Why choose an inflatable touring SUP?

Are you an avid paddler, looking for the perfect board to take on your touring adventures? If so, you've come to the right place. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of choosing an inflatable touring SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard) and specifically, the impressive features of the Glide O2 Quest. Whether you're a beginner an experienced paddler, inflatable touring SUPs offer a range of advantages that are hard to resist. So, let's dive in and discover why inflatable touring SUPs are a fantastic choice for your paddling needs.

Understanding the Basics of Touring SUPs

When it comes to paddleboarding, touring SUPs are specifically designed for speed, efficiency, and smooth gliding on long-distance paddles. These boards typically feature a displacement hull, carry handles, cargo area, and a standing area deck pad for stability and comfort. With a tapered nose shape and good weight capacity, touring paddleboards are built for endurance, making them ideal for longer distances and touring expeditions. Whether you're paddling on calm lakes, rivers, or even open water, touring SUPs provide good stability and maneuverability, ensuring a smooth glide and endurance.

What is a Touring Paddle Board?

A touring paddle board, also known as a touring SUP, is a type of paddleboard specifically designed for long-distance paddling and touring adventures. These paddleboards are available in various sizes, each offering good stability and maneuverability on different water bodies. The key features of a touring paddleboard include a displacement hull, tapered nose shape, carry handles, cargo area, and standing area deck pad. These features contribute to stability, durability, good rigidity, and maneuverability, ensuring a smooth glide and endurance on long paddling journeys.

Differentiating between Inflatable and Hard Touring Boards

Now, let's differentiate between inflatable and hard touring paddle boards. Both options have their advantages, but inflatable touring SUPs offer unique benefits that are hard to overlook. Inflatable touring paddle boards are highly portable, allowing for easy transport and storage, making them suitable for travel and outdoor activities. They can be deflated, rolled up, and stored in a backpack, offering convenience for paddlers on the go. Additionally, inflatable touring paddle boards are durable, stable, and versatile, making them beginner-friendly and suitable for touring, long-distance paddling, and different water bodies. On the other hand, hard touring paddle boards are known for their durability, stability, and performance on various water bodies. They provide good speed, maneuverability, and rigidity, making them suitable for touring and long-distance paddling.

Advantages of Choosing an Inflatable Touring SUP

Now, let's delve into the advantages of choosing an inflatable touring SUP. These paddle boards offer a range of benefits that make them an excellent choice for paddlers of all levels.

Portability and Storage

One of the key advantages of inflatable touring paddle boards is their portability and easy storage. Unlike hard touring paddle boards, inflatable versions can be deflated, rolled up, and stored in a backpack. This makes them highly portable, allowing you to take your board with you on any adventure. Whether you're traveling, hiking, or simply heading to the beach, inflatable touring SUPs offer convenience and ease of transport. Additionally, their inflatable nature makes them suitable for small living spaces, as they can be easily stored in closets, car trunks, or even under your bed.

Durability and Stability

Despite their inflatable nature, touring paddle boards are designed with durability and stability in mind. Inflatable touring SUPs are constructed using durable materials that can withstand bumps, scrapes, and even rocky shores. They offer good rigidity, ensuring stability, maneuverability, and a smooth glide on various water bodies. With inflatable touring paddle boards, you don't have to worry about dings, cracks, or damage, as they are built to withstand the rigors of paddling adventures.

Versatility for all Water Bodies

Another significant advantage of inflatable touring paddle boards is their versatility, allowing paddlers to explore a variety of water bodies. Whether you're paddling on calm lakes, rivers, or even in the ocean, inflatable touring SUPs offer stability, endurance, and maneuverability. Their durable construction, good rigidity, and stability make them suitable for touring, long-distance paddling, and different water conditions. So, whether you're planning a relaxing paddle on a quiet lake or an adventurous expedition on the open water, inflatable touring paddle boards have got you covered.

Getting to Know the Glide O2 Quest

Cross Cut Photo of the Glide O2 Quest Touring Paddle Board

Now, let's take a closer look at the Glide O2 Quest, an inflatable touring paddle board that combines durability, stability, and performance.

Key Features of the Glide O2 Quest

The Glide O2 Quest features a displacement hull, tapered nose shape, carry handles, cargo area, and standing area deck pad, providing stability, maneuverability, and durability for paddlers. The displacement hull enhances the board's speed and efficiency, ensuring smooth paddling on long distances. The tapered nose shape allows for efficient glide, making it suitable for touring and racing. The carry handles provide easy transportability, while the cargo area offers ample storage for your gear. The standing area deck pad ensures comfort and stability, allowing paddlers to paddle with confidence.

Performance Review

The Glide O2 Quest delivers excellent stability, maneuverability, and endurance, providing a smooth glide and durability for paddlers. Its durable construction, good rigidity, and endurance make it perfect for touring, long-distance paddling, and different water conditions. Paddlers have praised the smooth glide, good stability, and fast speed of the board, making it a reliable choice for touring and racing. The weight capacity, cargo area, and standing area deck pad have been appreciated by endurance paddlers, providing ample space for longer distances and touring expeditions.

User Experience and Feedback

Glide O2 Quest Floating on a clear river

Users have had a positive experience with the Glide O2 Quest, praising its durability, stability, and maneuverability. The inflatable board's smooth glide and good stability have been particularly appreciated, making paddlers feel at ease on the water. Customers also value the touring sup's weight capacity, cargo area, and full length deck pad, as these features provide convenience and comfort during long paddling journeys. Overall, the user feedback for the Glide O2 Quest has been overwhelmingly positive, solidifying its reputation as a reliable inflatable touring paddle board.

Comparing the Glide O2 Quest with Other Inflatable Touring SUPs

While the Glide O2 Quest stands out, it's only fair to compare it with other inflatable touring paddle boards available in the market.

Glide O2 Quest vs Thurso Expedition 150

In terms of durability and maneuverability, the Glide O2 Quest excels compared to the Thurso Expedition 150. Users prefer the smooth glide and good stability and excellent maneuverability of the Glide O2 Quest, making it a reliable choice for touring and long-distance paddling. The weight capacity and cargo area of the inflatable paddle board have also received praise, offering paddlers ample storage space for their gear. When comparing touring sups, the Glide O2 Quest outperforms the Thurso Expedition 150 in terms of speed, stability, and features.

Glide O2 Quest vs Atoll 11'

When comparing the Glide O2 Quest with the Atoll 11', the former surpasses the latter with good speed, durable rigidity, stability, maneuverability, and endurance. Paddlers appreciate the smooth glide, stability, maneuverability, weight capacity, cargo area, and speed of the inflatable board, making it a reliable choice for longer distances and touring expeditions. The available sizes and key features of the touring sup have also been valued by customers, providing options and customization for paddlers.

Glide O2 Quest vs RedPaddleCo 12’6” Sport

In comparison to the RedPaddleCo 12’6” Sport, the Glide O2 Quest offers fast glide, good stability, durability, maneuverability, endurance, weight capacity, cargo area, and other key features. Users appreciate the smooth glide, durable rigidity, maneuverability, weight capacity, cargo area, standing area deck pad, and touring accessories of the inflatable touring paddle board. The speed, pin tail and maneuverability of this board make it the clear winner with paddlers, and better price point of the O2 Quest has always been welcome with SUP enthusiasts.


Touring SUP






Weight Capacity

Glide O2 Quest






400 LB

Thurso Expedition 150






160-210 LB

Atoll 11'






350 LB

RedPaddleCo 12’6” Sport




331 L


265 LB


Useful Tips for Using an Inflatable Touring SUP

To make the most out of your inflatable touring paddle board, here are some useful tips to keep in mind:

Optimal Paddling Techniques

Learn efficient paddling techniques to ensure a smooth glide and good stability on your touring paddle board. Mastering paddling techniques such as proper paddle grip, stroke technique, and weight distribution will help you cover longer distances with less effort. Additionally, practice maneuverability and weight capacity management to maximize your touring sup experience.

Maintenance and Care

To ensure the durability of your inflatable board, it's important to follow proper maintenance and care practices. Regularly inspect your board for any damage, clean it after each use, and store it in a dry, cool place. This will help prolong the board's lifespan and maintain its rigidity, smooth glide, and good stability. Don't forget to protect the weight capacity, cargo area, maneuverability, accessories, and deck pad with dedicated maintenance and care efforts.

Safety Measures

Prioritize safety measures to guarantee a secure touring paddle board experience. Always wear a personal flotation device (PFD) or life jacket, especially when paddling on open water. Familiarize yourself with local regulations, weather conditions, and water currents before embarking on your paddling journey. It's also important to paddle within your skill level and carry essential safety equipment, such as a leash, whistle, and signaling devices.

How to Choose the Right Touring SUP for You?

Choosing the right touring paddle board is essential for an enjoyable paddling experience. Here are some factors to consider when selecting your inflatable touring sup:

Factors to Consider

When considering inflatable touring paddle boards, factors to consider include good stability and durability for longer distances, tapered nose and displacement hull for a smooth glide, maneuverability suitable for beginners and endurance paddlers, recessed deck pad, carry handles, cargo area, leash, different sizes, and good weight capacity, making it versatile.

Making an Informed Decision

When choosing a touring paddle board, features like narrow width and fusion construction ensure good speed, maneuverability, and durable rigidity. The tapered nose shape provides a fast glide for touring and racing, with accessories like a backpack, fin, and paddle enhancing the overall paddling experience. This inflatable board delivers the performance of a traditional touring board.

Still Wondering if the Inflatable Glide O2 Quest is the Right Choice for Touring or Racing?

Looking for the perfect inflatable touring paddle board for your adventures? The Inflatable Glide O2 Quest is a versatile choice that offers excellent glide, stability, and speed. Designed for long-distance paddling, this high-performance inflatable board provides a smooth, efficient glide that enables you to cover greater distances with ease. Confidently tackle any waterway, from serene lakes to challenging coastal routes, and experience the freedom of exploring with the O2 Quest.


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To sum up, choosing an inflatable touring SUP offers numerous advantages over hard touring boards. The portability and easy storage make it a convenient option for adventurers on the go. The durability and stability ensure a reliable performance even in challenging conditions. Additionally, the versatility of inflatable touring SUPs allows you to explore various water bodies without limitations.

If you're considering the Glide O2 Quest, rest assured that it is a top-notch choice. With its key features designed for optimal performance, positive user experience, and rave reviews, you can trust its quality and functionality. Comparing it with other inflatable touring SUPs, the Glide O2 Quest stands out in terms of its superior craftsmanship and performance.

When using an inflatable touring SUP, remember to follow optimal paddling techniques, maintain and care for your equipment, and prioritize safety measures. These tips will enhance your experience and ensure a longer lifespan for your board.

In conclusion, if you're looking for an exceptional touring or racing experience, the inflatable Glide O2 Quest is the right choice. Its outstanding features, coupled with your enthusiasm for adventure, will take your paddleboarding journey to new heights. So, grab your board, hit the waters, and embark on unforgettable voyages!