Essential and Innovative SUP Accessories

This comprehensive guide offers a treasure trove of essential and innovative accessories for SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboarding) enthusiasts, aiming to enhance the paddleboarding experience across various aspects, from convenience and safety to performance and enjoyment. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned paddler, these accessories promise to elevate your SUP adventures.

SUP Board Sling/Carrier:

Simplifies transporting your board to the water, offering a shoulder strap for ease and a spot for carrying your paddle, freeing your hands for additional gear.

SUP carrier




Footwear for Paddle Boarding:

Water shoes provide comfort and protection, essential for rough terrains and long-distance paddling, ensuring your feet stay comfortable and safe.

Personal Flotation Device (PFD):


A crucial safety accessory that complies with Coast Guard requirements, offering minimalist designs for comfort without compromising paddle strokes.



Leash with Quick Disconnect:

Especially vital for whitewater and SUP surfing, ensuring safety by allowing paddlers to quickly detach from their boards in hazardous situations.


A non-electronic device that deters sharks by emitting a strong electromagnetic field, offering peace of mind for surfers and paddlers venturing into shark-prone waters.


Light for Paddle Boards:

Enhances safety for night paddling, illuminating the water around you, compliant with legal requirements and aiding visibility.

Lighting up your paddling experience

Spectrum can be attached and removed from you SUP easily and can be used in combination with other light systems. It doesn't add much in terms of weight and any search party will easily find you! It also is a more durable system than you might expect.


Inflatable Paddle Board Kayak Seat:

kayak seat

Transforms your SUP into a sit-down kayak, catering to those who prefer sitting or require stability for activities like fishing or long-distance treks.

SUP Cooler:

glide cooler

Doubles as a seat and storage for refreshments or catches during fishing expeditions, enhancing the leisure aspect of paddleboarding.



Electric SUP pump

pumping up an inflatable paddle board

Saves time and energy by automatically inflating your board to the desired PSI, a convenient tool for regular paddlers. 

SpeedCoach SUP 2:


A high-tech accessory for SUP racers, offering real-time data on performance metrics, with wireless data download capabilities for post-session analysis.



Convertible SUP paddle:


SUP paddles

Allows for easy conversion between SUP and kayak modes, providing versatility to adapt to conditions and preferences.


Sun protection for your inflatable stand up paddle board:

303 Aerospace Protectant

Protects your board from UV damage with products like 303 Aerospace Protectant, extending the life of your inflatable SUP by offering additional UV protection.


paddling an inflatable sup board

This list underscores the vast potential for customization and enhancement in the world of SUP, catering to diverse interests and needs within the paddling community. From ensuring safety and comfort to embracing the thrill of competition or the tranquility of a fishing expedition, these accessories enable paddlers to tailor their experiences, making every journey on the water uniquely fulfilling. Whether you're gifting a fellow paddler or enriching your own SUP gear collection, these accessories promise to make paddleboarding even more enjoyable and rewarding.