What is a woven drop stitch core and why should my isup have one?

Key Highlights:

  1. Fundamentals of Drop Stitch Technology: Drop stitch fabric is a complex weave of fibers creating a core that maintains the paddleboard's shape and buoyancy, essential for versatile performance.
  2. Benefits of Dual-layer Construction: A dual-layer approach, incorporating an outer layer for shape and an inner reinforcement layer for stability, ensures the paddleboard's longevity and resilience.
  3. Glide's Fusion Technique: Utilizing high-tensile threads and a patented fusion process, Glide integrates the woven drop stitch core seamlessly, enhancing the iSUP's rigidity and durability.
  4. Importance of a Woven Drop Stitch Core: This core technology is pivotal for an iSUP's ability to withstand various aquatic environments without losing shape or stability, offering an experience akin to hard boards.
  5. Choosing Quality: Opting for an iSUP with a high-quality woven drop stitch core guarantees a superior paddleboarding experience, merging the benefits of inflatable boards with the performance of traditional hard boards.

In the world of paddleboarding, the integrity of your inflatable SUP (iSUP) hinges significantly on its core construction. The heart of this construction? The woven drop stitch core. Essential for lending your paddleboard its form and resilience, this core is a marvel of modern engineering, blending strength with flexibility to meet the demands of diverse water conditions.

The Essence of Drop Stitch Technology

At its core, the drop stitch fabric is a sophisticated weave of synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon, and polypropylene, coupled with natural elements to forge a material that's both robust and adaptable. This unique fabrication allows your paddleboard to maintain its shape, buoyancy, and performance, whether you're gliding over calm lakes or navigating the choppy seas.

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The Dual-layer Construction Advantage

When it comes to the anatomy of a high-quality iSUP, dual-layer construction reigns supreme. This design features a robust outer layer, often crafted from materials such as PVC, neoprene, or polyurethane, providing the paddleboard with its definitive shape. Below this lies a reinforcement layer, typically fashioned from durable nylon or polyester, ensuring stability and endurance against the elements. This dual-layer approach is pivotal for an iSUP's longevity and performance.

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Securing the Core: The Fusion Technique

Beyond the materials themselves, how the woven drop stitch core integrates with the rest of the paddleboard is critical. Traditional methods involve stitching with high-tensile threads like Kevlar or Dacron, anchored by plastic grommets for a secure fit. However, at Glide, we elevate this process through our patented fusion technique. This not only enhances the board's reliability and durability but also imbues it with a rigidity akin to hard boards, minus their inconveniences.

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The Imperative of a Woven Drop Stitch Core

Why stress the importance of a woven drop stitch core? Simply put, this feature is the backbone of your iSUP's performance. It ensures that your board can withstand the pressures of being fully inflated and used in various aquatic environments without losing shape or compromising on stability. Opting for a paddleboard that boasts a high-quality drop stitch core is crucial for anyone serious about their paddleboarding adventures.

At Glide, our commitment to superior iSUP design is evident in our unique construction techniques and material choices. By prioritizing the woven drop stitch core, we guarantee an unparalleled paddleboarding experience that closely mirrors that of traditional hard boards, setting new standards in the industry.

double layer construction is better than single layer construction a single layer board may bend or tear on the entire outer seam when inflated and stood upon, single layer boards are cheap and do not have rail stiffening material you should avoid these inflatable boards and dont belive the hype that carbon fabric serves


The woven drop stitch core is not just a component; it's the heart of your inflatable paddleboard, dictating its performance, durability, and overall enjoyment on the water. As paddleboarding enthusiasts, choosing an iSUP that features this advanced core technology is a decision that will pay dividends in every stroke and glide across the water. For a more detailed look check out this article.