How To Prepare For A SUP Summer

With the Summer coming so close it's best to start these practices or get your hands on your very own paddle board while you can! Preparation is key to having a successful SUP Summer and building the habit of going while the weather is at its best!

stand up paddle boards on a river

As the summer season approaches, excitement for paddle boarding surges. The warm weather eliminates the need for wetsuits, making it easier to enjoy the waters. But before you start, preparation is key to ensure both your safety and enjoyment.

For those without a board, choosing the right one is essential. Ask yourself about your intended use and desired quality. Glide's O2 Retro All-Around Inflatable SUP is a versatile choice, suitable for various SUP activities. Prices for inflatable boards range from $300 to $1,200+, while hard SUPs can go from $750 to $4,000+. Glide offers inflatables at $899 and solid boards around $1,200.

The Glide O2 Retro Inflatable Paddle Board is the top beginner board for 2022. It’s praised for its affordability, construction, full deck pad, and ample space, making it a lasting investment. For more details on the design and construction of Glide Inflatables, the company’s website offers comprehensive information.

inflatable stand up paddle board

Inflatables are favored for their stability, portability, and safety. Glide Inflatable SUPs, with their triple PVC layers, are particularly durable and eco-friendly. The Glide O2 Retro, for example, can support up to 400 lbs due to its higher volume, in contrast to the 210 lbs capacity of its solid counterpart.

When it comes to board size, it's not just length but also width that matters for stability. The O2 Retro Inflatable is an all-around board that can accommodate a variety of activities and skill levels.

For those already owning a SUP, it’s time to prepare your body for the season. Building strength and balance is crucial, and there are various exercises to help. Core training, jumping side squats, lower body workouts, and balance training are recommended for better performance and injury prevention. Foam rolling and specific strength and balance training also aid in maintaining fitness.

Remember, paddle boarding offers several activities, from fishing to yoga. Be mindful of local laws and regulations regarding paddle boarding, as some areas may require registration or have restrictions.

stand up paddle board

In summary, whether you're getting a new board or prepping your body for the activity, now is the time to start. With the right gear and preparation, you can make the most of your SUP summer. For any questions, Glide SUP can be contacted at or 888-927-9405.

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