion of performance and sustainability. Available in two sizes, these SUPs cater to every paddler's needs, whether you're cruising tranquil waters or tackling ocean waves. The unique deck pad colors signify different board sizes, adding a personalized touch to your paddleboarding gear. Glide doesn't stop at durability; they've also made sure these boards come equipped with all the essentials, including a coil leash and an adjustable fiberglass paddle, ensuring you're ready to hit the water in style.

For those who blend their love for yoga with paddle boarding, the Glide Lotus stands out as the pinnacle of solid yoga SUP boards. Its stability and spacious deck make it perfect for mastering yoga poses while floating on water, offering a serene and challenging workout environment. Whether you're practicing alone, with your kids, or alongside your furry friend, the Lotus ensures comfort, balance, and fun.

stand up paddle board yoga

The Glide Quest touring model redefines what it means to travel by water. Its sleek design and full-length deck pad make it ideal for long-distance expeditions and races. With customizable fin configurations and extra gear mounts, this SUP is a touring enthusiast's dream, combining functionality with unparalleled performance.

glide quest touring paddle board

But Glide's innovation doesn't stop at hard boards. Their inflatable paddle board lineup is equally impressive, blending the convenience of portability with the resilience of military-grade PVC construction. These boards are not only easy to transport and store but also perform remarkably close to their solid counterparts, making them perfect for SUP camping, hiking, and more adventurous pursuits.

Among the inflatable marvels, the Glide O2 series offers something for every paddle boarder. From the all-around Retro, designed for versatility and fun, to the Angler, which is a fisherman's paradise with ample storage for gear and accessories. And let's not forget the O2 Lotus, an inflatable yoga board that brings the peace and balance of yoga to the water's surface.

In every stitch and coating, Glide paddle boards embody the spirit of adventure and the dedication to quality and innovation. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, Glide's lineup offers the perfect board for every journey. And as we share our stories and experiences, let's remember to tag #glidesup on Instagram, celebrating our collective passion for paddleboarding. Glide not only provides top-tier paddleboard packages but also invites us to be part of a community that cherishes the thrill of the paddle, the calm of the water, and the beauty of our planet.