Everything You Need to Know About All-Around Paddle Boards

There are so many different kinds of paddle boards that are out there nowadays and hearing about an "All-Around" board might sound too good to be true. 

We're here to answer any and all questions you have about what that means and what they can do.

Embarking on a paddleboarding journey with a Glide O2 Retro All-Around Inflatable SUP board is like unlocking a treasure chest of adventures, whether you're skimming across the glistening ocean, navigating the serene waters of a lake, or braving the rushing rapids of a river. At Glide, we understand the unique allure of being atop the water, which is why we've meticulously designed the O2 Retro to cater to every paddle boarder's dream, from the novice eager to dip their toes into various paddle boarding activities to the seasoned enthusiast seeking a board that doesn't compromise on versatility, stability, or quality.

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The Ultimate Companion for Every Water Adventure

The Glide O2 Retro stands out as the pinnacle of all-around SUP boards. Unlike specialized boards crafted solely for activities like whitewater, fishing, yoga, or touring, the O2 Retro is a master of all trades, thriving in any water condition. Its design philosophy centers around inclusivity; it's the ideal choice for those at the beginning of their paddle boarding journey, offering unparalleled stability and ease of use without locking you into a single type of paddle boarding activity.

What sets the Glide O2 Retro apart as the best all around paddle board for 2022 is not just its affordable price point but its construction. Engineered with beginners and intermediate paddlers in mind, it boasts a drop-stitch construction, a full deck pad, and ample space, ensuring it stands as the undisputed champion of versatility and durability over time.

Choosing the Perfect SUP for Your Height: A Myth Debunked

When it comes to selecting a SUP, conventional wisdom might suggest that board length should correlate with your height. However, at Glide, we believe in breaking down these myths. The truth is, stability, which is determined by the board's width and volume, is far more critical than length. Whether you're 5'2" or 6'4", the Glide O2 Retro offers the perfect balance, making it a powerhouse for any paddleboarding activity you set your sights on.

Why Glide's O2 Retro Reigns Supreme in Stability

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In the realm of inflatable SUP boards, the O2 Retro is a formidable contender, especially when it comes to stability. Its dimensions — 10'6" in length and 33.5" wide — coupled with a robust weight capacity of 400 lbs, ensure it can accommodate paddlers of all sizes with ease. Whether you're practicing SUP yoga, embarking on a fishing adventure, or simply exploring the waters, the O2 Retro guarantees a stable and responsive experience.

From Surfing to SUP Camping: The O2 Retro Does It All

Glide's O2 Retro challenges the limits of what an all-around inflatable SUP can do. Its adaptability shines across every paddleboarding discipline:

  • SUP Surfing? Absolutely. While it may not carve like a dedicated surf SUP, its stability makes for exhilarating fun in small waves.
  • SUP Fishing? With its stable platform and convenient bungee cords, it's ideal.
  • SUP Yoga? Its width and construction offer a floating studio's stability.
  • Touring and Camping? Its generous storage and smooth ride make it perfect for adventure seekers.

Are SUP Boards Worth It? The Glide Perspective

At Glide, we see SUP boarding as more than just a sport; it's an investment in unparalleled experiences. The sensation of warmth from the sun on your skin, the thrill of exploring from a unique vantage point, and the joy of connecting with nature — these are priceless. Our inflatable O2 Retro SUP board embodies this ethos, offering durability, portability, and eco-friendly advantages that hard boards can't match.

Choosing Quality Over Compromise

When it comes to purchasing a paddle board, the real question isn't about the price but about the value it brings to your life. Glide's fusion technology and drop-stitch construction mean our boards are built to last, ensuring that your investment today will continue to yield unforgettable moments on the water for generations.

In Conclusion

The Glide O2 Retro All-Around Inflatable paddle board is not just a SUP; it's your gateway to a world of waterborne adventures, embodying our commitment to quality, versatility, and the pure joy of paddleboarding. Whether you're charting a course through tranquil waters or seeking the thrill of a new discovery, the O2 Retro is your steadfast companion.

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For those intrigued by the boundless possibilities of paddleboarding, we invite you to delve deeper into the world of Glide SUP boards. Explore our blog, reach out to us at info@glidesup.com, or call 888-927-9405 for more insights into why the O2 Retro is the ideal choice for paddlers of all levels.


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