A day with the 02 Angler

A day of paddle boarding with the isup Glide 02 Angler.


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Today I am taking the Glide 02 Angler inflatable paddle board out. This is Glides ultra-durable fishing inflatable paddle board. The first stop is going to be the gas station, petro, ice, and snacks are on the list. And the first paddle boarding destination is going to be Smith and Moorehouse reservoir.


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Smith and Moore house is a great spot for some sup fishing, with beautiful scenery and trout that like to fight this is a great spot for an inflatable fishing paddle board. Some of the better launch sites will have you hiking a bit and the lighter weight of this inflatable paddle board is an appreciated bonus. The inflatable sup board has two fishing rod holders standard and incredible weight capacity and with the included carrying bag, adjustable paddle, kayak seat, and carrying strap with optional electric pump this is one of the best if not the best inflatable paddle boards for fishing. And generally speaking one of the best all-around sup boards from slow-moving rivers, to flat water cruising and sup camping this inflatable paddle board can cover long distances with ease.

The large center fin is removable, the board is wider than other boards with a ton of attachment points and other key features this board performs better than other inflatable sups.

At the reservoir, I put in on the opposite side of the dam and boat launch, after checking for bears. The other day a pair of bears were seen near this spot. Flatwater paddling on this lake is always enjoyable, the cooler air temps, beautiful scenery, and smell of the pine forest make for a pleasant paddle boarding trip.

I paddled the coast on the roadside of the lake toward the boat launch watching to see if any of the fishermen were getting bites. and watching dogs play in the water. A few of the people fishing had bites, although I did not see what they landed.

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At the boat launch, I saw a group blowing up their inflatable paddle boards and was not envious of the dual chamber pump they were using. I then cut across the reservoir and headed to the pine-lined shores to do a short hike and see if I could spot any fun wildlife.

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As I wandered through the forest watching the chipmunks and squirrels scamper, I realized how lucky I was to be out here. Beautiful water to paddle board on, clear blue skies, and wildlife all around, while back at the landing site I had the best inflatable fishing sup on the market waiting for me.

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Not far in front of me, a raptor (Coopers Hawk?) landed with its dinner, watching me from where it perched. It was time to head back and get the inflatable sup back on the water. I paddled close to shore for a ways and then headed out to deeper water to just sit for a bit and enjoy the day before heading to the next lake.

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Mill Hollow

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The drive to Mill Hollow was scenic and uneventful, a herd of deer grazing in a field while birds flitted about. I did not plan to stay long on this lake as it is a smaller lake, although it has an amazing pine forest as a backdrop and clear waters where you can watch the fish dart about below you. And with motorboats not allowed the surface tends to remain a glassy calm.

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I was surprised to find the lake nearly deserted, with only one other person on the water. I launched from the upper section of the lake where a steep hill is the main obstacle to reaching the water. Grateful for the light weight of the inflatable sup. After some flatwater cruising the other person on the lake paddled over to me to talk about my isup, they noticed it was a wider board and longer board than they were paddling. They let me know the narrower board they were on was a borrowed inflatable board and that they were trying to find the right board for them. This was their second time on a board, the first being a budget board years ago they did not enjoy. I let them borrow my isup for a while and watched as they paddled around the lake. After hearing what they wanted to do when paddle boarding I am glad to say I was able to steer them to the right board for their needs and recommended that the Glide Retro would be a great board for them The board design would handle everything they wanted to do, was great for beginner paddlers and would still be an ideal board for the advanced paddlers they knew and for when they became an advanced paddler. And is a inflatable paddle board known for being an ultra-durable paddle board.

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Where did you paddle board today? Let us know at #glidesup