Glide O2 Lotus Inflatable Yoga Paddle Board

The O2 Lotus inflatable board is the inflatable version of Glide’s famous Lotus board. The Lotus board was the first board designed as a yoga specific paddle board.

There were other boards that were painting Yoga graphics on an all-around board and calling it a yoga board but the Lotus set the standard of what a Yoga paddle board should be, and to this day it is still the benchmark which all other yoga boards are compared against.

Key Highlights:

  1. Purpose-Built for Yoga: The O2 Lotus is crafted with a focus on yoga, providing a stable and wide platform that mimics a yoga mat, ideal for both beginners and advanced yogis.
  2. Premium Materials: Constructed with fusion PVC and a reinforced woven drop stitch core, ensuring durability and longevity.
  3. Versatile Design: While optimized for yoga, the O2 Lotus is also fun and easy to paddle in various water conditions including flat lakes and ocean waves, thanks to its tailored rocker and tail design.
  4. Complete Package: Comes with all necessary accessories, including a wheeled travel bag, adjustable paddle, leash, fin, manual pump, and repair kit, making it ready for any adventure.
  5. Renowned Durability: Backed by Glide's reputation for producing durable boards, accompanied by a two-year warranty against defects.

The 2022 O2 Lotus is the latest in a long line of O2 Lotus boards that have come before it. The O2 Lotus is a premium quality SUP Yoga inflatable paddle board. 

All of Glide inflatables are built with the highest quality materials we can source, including woven drop stitch cores, ultra durable fusion PVC, USA Style fin boxes.

Learn more about our inflatable paddle board construction here.

The O2 Lotus offers a very stable platform in which you can practice SUP yoga, and is still a fun to paddle board that can be used in almost all types of paddling.   

The O2 Lotus has been used in all major SUP yoga festivals and gatherings. The Lotus is the board of Wanderlust which is one of the world’s largest Yoga festivals. It is also the board used at Mammoth Yoga Festival, and hundreds of floating yoga studios around the world.

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Glide O2 Lotus: Spec Sheet

Main Category

Yoga, Inflatable

Board Dimensions

10’ x 35” x 6”

Listed Board Weight

23 lbs

Listed Max Capacity

400 lbs

Recommended PSI

12-15 psi (Max 25 psi, although we recommend PSI of 12)


Single removable center fin


Adjustable fiberglass paddle and ABS Blade


Fusion PVC, reinforced  Woven Drop Stitch Core


We originally designed the Lotus board with the help from the top floating yoga studios who had a list of priorities they wanted in a SUP yoga board.  The list included:

  1. Stable platform for beginners to advanced yogis.
  2. Easy to paddle through a variety of conditions.
  3. Fun to paddle.
  4. Easy to carry.
  5. Durable.

The first part to tackle was to make the board stable, we accomplished this by making the board 35” wide and keeping the width throughout the length of the board.  We kept the standing area of the board completely flat to mimic a yoga mat.

The O2 Lotus also has a tip to tail premium brushed EVA deckpad which gives great grip when both wet and dry. It is also extremely comfortable either standing, in down dog, or lying on your back. 

The deck pad on an inflatable paddle board is where you will have the most contact so it is very important to have one that is comfortable and grips well.

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In order to make it easy to paddle in a variety of conditions which includes flat water lakes, going over waves in the ocean, or in choppy conditions, we had to add rocker to the nose and tail. 

The rocker in the nose is kick rocker which as the name implies kicks up quickly. This allows us to keep the bottom of the board flat, while having rocker which allows the board to ride over chop and waves easily. 

We also tapered in the sides of the board at the tail to help the board track well and give it a bit of speed. This board is not a speed demon, but customers are constantly amazed on how quick it is for such a wide inflatable board. 

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Fun to paddle was a bit harder to get just right. Typically a wide board is a dog to paddle and slow.  We wanted to make the O2 Lotus as sporty as possible, and to accomplish that we kept the bottom of the board as flat as we could, this give you a fast paddling surface and one that is easy to turn.

With the combination of kick rocker, the flat bottom, the tapered outline, and the placement of the fin box the O2 Lotus paddles very similar to a board that is inches narrower. Fun is subjective, but we feel we nailed it!

Glide boards are legendary for durability if you want to learn more head over to our Glide YouTube channel and watch some of the Will it Break Wendsdays.

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On of main advantages of an inflatable paddle board is the ability to travel with the board or to hike into remote locations. 

The Glide O2 Lotus inflatable paddle board comes with everything you need to get out on the water and start your practice.  Included is the Lotus board, wheeled travel bag, 3 piece adjustable paddle, 10’ coil leash, dolphin fin, high pressure manual pump, and repair kit.


Glide Paddlesports is based in SLC Utah and prides itself on customer service, ultra-durable boards, and boards built for all your paddling adventures. Glide was founded in 2010 by lifelong paddlers and professional watermen committed to bringing you and our dealers the highest quality inflatable and rigid paddle boards on the planet.  If you have any questions about boards or paddling please reach out to our customer service team by phone, chat, or email we would love to talk to you!


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