The Ultimate Glide Experience: Touring SUP Unveiled

Touring SUP is for a different breed of stand up paddle board adventurer - those that are big on exploration.  Learn everything you know about this SUP discipline and start exploring the waterways near you.

Embark on a journey of discovery with your SUP, where every stroke through the water promises a new horizon to explore. Glide's touring paddle boards are your steadfast companions on this voyage, engineered for the adventurers who find solace in the rhythm of paddling and the allure of uncharted waters.

First Encounters with SUP Touring

touring sup boards

The allure of paddleboarding often begins with a casual trial—a rented board on a sun-kissed lake or a gentle ocean inlet. But once bitten by the SUP bug, you crave more. Glide recognizes this passion and has crafted touring boards that extend the thrill beyond the shore, perfect for those who seek the serenity of open waters and the thrill of exploration.

Choosing Your Paddle Boarding Path

After falling in love with the sport, the pivotal moment arrives: selecting your discipline. Will you surf the crests, or is the call of the river rapids irresistible? Perhaps SUP yoga speaks to your soul. Glide's touring SUPs cater to those who yearn for long, tranquil voyages, where the journey itself is the destination.

Why Touring SUP is Captivating Paddlers Worldwide

Touring on a SUP isn’t about the rush of adrenaline; it’s about embarking on epic adventures across vast expanses of water. Glide's touring boards are meticulously designed for endurance and smooth sailing over long distances. They are the vessels that carry you to the cusp of adventure, from planning to execution.

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The Distinctive Traits of a Touring Paddle Board

Longer and sleeker, Glide's touring boards boast a pointed nose, cutting through water like a knife through silk, offering you a glide that's both smooth and efficient. Our hard boards sit proudly on the water, thick and sturdy, while our inflatable options provide unmatched durability without compromising on performance.

Crafting the Perfect Touring SUP

When seeking the ultimate touring board, Glide strikes the perfect balance. Our boards are the sweet spot between racing speed and all-around versatility, with a width that promises stability and a displacement hull that’s designed to cover distances with effortless grace.

Remember the Purpose of Your Touring Board

Glide's touring boards are built for the long haul, where the glide is king. They might forgo the agility of a whitewater board, but they make up for it in their ability to maintain a steadfast course, allowing you to immerse in the serenity of your surroundings without constant course correction.

Durability Meets Performance in Glide Touring Boards

Your Glide touring board is a fortress on water, designed to withstand the unexpected. Glide Surface Shield technology coats our hard boards, offering unparalleled resistance to the wear and tear of adventurous paddling.

Why Inflatable SUPs Excel in Touring

Glide's inflatable boards redefine what it means to have a touring SUP. They're the trailblazers' choice, effortlessly portable, and versatile enough to double as a comfortable rest spot at your campsite. With military-grade PVC and a woven drop-stitch core, these boards are resilient companions on any journey.

The Displacement vs. Planing Hull Debate

Each Glide board, whether with a displacement or a planing hull, is a marvel of design, tailored to slice through water or skim across waves with equal prowess. Our hard boards with displacement hulls offer speed and stability, while the inflatable counterparts with planing hulls provide a buoyant ride in choppy conditions.

The Importance of Deck Pad Comfort

Long voyages demand comfort, and Glide's touring boards deliver with smooth deck pads that ease the journey for your feet, mile after mile.

Fin Considerations for Touring SUP

Glide's single-center fin setup promises a dependable track across the vast expanse of water. Our fin boxes are versatile, welcoming fins from various manufacturers, allowing you to customize your ride as you see fit.

Epic Journeys Await

touring inflatable paddle board

From the Kuzi Project's 500-mile odyssey to your local escapades, Glide boards have proven to be the ultimate touring companions. They are crafted not only to perform but to inspire stories of adventure and exploration.

Crafting Your SUP Touring Experience

Whether you're charting a course for distant shores or seeking solace in nearby waters, Glide's touring SUPs are your gateway to moments that etch themselves into memory. With the right gear, from carbon fiber paddles to the essential repair kit, Glide boards are your promise of an adventure that's both safe and exhilarating.

Conclusion: The Touring SUP Journey Awaits

Glide's touring SUPs are for those who find their thrill in the journey.  Let us take you anywhere that you choose to go.

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