Wondering if You Can Paddle Board in Winter or Cold Weather?

Wondering if paddleboarding during the colder months is a good idea? While many articles suggest tucking away your inflatable paddle board (iSUP) as winter approaches, we at Glidesup.com believe otherwise. If you're equipped with a Glide paddle board, there's no need to pause your paddleboarding passion. Contrary to what you might think, paddleboarding in cold weather isn't just possible; it's an extraordinary experience waiting to unfold.

Key Highlights:

  1. Cold Weather Paddleboarding: Unveil the beauty of paddleboarding in colder climates and iconic locations that offer unrivaled scenic beauty and wildlife encounters.
  2. Winter Paddleboarding Gear: Understanding the necessity of a thick wetsuit or dry suit, and additional safety gear like the Garmin Inreach for remote adventures.
  3. Winter SUP Adventures: From river surfing with melting snow to winter SUP yoga, explore how to make the most of the season with the right Glide paddle board.
  4. Winter SUP Camping: Dive into the ultimate cold-weather escape, combining the excitement of paddleboarding with the serene beauty of winter camping.
  5. Safety Measures for Winter SUP: Emphasize the importance of being prepared, understanding your limits, and ensuring safety with proper gear and communication.

Cold Weather Paddleboarding: A Hidden Gem

Cold waters don't mean off-limits, especially for paddleboarding enthusiasts. Some of the most breathtaking paddleboarding destinations come alive in colder climates. Imagine gliding through the serene waters of the San Juan Islands or exploring the majestic views at Bear Glacier Seward and Knik Glacier. The chill in the air is a small price to pay for the unrivaled scenic beauty and wildlife encounters these spots offer.

Equipping yourself with the right gear, including a properly thick wetsuit or a dry suit, is non-negotiable for these adventures. Cold weather paddleboarding demands extra safety precautions like understanding the weather conditions, wearing appropriate clothing, and keeping a hot beverage handy. Devices like the Garmin Inreach become invaluable, ensuring safety during remote or offshore paddleboarding sessions

inflatable paddle board in the snow

Some parts of the US and the world will have cold waters even in the middle of summer. And it is in these spots that you will find some of the most incredible places to go paddle boarding, such as the San Juan Islands. Or Bear Glacier Seward, Knik Glacier, and so many other spots. Although you will be in cold temperatures you will be rewarded with some of the most scenic spots to go paddle boarding and have amazing opportunities for spectacular wildlife viewing.

Winter Paddleboarding: A Seasonal Adventure

The misconception that paddleboarding is a summer-only activity couldn't be further from the truth. Glide paddle boards, crafted with advanced fusion techniques and military-grade PVC, are built to thrive in any season. Winter brings its own set of paddleboarding perks, especially when rivers swell with melting snow, creating perfect waves for river surfing – an experience unmatched, even more so in a blizzard.

The key to winter paddleboarding is staying warm. This means donning a wetsuit, possibly a helmet for river waves, and neoprene booties and gloves to keep the chill at bay. The thrill of catching a wave in cool air is an exhilarating experience that's both fun and a testament to the importance of proper gear.

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Glide paddle boards are made to withstand the real world regardless of the season. With our unique fusion technique and premium military grade PVC with a quadruple layer construction over a specially designed drop stitch woven core, our boards are excited to go in the water even when you may not be.

sup yoga board

Winter SUP Yoga and Touring

Yes, winter SUP yoga is a thing! With the Glide Lotus, the ultimate yoga SUP, you can continue your practice in the tranquility of winter. This board's design ensures stability and confidence, allowing for a peaceful yoga session amidst the snow. Cold weather paddleboarding, especially touring on lakes like the Great Salt Lake, offers unique perspectives and experiences, free from summer bugs and odors.

paddle boarding in a snow storm

Winter SUP Camping: The Ultimate Escape

For the adventurous soul, winter SUP camping combines the thrill of paddleboarding with the serene beauty of camping in the cold. It's a chance to disconnect from the hustle and bustle, embraced by the quiet of a winter forest. Essential gear like a dry bag and a reliable communication device like the Garmin Inreach ensures safety and convenience on these escapades.

sup yoga on an inflatable paddle board

Safety First

Winter paddleboarding adventures bring a new level of excitement but also require heightened safety measures. Always be prepared, know your limits, and keep others informed of your whereabouts. The right preparation and mindset turn the cold weather paddleboarding experience from daunting to addictive.

sup yoga on a paddle board in winter

As the seasons change, don't hesitate to share your winter paddl boarding stories with us on Instagram using #glidesup. Whether it's a sunlit day or a snowy one, the joy of paddle boarding knows no season. Let's embrace the cold for the unique adventures it brings to our paddle boarding experience.

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Winter paddleboard adventures are more dangerous than your average day paddle boarding in the summer and will require more protection when cold weather paddling. We want you to stay safe and know your limits, always double-check the forecast, and let people know where you will be going.

Most importantly, stay safe and have fun, once you try it you will be hooked on the amazing experience of winter and cold weather paddle boarding. Let us know where you went paddle boarding now the seasons are changing at #glidesup on Instagram. Have fun and paddle board rain or shine.