What Makes the Best Rental Paddleboard?
Running a paddleboard rental company can be a rewarding and lucrative pursuit. But what makes the user and owner experience the most enjoyable? A high performance board with minimal maintenance. The last thing you need as an operator is to be repairing boards constantly. This translates to more hassle and a loss of revenue for everyday the board is not on the water.

Since the early beginnings of SUP, durability has always been a priority. But the classic foam, fiberglass construction does not lend itself well to heavy abuse by renters. In the past rental boards were looked at as disposable, after even as short as half a season. Not anymore. Glide rental boards have stood the test of time and abuse, and in turn less stress for the board owner to protect the investment.

When Glide was founded, it was out of necessity, the current boards on the market were not handling the river abuse that the founder Ken Driscoll was giving them. After years of R&D, Glide has developed a construction and manufacturing technique not yet discovered by the industry. The Glide Surface Shield (GSS) coating is exactly what makes Glide the best rental paddleboard on the market today. Its resiliency combined with performance designed shapes is what make Glide the top choice for renters.

Why is Glide the Best Rental Paddleboard?

  • Ultra-durable construction from Glide Surface Shield (GSS) coating
  • 12 ounces of hand laid fiberglass
  • High density EPS foam core
  • Shapes designed by paddlers for paddlers
  • Full length EVA deck pad for comfort and utility
  • Unique lock hole in the tail for worry free outdoor storage

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