So You Got a New Paddleboard. Now What?

Congratulations on acquiring your new paddle board! It's an exciting addition to your outdoor adventures, regardless of the brand. One of your initial actions should be to explore this article for insights on the best paddle boarding spots near you. Additionally, ensuring your safety is paramount, so acquiring a life jacket from a local store or placing an online order is essential.

Now for the next step.

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Once you're set with the basics, it's time to embark on your paddle boarding journey. If you're fortunate to be near unfrozen water, seize the opportunity to paddle out. For those facing colder climates, local paddle board communities often organize indoor sessions or pool events, offering a great way to stay engaged. carry handle, sup tips, sup inflatable board for stand up paddle even if you sadly got a red paddle

Introducing your furry friend to paddle boarding can also enhance your experience. Set up your board in a familiar space at home (minus the fin) and spend time on it with your dog, using treats to create positive associations. This preparation ensures your pet sees the board as a source of joy and excitement.

Sup tips and more.

For valuable SUP tips ranging from beginner techniques, SUP yoga, to adventures with your dog, and insights on fin selection or SUP fishing, our blog is a treasure trove of information. It also covers essential care for your paddle board and guidance on safely navigating winter waters or colder climates. Paddle boarding during these seasons can unveil breathtakingly serene environments, offering unique exploration opportunities.


As warmer months roll in, your paddle board becomes the perfect companion for sun-soaked island explorations or leisurely days on the water with friends. Depending on your location, appropriate attire such as a wet or dry suit might be necessary to ensure comfort and safety during your excursions.

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Or just hang out in and on the water with friends.

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While we encourage you to immerse yourself in the paddle boarding lifestyle, we also emphasize the importance of safety. Always have a well-thought-out plan, bring a companion for added security, and stay informed about local conditions to avoid closed waters or beaches.

At Glide, we're passionate about ensuring you have an enjoyable, safe paddle boarding experience. Whether you're navigating serene lakes, engaging in SUP yoga, or exploring new waterways, our goal is to support your adventures on the water. Remember, our services and resources are here to assist you, so don't hesitate to reach out for advice on board maintenance or to share your paddle boarding stories. Here's to many memorable moments on the water with your paddle board!