Sculpt Your Physique with a Glide Inflatable Paddle Board: The Ultimate Water Workout

Paddle boarding is more than a serene journey across water; it's a dynamic exercise that engages nearly every muscle in your body. The evolution of paddle boarding into a fitness regimen has been significantly propelled by the introduction of durable and stable inflatable paddle boards from Glide. Let's dive into how incorporating a Glide inflatable board into your routine can redefine your fitness journey.

Key Highlights:

  1. Versatility and Accessibility: Glide inflatable boards bring fitness routines to any water environment, offering the same rigidity as solid boards but with greater accessibility.
  2. Full-Body Workout: Paddle boarding engages a full range of muscles, providing a comprehensive workout that includes the legs, core, and upper body.
  3. Enhanced Core Stability: The slight flexibility of inflatable boards, like those from Glide, adds a core stability challenge that enhances the workout intensity.
  4. Exercise Variety: Use the board for a variety of exercises such as water-resisted sit-ups and air squats, increasing balance and core engagement.
  5. Calorie Burning: Paddle boarding can burn between 400 to 700 calories per hour, making it an efficient way to combine cardio and strength training.

inflatable paddle boards or solid board weight limit and other accessories and planing hulls

Transforming Paddle Board Fitness with Glide

The paddle boarding world has been revolutionized with the advent of high-quality inflatable boards. Glide's offerings, known for their unmatched rigidity akin to that of solid boards, have emerged as the top choice for fitness enthusiasts. This leap in inflatable technology ensures that wherever water can be found, a comprehensive workout awaits.

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Choosing Between Inflatable and Solid Boards for Fitness

Traditionally, solid boards were favored for SUP fitness due to their unwavering stability. However, the slight flexibility found in Glide's inflatable boards introduces an additional challenge, activating core and stabilizer muscles more intensely. Plus, the ease of transporting and storing a Glide inflatable board encourages consistent engagement in your water workout routine.

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Engaging a Full-Body Workout on the Glide Board

The act of paddle boarding itself is a full-body exercise, from the stabilizing muscles of your legs to the powerful strokes of your upper body. Glide boards offer a stable yet challenging platform for a variety of fitness activities beyond paddling. Here’s a guide to maximizing your workout on the water:

Enhancing Fitness with Inflatable Board Exercises

Transform your Glide board into a floating gym where the water's natural instability amplifies every movement, intensifying core engagement and balance:

  • Dynamic Burpees: Incorporate a jump-back into a plank, a push-up, and a final leap into the air. This all-encompassing movement elevates your heart rate and engages the entire body.
  • Core-Challenging Dragon Flags: While lying on your back and gripping the board, lift your legs using your abdominal strength, then control your descent. This targets the core intensively.
  • Elevated Water Push-ups: From the water, place your hands on the board and propel yourself up, focusing on upper body strength.
  • Water-Resisted Sit-ups: Adding the element of water resistance transforms the traditional sit-up into a core powerhouse exercise.
  • Balance-Testing Air Squats: Perform squats on the unstable board to further engage the lower body and core.


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Cardio and Strength Combined in Paddling

The primary action of paddling is an outstanding cardio workout that simultaneously strengthens the upper body, core, and legs. Glide boards, with their efficient design, ensure a smooth glide and stability, making your paddling both enjoyable and effective. Integrate interval sprints into your paddle session for an intensified workout.

inflatable sups with removable side fins and large center fin for many boardsCalories Burned Paddle Boarding.

Paddle boarding stands out as a remarkably efficient workout, seamlessly blending cardio and strength training while offering the tranquil experience of being on the water. Engaging in paddle boarding can burn anywhere from 400 to 700 calories per hour, depending on the intensity of your session and the conditions of the water. The dynamic effort required to balance and propel the paddle board activates a wide range of muscle groups, from your core and shoulders down to your legs, making it a comprehensive workout. Whether you're gently cruising along a calm lake or battling against the currents and waves, paddle boarding not only elevates your heart rate but also enhances muscular endurance, offering a unique and enjoyable path to fitness that transcends the typical exercise routine.

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The Glide Revolution in Water Fitness

Glide's inflatable paddle boards have transcended traditional paddle boarding, creating new pathways for fitness on the water. This innovative approach to exercise combines strength training, balance enhancement, and cardiovascular health, all set against the backdrop of nature's beauty.

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A fitness program on inflatable SUPs

As one of the paddle board manufacturers that started the fitness paddling revolution, we can assure you that you will have a blast doing burpees, push ups, air squats. etc on your inflatable SUP board. We know this because gyms got wind of these types of workouts and asked us to create a shorter product that used the same quality materials as our inflatable SUPs but could be anchored to pool lane lines. The result was the Glide Fit which is in hundreds of pools around the globe.

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A Fresh Horizon in Fitness

The Glide inflatable paddle board invites you to break free from the confines of the gym and embrace the boundless potential of water workouts. Whether you're aiming to improve your athletic performance or embark on a fitness journey, Glide equips you with the perfect tool for a balanced, strong, and sculpted body.

Embrace the transformative experience of paddle board fitness with Glide. Each stroke on the water is a step towards achieving your ultimate fitness goals, proving that the world's most effective gym could very well be the great outdoors itself.