Unlocking the Benefits of Wide Paddle Boards

Is a wide paddle board better for beginners? How wide should I go?  Is wider always better, and can I fit through the Panama canal on a really wide board?  Answers to these questions and more are down below.


Ever wondered why some paddle boards boast a wider frame than others? Let's delve into the world of wide paddle boards and uncover their many advantages.

Stability: Finding Your Balance

wide paddle board

Wide paddle boards offer a remarkable sense of stability on the water. As a general rule, the broader the board, the more stable it feels. However, it's essential to consider the overall shape of the board in addition to its width. For instance, boards like the O2 Lotus and the Angler may have similar dimensions, but the Angler's consistent width throughout its design provides superior stability compared to the tapered shape of the O2 Lotus.

While wide boards like the Angler excel in stability, they also offer versatility. Whether you're practicing yoga poses or cruising leisurely, the added stability ensures confidence and ease of maneuvering for all skill levels.

High Weight Capacity: Room for Everyone

kids on an inflatable paddle board

Wide paddle boards typically boast impressive weight capacities, making them ideal for accommodating multiple riders or carrying extra gear. With Glide inflatable paddle boards, the combination of a 6" board thickness and generous width allows for ample weight-bearing capacity. Additionally, the presence of extra D rings on Glide boards maximizes storage options, making them perfect for family outings or extended paddling adventures.

Ease of Paddling: Smooth Sailing Ahead

Wide paddle boards are incredibly beginner-friendly, offering novice paddlers stability and confidence from the get-go. Whether you're embarking on your first paddle boarding excursion or prefer leisurely paddling, a wide board ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience on calm waters.

SUP Yoga and Fishing: Wide Board, Wide Opportunities

Inflatable SUP Yoga board

A wider board provides an ideal platform for venturing into exciting paddle board activities like SUP yoga and fishing. For yoga enthusiasts, the stability of a wide board offers the perfect foundation for mastering yoga poses on the water. Similarly, anglers will appreciate the ease of fishing from a stable platform, whether it's exploring hidden fishing spots or navigating local waterways.

Whitewater SUP: Conquer the Rapids

 white water paddle board

For adrenaline junkies seeking thrills on the water, white water SUP offers an exhilarating experience. Wide and stable white water paddle boards like the Lochsa provide the perfect balance of stability and maneuverability, making navigating rapids a breeze. While white water SUP may seem daunting at first, mastering the basics opens up a world of exciting adventures on the river.

Conclusion: Choose Wide, Choose Glide

Ready to elevate your paddle boarding experience? Consider adding a wide paddle board to your collection for unmatched stability and versatility on the water. Glide's O2 lineup offers premium inflatable paddle boards crafted with top-quality materials and accompanied by a range of accessories for your convenience. Have questions or need assistance? Reach out to us during our operating hours, and we'll be happy to help you find the perfect paddle board for your needs.


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