Whitewater Paddling in Alberton Gorge, Montana

River paddleboard sesh in Big Sky Country.

Key Highlights

  1. Alberton Gorge Adventure: Dive into the heart of Montana's whitewater paddleboarding scene with Glide's 2014 river boards, tested in the exhilarating waters of Alberton Gorge.

  2. Expert Insight: Matt Rusher, Glide's Northwest Rep, expertly navigates the challenging rapids, showcasing the thrill and skill involved in river paddleboarding.

  3. Captivating Imagery: Seth Warren of Elements Mixed Media brings the adventure to life with stunning photography, including an image featured in Red Bull's "Best of SUP."

  4. Paddleboarding Excellence: Explore what makes Alberton Gorge a premier destination for paddleboard enthusiasts seeking to test their limits against the rushing waters.

  5. Educational Tips and Gear Guide: Gain valuable insights with pre-season paddleboarding tips, safety equipment advice, and a comparison between hardboard and inflatable boards, alongside a rundown of common beginners' mistakes.

Glide's Northwest Rep, Matt Rusher giving the Glide 2014 river boards a test at Alberton Gorge in Montana.  Photos courtesy of Seth Warren of Elements Mixed Media.

paddle board on whitewater

Rusher picking his line through the rushing water.

paddle board on a river

Another gorgeous shot by Seth Warren of Elements Mixed Media. This one made it into Red Bull's "Best of SUP" collection.

falling off a paddle board

Bottoms Up!

paddle board on whitewater


Under Triple Bridges. Great photo by Seth Warren.


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