ISUP? Unraveling the Paddle Board Jargon

iSUP is an acronym that has caught on in the world of stand up paddle boarding lately.  Find out what it's all about.

Key Highlights

  1. iSUP Defined: iSUP stands for Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, a marvel in modern design that combines the durability of PVC with the convenience of portability, offering a versatile paddling experience across various water conditions.

  2. The Appeal of iSUPs: They are highly valued for their ease of storage and transport, transforming from a compact package into a full-sized paddle board in minutes, making them perfect for travelers and those with limited space.

  3. Technical Advantages: With advancements in materials like multi-layer PVC and woven drop stitch cores, iSUPs from Glide provide exceptional stability, durability, and performance, rivaling that of traditional hard boards.

  4. Convenience and Versatility: Ready with hand or electric pump options, iSUPs are easy to inflate and deflate, catering to adventurers seeking a quick transition from land to water. Their adaptability makes them suitable for everything from serene lake paddles to thrilling surf sessions.

  5. Cost-Effectiveness: While offering a premium paddling experience, iSUPs are generally more affordable than hard boards, without compromising on quality or performance, appealing to a broad range of paddlers.

  6. Enhanced Features: Glide's iSUPs come equipped with premium accessories such as backpacks with wheels and dual chamber pumps, ensuring you have everything you need for a convenient and enjoyable paddling adventure.


Welcome to Glide, your go-to source for all things paddle boarding. Today, let's dive into one of the most common terms you'll come across in the paddleboarding world: ISUP. What does it stand for, and why does it matter to you, the enthusiast or the curious newcomer? By the end of this post, you'll not only grasp the term but also understand the nuances that distinguish various types of paddle boards, including inflatable SUPs, from one another.

isup paddle board on the water

ISUP Explained: More Than Just a Paddle Board

The term ISUP stands for Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, a marvel of design geared towards enhancing your stand-up paddling experience. Crafted from durable PVC and equipped with multiple air chambers, ISUPs are lauded for their stability and strength. These boards come ready with either a hand pump or an option for an electric pump, simplifying the inflate and deflate process to accommodate the adventurer in you. If you're seeking a paddle board that balances speed, portability, and versatility, an ISUP from Glide is worth your consideration.

Why Choose an ISUP?

ISUPs shine in their convenience and adaptability. Ideal for those with wanderlust or limited storage, these boards can easily transition from a backpack to the water, making them a favorite among travelers. Whether you're gliding over serene lakes or catching waves, the inflatable SUP offers a blend of performance and ease unmatched by traditional hard boards.

Decoding the ISUP Name

sitting on an isup

The name itself, ISUP, underscores the essence of these boards: inflatable, versatile, and ready for stand-up paddling. Unlike generic paddle boards or basic inflatables, an ISUP from Glide promises a comprehensive package of performance, durability, and ease of transport.

A Look at the Pros and Cons

When considering an ISUP versus a hard board, it's all about your lifestyle and preferences. Inflatable paddle boards boast unparalleled portability and are typically lighter on the wallet without compromising on quality—attributes that make them increasingly popular. On the flip side, while they might require a bit more time for setup and are perceived as less durable than their hardboard counterparts, advancements in technology and design have significantly narrowed these gaps.

Investing in Quality: The Glide Difference

The market teems with options, from budget-friendly models to premium ISUPs. However, the distinctions between a lower-priced board and a high-quality ISUP are stark. Glide's commitment to excellence means our boards are constructed from multi-layer PVC, ensuring durability, performance, and longevity. Additionally, our high-quality ISUPs feature a woven drop stitch core for superior stability, transforming every paddle boarding session into an effortlessly smooth glide.

Enhanced Features for an Unmatched Experience

Choosing a Glide ISUP means access to not only a top-tier board but also premium accessories designed to elevate your paddling adventures. From backpacks with wheels to dual chamber pumps, we ensure you have everything you need to hit the water with confidence and style.

Final Thoughts: Why Glide's ISUP?

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The term ISUP might not capture the full excitement and freedom that paddle boarding offers, but understanding its significance is a step towards embracing the sport. With a Glide ISUP, you're not just acquiring a board; you're unlocking the door to adventures, memories, and the sheer joy of paddle boarding. So, whether you're a seasoned paddler or curious about starting, remember that with the right ISUP, the world's waterways are yours to explore.

And there you have it, a comprehensive look into the world of ISUPs, tailored for our audience at We're passionate about paddle boarding, and we hope this guide helps you navigate your options and inspires your next adventure. Remember, whether you're eyeing an inflatable SUP or a robust hardboard, Glide is here to make sure your paddle boarding experience is nothing short of spectacular.

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