Essential SUP Apps for Paddle Boarders

Unleashing the Power of SUP Apps: Enhance Your Paddleboarding Experience

Smartphones have revolutionized many aspects of our lives, and paddleboarding is no exception. Beyond the realms of selfies and social media, your smartphone can be a powerful ally on the water, transforming your paddleboarding experience with a host of innovative apps designed specifically for SUP enthusiasts. Whether you're navigating tranquil inland waters or challenging coastal waves, whether you paddle for leisure or as an endurance athlete, there's an app to enhance your journey. Let's explore how SUP apps can elevate your time on the water.

Key Highlights of the Article

  1. Weather and Water Condition Apps:

    • Offers extensive weather overlays and customization features.
    • WindAlert: Specializes in wind forecasts and alerts, leveraging data from global weather stations.
    • NOAA Weather Unofficial: Provides localized weather forecasts using NOAA data, optimized for saving battery life.
  2. GPS and Mapping Apps:

    • Paddle Logger: Tracks paddling sessions and includes safety features like real-time location sharing, currently available for iOS.
    • Rivercast: Ideal for river paddlers, providing water level alerts and marking river hazards, based on NOAA and AHPS data.
  3. SUP News and Lifestyle Apps:

    • Paddling Magazine: Offers content from print editions along with exclusive digital content.
    • SUP International: Features interviews, technique tips, and product tests, catering to stand-up paddleboarding enthusiasts.


Best SUP Apps: What They Do and Why They're Worth Downloading

If you’re into stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), you know that having the right tools can make all the difference. SUP apps can provide a wealth of information, from weather conditions to GPS tracking. While it would be ideal if all SUP apps were available on both iOS and Android, we’ll mention counterparts for any exclusives. Let's dive into the best SUP apps and why they’re worth downloading.

Types of SUP Apps

SUP apps come in various categories, each offering different functionalities. Here are the main types we’ll discuss:

  • Monitoring weather and water conditions
  • Places to SUP
  • GPS mapping
  • GPS activity/paddle logger
  • SUP news and magazines

Weather Apps

Knowing the weather before heading out is crucial. From wind speed to storm alerts, these apps can keep you safe and dry. by Windyty, SE

Windyte App for paddle boarding is available for both Apple and Android and is highly regarded by users. It boasts over 40 global weather map overlays and allows for customization. You can track specific weather patterns, choose colors for different overlays, import map data, and save your favorite SUP spots. You can even find nearby webcams to check real-time conditions. Despite its many features, is free and ad-free.

WindAlert by WeatherFlow

Wind Alert

This app focuses on wind speed and alerts. It allows you to set conditions and locations for notifications. It features satellite coverage, tidal reports, precipitation tracking, and onsite user reports. WindAlert sources data from 50,000 weather stations worldwide and has its own network of monitoring stations built by WeatherFlow.

NOAA Weather Unofficial by Granite Apps


This app uses NOAA forecasts to provide weather reports, animated radar, hourly forecasts, and current conditions based on your GPS location. It’s great for point forecasts, which can be more accurate than nearby city reports. Some users have reported connectivity issues, but it’s still a handy tool.

Apple Weather by Apple

Apple Weather App

With the retirement of the popular Dark Sky app, Apple has incorporated its features into the native Weather app. It has been receiving better reviews and should cover most of your basic SUP weather needs.

My Tide Times by JRustonApps B.V.

My Tides

This app is essential for coastal paddleboarders. It provides tidal information from 9,000 stations worldwide, covering over 30 countries. Features include five, seven, and thirty-day forecasts, sunrise/sunset/moonrise data, and currents. It also offers basic wind information and the ability to download charts for offline use.

GPS Based Apps

GPS functionality on smartphones can greatly enhance your SUP experience. Here are some top GPS apps for paddleboarders:

Paddle Logger by Paddle Logger Ltd.

Paddle Logger App

Currently an iOS exclusive, Paddle Logger is designed specifically for paddleboarders. It records your sessions from start to finish and features a “live” broadcast option, which is great for safety if you paddle alone. It works with Apple Watch to track and display data while paddling. After your session, you can review distance, duration, speed, calories burned, and more.

CrewNerd by Performance Phones, LLC

CrewNerd App

This app uses your device’s accelerometer to calculate stroke rate, intended for crew rowing but useful for SUP. It also tracks speed, pace, and distance via GPS.

Rivercast by Juggernaut Technologies, Inc.

Rivercast App

For river paddling, this app is essential. It marks obstacles, monitors water levels, and issues alerts for favorites like flood stages. Using data from NOAA and AHPS, it’s great for paddlers in the USA.

SUP News and Lifestyle

Stay updated with the latest in the SUP world with these apps:

Paddling Magazine by Rapid Media

Paddling Magazine App

This app includes content from print editions plus exclusive digital content like videos and articles. It covers the latest SUP news and offers in-depth journalism.

SUP International by Magzter Inc.

SUP International

Founded in 2008, SUP International Magazine features stunning photos, interviews, technique tips, product tests, and travel stories. It’s a definitive guide to the sport.

Honorable Mentions


This all-purpose fitness tracker can be customized for paddleboarding. It’s available on both iOS and Android.


To keep your smartphone safe, invest in a drybag or waterproof phone case. Spend some time this winter downloading and familiarizing yourself with these apps so you’re ready to hit the water in spring. Check out our other expert advice, and feel free to email us at if you have any questions! 

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