The Rental Board

“Once Glide is in your fleet it’s over for any other brand. Period.”
Tim Keester, WAZSUP Rentals, LLC


It’s no mystery why resorts around the world, rental shops, university outdoor adventure (OAP) programs and municipal parks and recreation departments have made Glide the most popular rental brand on the market today. If a fleet board is impervious to everyday wear and tear, is priced competitively and inspires customers to write positive online reviews—there comes a point where the much overused term “no brainer” suddenly becomes apropos.

“The Glide boards have been a great addition. Durable, paddle fine and paddler friendly for our users. They stand up to the heavy use they go through and are easily secured by the locking hole in the tail. Staff love the ease of locking up! Over all customers love them and the color, and feel that we put them on a quality board” – Charles Bryce – Charles River Recreation, Inc.

The reality is that the vast majority of non-Glide “rental boards” on the market today were never intended for such use. Rather than actually working to create a specific rental product, these companies will oftentimes repurpose an existing model and bestow it a new name. Voila! We present to you our rental model!

At Glide we recognized early on that a rental board was a unique problem to be solved. Our goal was to provide value by way of ultra-durability while delivering a positive end user experience regardless of customer size, experience level or overall athletic ability. Over the course of roughly 2 years we returned to the drawing board relentlessly until we felt strongly that we had it right. Our rental design features user friendly rails, a completely flat cockpit area, low rocker profile, anti-theft locking system and of course our patent pending GSS shielding polymer for protection against UV fading and everyday wear and tear. Beginners will fall in love with the stability and ease of use while advanced paddlers will be pleasantly surprised by how well these boards perform.

“(After a season) I could almost sell them as new boards, barely a scratch on them.  I inadvertently forgot to strap the boards down on my trailer after a late evening yoga class, and as I was driving home two of the boards fell off my trailer at about 35 mph.  My heart was pounding until I looked at the boards and all they suffered were some minor scuffs!  In my opinion, any other fiberglass board would have suffered some severe damage.”– Mitch Pelsue, Boards and More, LLC


Featured in three lengths, 10', 11' and 12' the Rental is perfect for any user

Patent-pending GSS ultra durable coating is ideal for families, recreation, rental, or rough river abuse

Included with the Rental is the 9" Futures Keel fin

Flat bottom makes it easier for beginners to stand on

User friendly rails

FCS 'easy carry' handle reduces fatigue caused from carrying the board

Unique locking system that allows you to lock all boards together in a matter of seconds

Classic shape allows for fun paddling on flatwater, surf, and rivers

Deep Vee in the tail

Self regulating vent plug for maintenance free thermal venting

Full size non-slip deck pad allows for optimum traction in all conditions

USDA biomass certified Entropy resin reduces our impact on the environment and waterways.




Length Width Thickness Volume Weight
10’ 33" 4.5" 195L 29 lbs
11’ 34" 4.75" 240L 32 lbs



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This video shows the toughness of these boards: