Maryann Jackowski

Maryann Marinho-Jackowski
Current City: Key West

What has been your favorite SUP destination?   Thus far has to be my backyard. The waters of Key West (I have so much traveling to do). I have spent the most time here, I have been most comfortable and uncomfortable paddling and training at home. It has seen all of my joy, blood, sweat, and tears. It's easy to get out and paddle when you're away and that is your purpose, but to leave the comfort of home sometimes in ugly conditions takes great passion. Check out our guide to paddle boarding in Florida.

Plans for 2014: In 2014 I plan on continuing to paddle with purpose with most of the events having a cause that is dear to me. In addition to local races I will participate in Waterman's Paddle for Humanity, Paddle for the People Miami, Surf World's 3rd annual Surfers for Autism ocean paddle, Battle of the Paddle, and most importantly SEAPaddleNYC 2014 which is a 26 mile paddle around Manhattan that benefits several autism charities as well as the environment. When not racing I volunteer at fourteen Surfers for Autism events throughout Florida, Georgia, and Puerto Rico.

Favorite Food: I love food period!! Would be easier to say I don't like celery and that's it.
My tops are
my breakfast smoothie (strawberry, banana, blueberry, spinach, peanut butter, almond milk, spirulina, and flax seed oil.
Sushi, Thai, really dense whole grain bread, chocolate with nuts, and a great cup of coffee.

What do you do when not on the water? When I'm not on the water I spend as much time as I can trying to make my sons stellar little men, and spending time with my incredible friends.

SUP accomplishments -

Battle of the Paddle
10th in age division long distance (10mile)

SEAPaddleNYC- One of four women to participate in elite division 26mile paddle around Manhattan (casted broken wrist-was stoked just to do it)

Paddle for the People Miami
3rd in age division 12'6

Waterman's paddle for Humanity-Deerfield Beach
1st in age division 12'6

Key West Classic
10th overall women's stock division

2nd annual Surf World's Surfers for Autism ocean paddle
1st in age division stock

Favorite Glide Inflatable Paddle Board?

I love the O2 Quest inflatable paddle board. It allows me to travel by plane to super cool destinations and be able to paddle long distances or keep my training going. The O2 Quest is the perfect balance of speed and stability.