Embarking on the Journey of Paddle Boarding with Your Kids: Glide SUP's Ultimate Guide

Stand up paddle boarding is a great sport to get your kids involved in. Find out why.

 Introduction At Glide SUP, we understand the magical appeal of paddle boarding, an activity that not only promises adventure but also offers a bouquet of benefits for the younger enthusiasts. Imagine the thrill your kids will experience as they glide over water, close enough to marvel at the aquatic life below. Paddle boarding, especially on an inflatable paddle board, is not just an exercise; it's an exploration, a way to instill fitness, mental well-being, and invaluable life skills in your children.

kids on stand up paddle boards

Why Paddle Boarding? Paddle boarding is more than just standing up on a board; it's a holistic activity. When your kids engage in paddle boarding, they're signing up for a full-body workout that enhances their balance, coordination, and core strength. And because it's a low-impact sport, the risk of injuries is minimal. Beyond the physical, paddle boarding on a SUP offers a serene escape, aiding in stress management and promoting mental health. It's a perfect blend of excitement and tranquility, fostering independence as they navigate the waters.

Choosing the Right Gear Embarking on this journey requires the right gear. Selecting a child-friendly paddle board, such as a stable, maneuverable inflatable paddle board, is crucial. Opt for boards with a soft top for added comfort. Adjustable SUP paddles are ideal, ensuring they're lightweight and manageable for your child. Safety comes first, so equip them with a Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device (PFD) that fits snugly.

Teaching the Basics Before hitting the water, familiarize your child with the SUP board and paddleboarding techniques. Stress the importance of safety measures like wearing a PFD and paddling in safe areas. Teach them the correct stance—feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. Show them how to use the paddle effectively, ensuring they use their core for power. And, importantly, teach them how to fall safely and get back on the board.

kids on a solid paddle board

Starting in Calm Waters Begin in a peaceful setting, like a quiet lake or pond. This environment allows your child to build confidence and hone their skills without the intimidation of waves or heavy boat traffic. Progress to more challenging conditions as they become more proficient.

Making It Fun The key to a lasting interest in paddle boarding is enjoyment. Incorporate games, encourage exploration, and perhaps involve their friends to turn paddleboarding into a delightful social event. Remember to take breaks to keep the experience positive and rewarding.

Joining a Community Consider enrolling your child in a paddle board camp or club. It's an excellent way for them to learn in a structured environment, make new friends, and receive guidance from experienced instructors.

Encouraging Progression As your child gains confidence, introduce new challenges and techniques to keep the sport engaging. Exploring different water conditions and learning advanced paddle boarding skills will keep their interest piqued.

Safety Above All Safety should always be the priority. Ensure your child knows the safety rules, wears the proper gear, and is supervised. Creating a safe paddle boarding environment allows your child to enjoy and thrive in this sport.

kid on a stand up paddle board

Conclusion Introducing your child to the world of paddle boarding opens up a realm of adventure, fitness, and growth. By choosing the right equipment, starting small, and focusing on fun and safety, you're setting the stage for a lifelong passion. At Glide SUP, we're more than just a brand; we're a community passionate about sharing the joy of paddle boarding. Let's make every paddle stroke a story of adventure and learning for your child, setting them on a path of discovery and enjoyment on the water.