Godspeed Mk. II

5 reviews
$ 1,299

Unleash your need for speed with the GLIDE Godspeed MK. II - the ultimate SUP for race enthusiasts and high-speed cruisers!

Size Details


  • Length 12'6"
  • Width 28"
  • Thickness 8”
  • Volume 260 L
  • Weight 25 LBS
  • Weight Cap 260 LBS
  • Fitness/yoga


  • Maneuverabilty


  • Speed


  • Stability


About This Sup

Ready, set, go!

The Godspeed MK. II boasts a sleek and aerodynamic design, crafted with a full carbon top, rails, and hull for a lightweight, yet robust structure. The displacement prow effortlessly cuts through the water, minimizing drag and maximizing efficiency, while the square tail design offers exceptional stability, tracking, and weight capacity. Experience unparalleled control and responsiveness as you glide across the water on this expertly engineered paddleboard. Elevate your paddling experience with the GLIDE Godspeed MK. II, and unlock your full potential on the water as you embark on adrenaline-fueled adventures and push the limits of speed and performance. Highlights:

  • High-performance SUP for racing and fast cruising, built for speed enthusiasts
  • Full carbon construction for lightweight strength, enabling rapid acceleration
  • Displacement prow for smooth slicing through water, guaranteeing top performance
  • Square tail for stability, tracking, and weight capacity, maintaining control at high speeds

What's Included

  • Glide Adjustable Paddle

    Glide Adjustable Paddle, your ideal companion on the water. Crafted with a lightweight fiberglass shaft, it delivers optimal efficiency and a superior feel. The T-Grip handle adjusts to fit paddlers of almost all sizes, ensuring a comfortable grip and precise control. Featuring a durable ABS blade designed for long-lasting use, the Glide Adjustable Paddle combines performance, adaptability, and durability for an unbeatable paddling experience.

  • 10’ coiled leash

    The leash is one of the most important pieces of safety gear you can use with your paddleboard. If you do happen to fall of your board your leash will keep you attached to the paddleboard and it allows you to quickly get back on your board. Unlike shorter leashes the 10’ leash gives you full freedom to move around on your board, and the coils keep the leash out of your way and tangle free.

  • Dolphin Style Fin

    9” dolphin style fin compatible with all USA style fin box. USA fin boxes are the universal standard of fin boxes used in SUP and Surfboards.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
tom brown
Great but...

Two issues: it's 2 pounds heavier than advertised; the carrying handle is not centered lengthwise

tom brown
A bit heavy

A very nice board. Moves smoothly through the water. Is stable for a 28” board. I’m happy with it. One complaint: it weighs 27 lbs. and, if I remember correctly, was advertised at 25 lbs.

Cassie Hamilton
Sleek n Sexy

I purchased this as my first hardboard after spending a year on an Amazon inflatable. I was ready for speed and something fancy! Lets be real, the color sold me! The color is perfect! The specs were just what I wanted! Showed up missing the accessories but were over nighted with ease! Customer service was on point! A semi truck delivered the board so if you live in a tight space, may want to make sure it can be delivered. Overall, very pleased with the board! Exactly what I was wanting! Happy bday to me!!!!


Great customer service and buying process! Was missing the accessories and they over nighted so I wouldn’t miss my weekend plans!

Stephen Bouchier
Pleased with this purchase

I've wanted a race board for quite a while but the pricing was prohibitive. Then I found the Godspeed. I took the leap and bought it online. Right out of the box, I was impressed. It is truly a beautiful board. I took it out to my usual lake over the weekend and was incredibly happy with the performance! It glides and tracks really, really well. I'm a happy customer!

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