Paddle Boarding Podcasts: Your Guide to Expanding Your SUP Knowledge

Improve your paddle boarding game with the help of SUP specific podcasts.

The Rising Popularity of Paddle Boarding

Over the past decade, stand up paddle boarding (SUP) has taken the world of water sports by storm. This popular activity offers a full body workout, engages your core muscles, and provides a great sense of tranquility as you glide through calm water. Both for beginners and advanced paddlers, the sport has something to offer. From serene flat water paddling on an inflatable paddle board to catching waves with SUP surfing, paddle boarding is versatile and accessible.

For those looking to deepen their understanding of this sport, or for anyone who enjoys a good paddle but also likes to keep their knowledge on par with their fitness level, paddle boarding podcasts have emerged as a fantastic resource.

Why Listen to Paddle Boarding Podcasts?

paddle board podcast

Podcasts offer a unique way to stay updated on the latest tips, gear reviews, interviews with professional SUP athletes, and discussions about the different aspects of the sport such as SUP yoga, touring boards, or the mechanics of an effective paddle stroke. These digital audio files are easy to access, generally free, and can be consumed while you're on the move - be it during your commute, gym workout, or even while you're prepping your gear for your next SUP outing.

What to Expect from a Paddle Boarding Podcast

Expert Tips and Tricks

From how to maintain a straight line while paddling to how to catch waves on your stand up paddle board, these podcasts are brimming with expert advice. You might find yourself learning about the importance of keeping your knees slightly bent for stability or about the proper positioning of your hands on the paddle shaft. They could cover topics as varied as how paddle boarding can be a harder yet rewarding workout or how to choose between carbon fiber and other lighter paddles based on your needs.

Gear Reviews

Paddle boarding podcasts often feature reviews and discussions about the latest paddle boards and SUP paddles on the market. From inflatable paddle boards to solid boards, from racing boards to all-around SUP boards - gearheads will not be disappointed. Listeners can gain insights into the pros and cons of different boards, which could be invaluable when choosing a new board or upgrading existing equipment. Some podcasts even delve into the accessories such as the efficacy of cargo nets, the comfort of various traction pads, or the necessity of a SUP leash.

Interviews with Professionals

Many podcasts also feature interviews with professional paddle boarders, advanced paddlers, or even beginner paddlers who share their personal experiences. This can range from discussing the best locations for recreational paddling to tackling open ocean or more challenging environments. Hearing from those with hands-on experience can be both motivating and enlightening.

Some of Our Favorite Paddle Board Podcasts

SUPfm The International Stand Up Paddle Board Podcast

stand up paddle board podcast

On SUPfm, the talk with guests about fitness, technique, and any SUP subject that is geared to help and inspire across all skill and experience levels and give you what you need to get the most out of your stand up paddle board experience. They cover all disciplines from SUP foiling and whitewater SUP to down-winding and they discuss issues affecting stand up paddlers globally. Their mission is to get you on your board more.

Wild Ideas Worth Living

sup board podcast

Offers high-impact interviews for paddlers who love adventure and the outdoors. Host and journalist Shelby Stanger interviews world-class explorers, athletes, authors, scientists, health experts and entrepreneurs about how they’ve taken their own wild ideas and made them a reality, so you can too. Some of the wildest ideas can lead to the most rewarding adventures.

Stand Up Paddle the World Radio

stand up paddle the world podcast

Covers the world of Stand Up Paddle Boarding and the amazing people who make this sport what it is today.

Making the Most of Paddle Boarding Podcasts

To reap the most benefits from these podcasts, it's helpful to have some knowledge of the sport. However, beginners shouldn't feel daunted; there are many podcasts catered to newbie paddle boarders. Another tip is to try applying the tips or techniques discussed in the podcasts during your next SUP session. You could also discuss the topics from the podcasts with your paddle boarding community to enhance your understanding.


Paddle boarding podcasts offer a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and entertainment for both the novice and experienced paddle boarder. Whether you're looking for advice on improving your paddle stroke, interested in the latest gear reviews, or eager to hear from professionals in the field, these podcasts have something to offer everyone. The combination of convenience and quality content make them a perfect companion for those seeking to make the most of their paddle boarding experience.