Glide Inflatable Paddle Boards 2022 Lineup

Paddle board season is right around the corner so I wanted to do a quick overview of our 2022 line of inflatable paddle boards. Whether you are a beginner paddler or advanced paddler we have a board in our lineup that is sure to be a great first board or a new board for white water sup, touring, fishing paddle boards, or practicing yoga on your board. 

I am going to give you an insight into how I see the boards from the viewpoint of the lead designer at Glide.

Key Highlights

  1. Versatility Across Models: The lineup includes specialized boards for every activity—whether it's yoga, fishing, touring, or whitewater adventures.
  2. O2 Retro All-Around SUP: Perfect for beginners and experienced paddlers, it offers excellent balance between stability and speed.
  3. O2 Angler Fishing Board: Equipped with mounts and tie-downs, it provides a stable platform for serene fishing experiences.
  4. O2 Lotus Yoga Board: A dedicated yoga board with a soft deck and ample space, designed for stability and comfort during practice.
  5. Eco-Friendly and Durable: All boards are made with eco-conscious materials, ensuring durability and minimal environmental impact.

Welcome to Glide – where we're not just about creating paddle boards; we're about crafting experiences that let you glide across the water with ease, style, and eco-conscious peace of mind. Our 2022 lineup of inflatable paddle boards is here to transform your adventures on the water, whether you're taking on the serene lake, navigating the thrill of whitewater, or embarking on a SUP yoga journey. Let's dive into what makes our boards stand out in the vast sea of options.

stand up paddle board

O2 Retro All-Around SUP Board: The O2 Retro is the epitome of versatility in our inflatable SUP board range. Designed with both newcomers and seasoned paddlers in mind, this board is your gateway to exploring the possibilities of stand-up paddleboarding. From SUP yoga to paddle board camping, the O2 Retro's optimal length and width balance ensure stability without sacrificing speed. It's the board I'd choose if I could only have one – the quintessential all-rounder that shines in every condition.

O2 Angler Fishing Paddle Board: For those who find solace in the calm of fishing, the O2 Angler is a dream come true. Stability is its middle name, offering a platform so steady you'd be forgiven for thinking you're standing on the shore. Decked out with mounts and tie-downs for all your fishing gear and compatible with the Glide Cooler for a makeshift seat, this board is a floating basecamp for your aquatic escapades. Designed with input from passionate anglers, the O2 Angler ensures you reach untouched fishing spots with ease, offering a silent approach only a SUP board can provide.

O2 Lotus SUP Yoga Board: Pioneering the SUP yoga movement, the O2 Lotus is our homage to the yogis who wanted more from their floating mats. This board is a sanctuary on the water, offering stability and space for your practice. The soft EVA deck pad invites you to move and relax in comfort, making every pose feel like a deeper connection to the water beneath you. The Lotus is the board that yogis dream of – a dedicated space for peace, balance, and fluidity.

O2 Lochsa Whitewater SUP Board: Drawing from my personal passion for whitewater kayaking, the O2 Lochsa brings an adrenaline rush to our lineup. Its design caters to navigating rapids with confidence, offering a board that's as agile as it is stable. With a shape that punches through waves and a texture designed for grip in the wildest conditions, the Lochsa is your companion for heart-pounding whitewater adventures, promising a ride that's exhilarating and secure.

O2 Quest Touring Inflatable Paddle Board: The call of the horizon is answered by the O2 Quest, our touring board designed for distance and speed. Its sleek form cuts through water with grace, urging you to explore further and faster. Whether you're planning a long-distance paddle or embarking on a SUP camping trip, the Quest's balance of length and width offers a stable, efficient glide, making every journey an exploration of your boundaries.

In Conclusion, at Glide, we're not just selling paddle boards; we're inviting you into a community that cherishes every moment on the water. Whether you're curious about the nuances of hull designs or pondering the perfect board for your next adventure, we're here to guide you. Reach out to us via email, chat, or call – we're eager to help you find your ideal match, so you can spend less time wondering and more time wandering the waters.

all around inflatable paddle board

Our dedication to durability, eco-friendliness, and top-tier features is unwavering, just like our support for your paddle boarding journey. With Glide's 2022 lineup, every paddle stroke promises an adventure, a discovery, and a step closer to the perfect glide.

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