Experience all of the SUP Disciplines with an Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board

Are you thinking about taking up paddle boarding? We explain why an inflatable stand up paddle board could be just the ticket for you.

Key Highlights

  1. Versatile Adventures: Inflatable SUPs cater to every paddleboarding passion, from serene lake excursions and ocean surfing to river adventures, SUP yoga, and fishing.
  2. Touring SUPs for Flat Water Mastery: Designed for efficiency and distance, touring boards are perfect for long treks on calm waters, featuring ample storage for gear.
  3. Surf’s Up with Inflatable Boards: Offering stability for beginners and excitement for seasoned surfers, surfing SUPs make wave riding accessible and thrilling.
  4. River SUPing for the Thrill-Seekers: Built to withstand dynamic river conditions, these boards combine the durability of rafts with the maneuverability needed for whitewater.
  5. Fitness and Yoga on Water: Transform your workout with SUP yoga and fitness, where the challenge of balance intensifies each movement on the water’s dynamic surface.
  6. The Angler’s Dream: Merge the tranquility of fishing with the challenge of paddleboarding, thanks to inflatable fishing SUPs designed for stability and equipped with necessary attachments.


Greetings, paddle board enthusiasts and newcomers alike! Embarking on the stand up paddle boarding journey unlocks a world of aquatic adventure. With thirteen years riding the waves of innovation, Glide is here to impart wisdom that will elevate your SUP experience.

What's Your Paddle Board Calling?

The versatility of inflatable stand up paddle boards (SUPs) knows no bounds; they are your gateway to aquatic exploits as vast as the ocean itself. Fancy gliding across serene lakes, slicing through the glassy calm on a long-distance trek? Perhaps the adrenaline-fueled thrill of taming the whitewater rapids calls to you? Or is it the rhythmic dance with ocean waves that beckons? Maybe your passion lies in merging the art of fishing with the skill of balancing on a SUP, or you're driven by the pursuit of fitness on the water. Glide is committed to matching you with your perfect inflatable paddle board counterpart.

Flat Water Paddle Board Mastery

paddle board on flat water

While most SUPs are adept at flat water exploration, the touring inflatable paddle board is a maestro, its pointed nose the maestro's baton cutting through water's symphony. Longer and narrower, the touring SUP is engineered for efficiency, propelling you further with every stroke. And when adventure calls for a multi-day odyssey, rest assured, the ample attachment points ensure your gear is stowed securely under the embrace of robust bungees.

The Surf's Up SUP Experience

surfing a paddle board

Surfing inflatable SUP boards are the all-rounders of the sea. Even those new to the sport can enjoy the rush of riding waves, standing ready atop their SUP to embrace the ocean's pulse. Glide recommends neophytes to start with the sea's gentle whispers before graduating to its roaring crescendos.

River SUP: The Dynamic Flow

whitewater inflatable stand up paddle board

From the gentle meanders to the heart-pounding rush of whitewater, inflatable SUPs are built for river resilience, sharing DNA with the robust rafts of the rapids. Ensure you're kitted out with a helmet, a quick-release leash, and a life vest. As you graduate from tranquil currents to the spirited white, your SUP is your steadfast partner in thrill-seeking.

Fitness and Yoga: The Zen of SUP

inflatable paddle board for sup yoga

Witness the rise of SUP Yoga and fitness paddling – where the board becomes the mat, and the water, the studio. The balance demanded by the undulating water means your workout on a Glide inflatable paddle board amplifies each pose, each motion. Glide has witnessed a swell in these aquatic classes, from lakeside to poolside, with our Glide Fit SUP bringing the gym to the water.

Paddle Board Angling: The Reel Challenge

inflatable paddle board for fishing

Fishing from a SUP is the new frontier, merging the tranquility of angling with the balancing act of paddle boarding. Glide's inflatable fishing SUPs are the epitome of stability, brimming with attachment points for your rods and gear. They're designed to steady you as you cast into the water's depths, seeking the catch of a lifetime.


Be it a solid or an inflatable paddle board, Glide promises an inescapable allure to this aquatic pastime. Inflatable paddle boards have soared, reaching new heights of rigidity and convenience. They're not just boards; they're vessels to new experiences, adventures, and a community that welcomes you with open arms and calm waters.