Adventuring with the 02 Angler

A day of paddle boarding with the Glide 02 Angler.


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Today, I embarked on an adventure with the Glide O2 Angler, an inflatable paddle board tailored for fishing enthusiasts. This board is a testament to Glide's commitment to producing ultra-durable and versatile SUPs. My journey began with a quick stop for essentials: fuel, ice, and snacks. My destination? Smith and Moorehouse Reservoir, a picturesque spot ideal for SUP fishing.


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The Glide O2 Angler shines in environments like Smith and Moorehouse. Its lightweight nature is a blessing, especially when accessing remote launch sites involves a bit of a hike. Equipped with two standard fishing rod holders, an impressive weight capacity, and a comprehensive package including a carrying bag, adjustable paddle, kayak seat, and an optional electric pump, it stands out as possibly the best inflatable fishing SUP on the market. Beyond fishing, this board is adept at cruising flat waters and even SUP camping, making it a versatile choice for any paddleboarding enthusiast.


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One notable feature of the O2 Angler is its large, removable center fin, enhancing its performance across various conditions. The board's width and numerous attachment points elevate its stability and functionality, surpassing other inflatables in its class.

Upon reaching the reservoir, I opted for a quieter launch site, mindful of the local wildlife—recent bear sightings had me on alert. Paddling across the flatwater of the reservoir was blissful, surrounded by cool air, stunning vistas, and the scent of pine trees. Observing fishermen and playful dogs along the way added to the serene experience.


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After a while, I ventured into a nearby pine-lined shore for a brief hike, immersing myself in the forest's tranquility and the vibrant wildlife. It's moments like these that remind me of the privilege of being outdoors, paddleboarding on such a magnificent body of water.

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Later, as I returned to the water, I encountered a majestic raptor, a reminder of nature's raw beauty. I spent the remainder of my time at Smith and Moorehouse simply enjoying the peacefulness of the lake before setting off to my next destination, Mill Hollow.

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Mill Hollow

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Mill Hollow, known for its pine-fringed beauty and crystal-clear waters, was surprisingly quiet. The absence of motorboats preserved the lake's glassy calm, perfect for some leisurely flatwater cruising. Here, I met another paddler intrigued by the design of my Glide O2 Angler. After trying out my board, they were impressed by its stability and performance. Based on their needs, I recommended the Glide Retro as the ideal board for them, confident it would cater to their beginner status while offering room to grow into an advanced paddler.



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The day spent with the Glide O2 Angler reinforced my belief in the importance of choosing the right board for your adventures. Whether you're fishing, cruising, or exploring, a Glide inflatable SUP provides the durability, versatility, and performance needed to make the most of your time on the water.

Where did you paddle board today? Share your adventures with us using #glidesup.