Inflatable Paddle Boards: Your Gateway to Adventure on the Water!

The appeal of inflatable paddle boards (iSUPs) is on the rise among both seasoned outdoor enthusiasts and newcomers to water sports. Offering an ideal balance between performance and convenience, iSUPs cater to a broad spectrum of activities, from peaceful paddling sessions on serene lakes to exciting expeditions in the open sea.

The Construction of an iSUP

Glide's award-winning inflatable paddle boards set the industry standard for durability and performance. The secret to their success lies in the construction:

  • Materials: Utilizing more than 3 layers of military-grade PVC, Glide's iSUPs are designed for longevity, resisting punctures and abrasions.
  • Core Technology: The inner drop-stitch core ensures the board remains rigid and strong, providing a stable platform for all your adventures.
glide paddle board

Setting Up Your iSUP

Effortless to transport and store, setting up a Glide iSUP is a breeze:

  • Inflation: With options for manual, electric, and battery-operated pumps, Glide ensures you can easily inflate your board anywhere, making it ready for water in minutes.
pumping up an inflatable paddle board

Choosing the Right iSUP

Factors to consider when selecting your inflatable paddle board include:

  • Size: Ranging from 8 to over 14 feet in length, the size of your iSUP impacts its speed and maneuverability.
  • Width: Boards vary in width from 28 to 35 inches. Wider boards offer more stability for activities like yoga and fishing, while narrower models are designed for speed and racing.
  • Accessories: Glide boards come equipped with essential accessories, including paddles, pumps, repair kits, and more, to ensure you're ready for any adventure.
sup yoga on an inflatable paddleboard

Why an Inflatable Paddle Board?

iSUPs represent the pinnacle of convenience and versatility in the paddleboarding world:

  • Portability: Easily packed and transported, they allow for spontaneous adventures.
  • Durability: Constructed to withstand varied conditions without compromising on performance.
  • Variety of Uses: From SUP yoga with the Glide Lotus to whitewater challenges with the Glide Lochsa, there's an iSUP for every activity.
acro sup yoga on a paddle board

Types of Paddle Boards

  • Yoga SUPs: Designed for stability, the Glide Lotus is perfect for tranquil yoga sessions on water.
  • All-Around SUPs: The Glide Retro excels in versatility, suitable for beginners and seasoned paddlers alike.
  • Fishing SUPs: With enhanced stability and storage, these boards are ideal for anglers and adventurers.
  • Whitewater SUPs: Specially crafted for the thrills of rapids and fast-flowing rivers.
whitewater paddle boarding

Join the Glide Family

We invite you to share your iSUP experiences with us using #glidesup on Instagram. Glide is dedicated to enhancing your water sports adventures, offering boards that meet the needs of every type of paddler. Whether you're exploring quiet waterways or navigating thrilling rapids, we hope your Glide inflatable paddle board brings you joy and memorable experiences.

Embark on your next water adventure with a Glide iSUP, where performance meets portability. Ready to make a splash?

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