Off Season Workouts for SUP

The off-season doesn't mean you have to lose the paddleboarding (SUP) fitness you've worked so hard to build. With the right exercises, you can maintain, and even enhance, your SUP skills and physical condition, ensuring you're ready to hit the water as soon as the weather permits. Here are some workouts tailored for SUP enthusiasts, designed to keep you in top shape year-round.

Foam Rolling for Flexibility and Recovery

  • Myofascial Release: Regular use of a foam roller helps release tightness in muscles critical for SUP, such as forearms, shoulders, and calves. This practice aids in injury prevention and ensures flexibility.
  • Specific Moves: Target your lower body, shoulders, and traps with foam rolling exercises to alleviate tightness and enhance mobility.

Here are some excellent rolling excellent foam roller moves for your lower body. Tight forearms can be caused by gripping the paddle too tightly and can be problematic because they can lead to elbow pain.

Men’s Journal has some great mobility exercises to fix these issues. Shoulder injuries can occur when the tendons of the rotator cuff muscles become trapped and compressed against the acromion or roof of the shoulder, commonly affecting the supraspinatus tendon.

To roll out your shoulders and traps, try this.


nflatable paddle boards

Strength and Balance Training

Incorporating balance-focused equipment into your strength training can simulate the instability of SUP boarding, making these exercises highly effective for off-season training.

  • Bosu Ball Squats: Begin with bodyweight squats on a Bosu ball to challenge your balance and mimic the motion of a paddleboard. Progress to goblet squats for an added challenge.
  • Stability Ball Chest Press: This exercise works your chest, shoulders, and triceps, requiring core stabilization. It's beneficial for mimicking the upper body engagement of paddling.
  • Bosu Shoulder Press: Enhance your balance, agility, and core strength. Start with the flat side of the Bosu ball on the ground, progressing to more unstable configurations as your balance improves.
  • Woodchopper with Cable: This full-body exercise targets the core muscles used in paddling, promoting rotational strength and endurance.
  • Jumping Side Squats on Bosu: A dynamic exercise that boosts core strength, lower body power, and balance, essential for handling rough waters.


Core strengthening paddle board workout

Implementing the Routine

  • Frequency: Aim to complete these exercises 2 to 3 times a week to maintain your SUP fitness and readiness for the season.
  • Progression: Start with lighter weights and simpler versions of the exercises, gradually increasing the difficulty as your strength and balance improve.
  • Variety: Incorporate these exercises into a balanced workout plan that also includes cardio, flexibility, and other strength training exercises for overall fitness.

SUP Training





By integrating these targeted exercises into your off-season routine, you'll not only maintain your SUP fitness but also return to the water stronger and more capable. This well-rounded approach ensures you stay in shape, prevent injuries, and are prepared for the challenges of paddleboarding, making your transition back to the water seamless and enjoyable.

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