A day of paddle boarding with the isup Glide 02 Retro.

A day with the stand up inflatable paddle board 02 Retro.

Embracing a long weekend with a mix of work and play, I set out with the Glide O2 Retro, a stand-up inflatable paddle board (iSUP) known for its versatility and ultra-durability. This board is a jack-of-all-trades, capable of transitioning seamlessly from SUP fishing to yoga and even river paddling. My day's adventure began with a quick stop for some essentials—ice for the cooler and, of course, Gatorade (grape flavor, because it’s the best).


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First Destination: Echo Reservoir

Choosing a less traveled frontage road for access, I aimed to enjoy some mild river paddling. The pastoral setting, complete with sheep and cattle along the banks, offered a serene backdrop. Noticing areas teeming with fish, I contemplated returning with the Glide O2 Angler, our dedicated fishing iSUP, for a focused fishing session. The presence of deer and the occasional raptor overhead added to the day's natural allure.


Echo Reservoir

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Upon reaching Echo Reservoir, the still, glassy waters beckoned. Despite the ongoing drought, the reservoir remained invitingly full. The Glide O2 Retro proved to be the perfect companion for exploring the calm lake and then transitioning to river paddling. Observing the local wildlife and the distant laughter echoing across the water, I felt grateful for the day's peaceful solitude.

Encounters and Assistance

Near the dam, I encountered fishermen struggling with their luck. Offering to extend their reach with my iSUP, I assured them of the board's resilience against potential punctures—a testament to Glide's commitment to durability. This simple act of community, facilitated by the versatile O2 Retro, underscored the board's ability to connect and assist in unexpected ways.

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Adventure Continues: Weber River

The next phase led me to the Weber River, a favorite for its mild rapids and the potential for a leisurely shuttle back. Opting to remove the fin for better navigation through the river's shallows, I appreciated the board's design, which allowed for smooth handling of class I and II rapids. The day underscored the importance of having a removable fin on an iSUP, especially when tackling the diverse conditions of river paddling.

The Journey Back

After an enjoyable descent, the prospect of a shuttle back for another run was too good to pass up, despite my growing hunger. The decision to choose an inflatable board like the O2 Retro paid off, providing not just a fantastic paddling experience but also the practicality for easy transport back to the launch point. Conversations with locals and fellow adventurers on the shuttle ride added to the richness of the day's experiences.

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Reflecting on a Day Well-Spent

Today’s journey with the Glide O2 Retro encapsulated the essence of what makes Glide Paddleboards stand out: the creation of the best paddle boards on the planet that facilitate memorable days on the water. Whether it’s navigating the serene waters of Echo Reservoir, engaging with the community, or exploring the dynamic currents of the Weber River, the O2 Retro stands as a testament to versatility, durability, and the spirit of adventure.

As I wrapped up my day with a satisfying meal at Taggarts Grill, the experiences reaffirmed my belief in the unmatched value of a quality iSUP. With Glide's lineup of inflatable paddle boards, every outing promises new discoveries and the joy of seamlessly blending work with the pleasure of being on the water.