Unboxing your Inflatable SUP

Your Glide inflatable paddle board has arrived! Here's what you should do before you hit the water.

Hooray! Your Glide Inflatable Paddle Board has arrived. Before you head out on the water it’s important to check a few things while you’re unboxing it to make sure all your gear is there and ensure that you will be safe out on the water.

We have a YouTube video that you can find right here, along with other descriptive tutorials posted there as well. We will be featuring screenshots from that video to add a visual component for this instructional post.

Alright, let’s begin. 


Opening the Box 

Use a knife or sharp object to carefully cut the tape without pushing far in or just simply peel the tape off to open the box.

Once opened, you will need to look for these objects in the box. 

  1. The inflatable paddleboard
  2. Bag with wheels (here is a link for how to repack into your bag)
  3. Hand pump (here is a link for how to use the hand pump)
  4. 3-piece paddle
  5. Leash
  6. Fin (including the hardware)
  7. Repair kit
  8. Kayak Seat
  9. Carrying Strap


Before you pack up

During production or shipping the valve can become loose. We strongly suggest that while you’re unboxing your inflatable paddleboard that you go ahead and check your valve.

To do this, you will first go ahead and inflate your paddle board with your hand pump or your electric pump if purchased (reminder: the hand pump does not register until 7-10 PSI). If you hear a small hissing sound coming out of the valve you will then deflate the paddleboard and need the little black plastic wrench that is found in your repair kit.

how to fix your inflatable sup valve

You will then press firmly down around the valve, insert the wrench into the valve, and then press down on top of the wrench head and then twist the wrench clockwise with your other hand until it is tight enough.

How to unbox your inflatable sup

Think of it like screwing something into the wall, you want it tight but don’t want to strip it. You shouldn’t be able to keep twisting it easily.

You can try to move the outer valve with your fingers by twisting it with pushing it with your fingers and if it doesn’t move then you’re good!

glide inflatable paddle board

Then try to inflate it again with your pump and ensure that there is no hissing noise once inflated.



We hope that you found this helpful, and that your Glide Inflatable SUP is working properly. If you have any other issues please email info@glidesup.com or call 888-927-9405 and chat with one of our employees. 


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