Paddleboard and Kayak in One: Meet the Game-Changing GLIDE O2 Retro!

Key Highlights

Key Highlights:

  • The GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid stands out as a dual-purpose inflatable sup that easily transforms into a kayak, offering the best of both worlds.
  • For those just starting or looking for family fun, its stability and ease in paddling are ideal.
  • Built with multiple layers of military-grade PVC, this board promises strength and long life.
  • Included in the package are essentials like a kayak seat, an adjustable paddle, coiled leash, and a top-notch SUP pump.
  • With free shipping across the United States and backed by a lifetime warranty, it's an excellent choice for water lovers.
  • On the underside of the board is a fin box which makes swapping fins simple depending on your activity or water conditions.


Feeling the wind on your face and moving smoothly over water is why many love paddleboarding. When you're in search of a paddleboard that's all about being versatile, stable, and long-lasting, the GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid should be your go-to.

This inflatable sup is crafted for anyone who loves to be on the water, no matter if they're just starting out or have been at it for years. With this board, you can enjoy peaceful lakes, river currents or even ocean waves. It easily changes from a stand-up paddleboard into a comfy kayak with its AirThrone seat included so that switching between different types of water adventures becomes effortless.

Discover the GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid

The GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid is like the Swiss Army knife of paddleboards. It's a mix between an all-around board and an inflatable kayak, making it perfect for just about any water adventure you can think of. If you're in the mood to glide across open waters with ease on a rigid board or prefer kicking back in comfort, this hybrid has got your back. Thanks to its tough build and clever design, the GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" promises loads of fun on the water.

The Genesis of the GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6"

The GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid came to life because of a love for fun times on the water and the goal to make a paddleboard that fits what every paddler might need. The folks at GLIDE saw how much people were getting into stand-up paddleboarding and set out to create a board that's stable, can do lots of different things, and lasts long.

With years of professional kayaking and a talent for surfing, they carefully made the GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" so it gives you an awesome time on the water. Whether you're gliding over peaceful lakes or braving rivers, this board is all about making those moments in nature something special. It doesn't matter if you're just starting out with paddleboarding or if you've been doing it for years looking for new excitement; this kayak hybrid is your go-to buddy for all kinds of water adventures.

Key Features That Set It Apart

The GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid stands out because it's packed with cool features. Let me break them down for you:

  • With an adjustable length, the paddle can be tweaked to match how tall you are and your paddling style, making sure you're comfortable and efficient.
  • Its versatility is a big plus. You can easily switch from stand-up paddleboarding to kayaking thanks to the AirThrone seat that comes with it. This means more fun in different water sports without needing another board.
  • When it comes to staying upright on the water, this board has superior stability. It's designed so well that if you're just starting or already know what you're doing, everyone feels secure trying new things or pushing their limits.
  • The build of this thing is tough; made with layers of military-grade PVC and ThermoFused seams make sure this board lasts through any adventure on the water.
  • Ready for your next outing? The GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" has got everything covered – including an adjustable paddle, a coiled leash for safety, and a high-performance SUP pump.

So whether into kayak hybrid adventures or looking forward to enjoying various water sports activities seamlessly - all while ensuring durability through its sturdy construction - this gear promises excitement in every venture ahead! Check out this article on the AirThrone, the only kayak seat you will ever want!

Design and Specifications

The GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid is all about top-notch quality and how well it performs. With its military-grade PVC layers, this board is tough as nails, keeping punctures and damage at bay. Its solid build keeps you stable on the water, but since it's inflatable, you can easily pack it up and take it anywhere. The package even comes with an electric pump to make blowing it up a breeze. Measuring 10'6" long, 32.5" wide, and 6" thick gives everyone enough room and steadiness no matter their size.

Dimensions and Build Quality

The GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid is designed to handle everything paddleboarding throws at it. At a length of 10'6", there's plenty of room for paddlers big or small. With its width hitting 32.5 inches, you get a board that's stable and easy to balance on, whether you're just starting out or have been paddling for years. It’s made with tough military-grade PVC layers which means it’s built to last a long time. The seams are ThermoFused together, making them super strong and leak-proof so you can focus on the fun without worry. Plus, with a lifetime warranty backing it up, this kayak hybrid promises durability and many adventures on the water thanks to its solid build and generous dimensions.

Versatility in Water: From Lakes to Rivers

The GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid is perfect for all sorts of water fun, whether it's a peaceful day on the lake or an adventurous trip down the river. With its flexible design, you can enjoy different types of water and activities. If you're into paddling around just for kicks, doing yoga while floating, or seeking thrills in river currents, this board is ready for anything. By adding some cool gear like a paddleboard anchor or a dry bag to keep things dry, your time out on the water gets even better. The GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" isn't only about paddleboarding; it opens up a whole world of water adventures.

Performance on the Water

The GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid is made to perform really well on the water. With its strong build and smart design, it's stable, easy to steer, and quick. The fin at the bottom helps keep you going straight and steady so you can move smoothly over the water. This board is tough enough for any adventure on the water, whether that's peaceful lake explorations or braving big waves. Its flexible design means both newbies and pros at paddleboarding will find it easy to handle. Get ready for an exciting experience as you effortlessly glide across the waters with this kayak hybrid that combines durability with a retro look for optimal maneuverability.

SUP Mode: Stability and Speed

When you're using the GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" in SUP mode, it's like having a trusty sidekick that brings both steadiness and zip to your paddleboarding. With its sturdy build and generous width, this board gives newbies the confidence boost they need while letting seasoned paddlers test their boundaries. Thanks to the fin underneath, steering straight and picking up speed feels as smooth as sliding on ice. Built tough with top-notch materials, this durable buddy promises many adventures without wearing out. Whether you're cruising calm lakes or braving bumpy waves, expect nothing less than solid support, swift moves, and endless enjoyment from your time on water with this retro-styled gem.

Kayak Mode: Comfort and Control

When you're using the GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" as a kayak, it's all about comfort and being in charge. With the AirThrone seat that comes with it, sitting feels stable and comfy, so you can keep paddling for a long time without feeling sore. The board is also not heavy at all, which means you won't have trouble moving it around or keeping it under control when the water gets choppy. Whether you're smoothly gliding on peaceful rivers or trying out your moves on gentle waves, kayaking with this retro design gives an enjoyable ride every time. Plus, switching from standing up paddleboarding (SUP) to sitting down as a kayaker is super quick and simple. This lets you easily handle whatever type of water adventure comes your way.

Accessories and Add-Ons

The GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid is packed with cool stuff to make your time on the water even better. With this board, you get a coiled leash that keeps it attached to you, making sure you stay safe while paddling around. Because of its compatibility with various fins, you can tweak how your board moves through the water for the best ride. On top of that, this kayak hybrid works well with lots of different accessories like waterproof bags and anchors for paddleboards so you can set it up just how you like it. Dive into more fun and upgrade your paddleboarding experience with all these extras included in the GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6".

The Updated 2024 iSUP Bag

The GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid now comes with a new iSUP bag for 2024, made to make your life easier and more organized. This bag has plenty of room for your inflatable paddleboard, an adjustable paddle, pump, leash, and fins. On top of that, it's got extra pockets where you can stash important stuff like water and snacks to keep you going while out on the water. The materials used are top-notch and it includes comfy shoulder straps so carrying everything is a breeze. It’s super easy to carry around and store away which makes it just right for anyone who loves spending time paddling or kayaking. There are even YouTube videos available that show how to pack everything up properly in this bag. Plus, there's a pressure gauge built into the bag so checking the PSI on your board is quick and ensures you're always ready for peak performance when hitting the waves.

High-Performance SUP Pump and AirThrone

The Glide O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid is all set to make your time on the water hassle-free and comfy, thanks to its top-notch SUP pump and AirThrone. With this double-action high-performance pump, you can inflate your paddleboard quickly because it pushes air both when you pull up and push down. It's easy to carry around too, making sure you're always ready for some paddling fun without wasting any time. As for sitting comfortably while kayaking? That's where the AirThrone comes in. This inflatable kayak seat isn't just about comfort; it’s designed with materials that won’t easily get punctured, has straps so you can adjust it just how you like, and cushions that make long trips a breeze. Together, these accessories – the lightweight yet powerful pump and the cozy kayak seat – bring convenience, ease of carrying (portability), and extra enjoyment whether you’re stand-up paddleboarding or kayaking.

Conversion Ease: SUP to Kayak

The GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid makes it super easy to switch from using it as a paddleboard to sitting down and kayaking. With its cool retro look and being 6 inches thick, you get lots of stability whether you're standing up or sitting down. Changing from one mode to the other is really quick, so you can easily handle whatever the water throws at you. It comes with an AirThrone seat that's comfy and keeps you stable while kayaking. So, if one minute you feel like paddleboarding and the next minute kayaking strikes your fancy, this kayak hybrid has got your back with its versatility for all kinds of fun on the water.

Step-by-Step Guide to Conversion

The GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid is designed to provide a seamless transition between stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking. Here is a step-by-step guide to converting the board:

Step 1: Inflate the board

Begin by inflating the board using the provided hand pump.

Step 2: Attach the kayak seat

Place the kayak seat on the board and adjust it to your desired position. Secure it in place using the provided straps.

Step 3: Inflate the kayak seat

Use the pump to inflate the kayak seat, ensuring it is firm and secure.

Step 4: Attach the fins

Insert the fin into the fin box located on the underside of the board. Make sure it is securely attached.

Step 5: Start paddling

Once everything is set up, you are ready to start paddling! Enjoy the versatility and maneuverability of the GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid.



Step 1

Deflate the board

Step 2

Attach the kayak seat

Step 3

Inflate the kayak seat

Step 4

Attach the fin

Step 5

Start paddling

Tips for a Smooth Transition

Switching from stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) to kayaking can be really fun, especially with the GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid. Here's how you can make it a great experience:

  • Before trying out kayaking, start off with SUP to get used to how stable the board is and learn the basics of paddling. It'll boost your confidence on the water.
  • With regards to finding comfort while kayaking, take some time adjusting the kayak seat until it feels just right for you.
  • When it comes down to paddling techniques in a kayak hybrid, play around with different strokes until you find what suits best for steering and control.
  • For practicing shifting between SUP and kayak modes, pick conditions that are calm so you can focus without too much stress. This practice will make switching back and forth smoother for you.
  • By exploring various types of waters like lakes, rivers or even coastal areas using this versatile board allows each adventure offers its own set of thrills and challenges.

Following these suggestions will help ensure that your adventures with the GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid are both enjoyable and full of variety as a paddler.

Safety and Durability

When talking about paddleboarding, it's really important to focus on how safe and tough your board is. The GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid has been made with these things as top priorities.

With its width hitting 32.5 inches, this board gives you a lot of stability. That makes it perfect for folks just starting out since the bigger surface area keeps you from tipping over easily and helps in steering smoothly.

On the durability front, the GLIDE O2 Retro stands out because it's built with top-notch materials that include ThermoFused seams. This combo ensures not only great strength but also that the board stays air-tight no matter what challenges come its way during paddling adventures.

So, whether you're new to this or have been enjoying paddling for a while, if safety and lasting quality are what you're after in your paddleboarding experience, then going for the GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid is a smart choice.

Materials and Construction

The GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid is made with top-notch stuff and smart building methods to make sure it lasts long and does well.

For its construction, the board uses materials from inflatable stand-up paddleboards (SUP), which are famous for being light and easy to carry around. Because it's inflatable, you can take it anywhere without hassle or needing a lot of space.

On top of that, this kayak hybrid features a cool fin box that works with all kinds of fins. With this feature, changing your fins to fit how you like paddling or according to different water types is super simple.

Built tough and paying close attention to what makes a great product, the GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUPayak Hybrid aims at giving water lovers at any level - whether newbies or pros - an awesome time out on the waves.

Maintenance Tips for Longevity

To keep your GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid in great shape for a long time, it's key to take good care of it. Here are some straightforward steps you can follow:

  • Always check the air pressure: Before heading out, pump up your board to the right PSI and double-check the air pressure. This step is crucial for making sure your board performs well and stays free from harm.
  • Give it a good rinse after use: After each paddling session, wash off your kayak hybrid with clean water. Getting rid of salt or any dirt helps stop corrosion and keeps your board going strong.
  • Store it correctly: When you're not using it, find a cool and dry spot away from sunlight for storage. By doing this, you protect against UV damage and overheating.
  • Look at customer reviews: Spend some time reading what others have said about their experiences with similar boards. Their insights could offer helpful advice on taking care of yours.

Following these tips will help ensure that you get plenty of fun times on the water with your SUP/kayak hybrid while keeping it in prime condition.

Real User Experiences

Real people who've used the GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid have shared their thoughts, and they're pretty telling about how good this product is. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Thanks to its military-grade PVC layers, it's super tough and can take on rough waters without a problem.
  • On the water, folks say this board glides smoothly and keeps steady, making for an enjoyable ride.
  • With its inflatable design, many find it incredibly convenient since you can easily pack it up for travel or storage but still get top-notch performance when you use it.
  • Overall impressions of the GLIDE O2 Retro are really positive. People often highlight how well-made and dependable it is.

In short, if you're looking into getting a kayak hybrid like this one—especially something durable that offers versatility—the feedback suggests you might be onto something great with the GLIDE model.

What Customers Love

People really like the GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid for a few good reasons:

  • With an electric pump, inflating the board is super quick and easy. This saves time and effort, which users find very handy.
  • The cool thing about this kayak hybrid is how you can switch from stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) to kayaking whenever you want. This versatility means folks get to enjoy different kinds of water sports without needing multiple boards.
  • On top of that, GLIDE offers a lifetime warranty on this model. For customers, knowing they're protected against any defects or problems gives them extra confidence in their purchase.

In summary, it's the convenience of not having to manually pump up the board, its ability to be used for various water activities thanks to its versatile design as both a SUP and kayak hybrid; plus that reassuring warranty protection makes it hit with paddling enthusiasts looking for quality gear without worries about potential defects.

Areas for Improvement According to Reviews

The GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid has been well-received, but there's room for a few tweaks:

Users love the stability the width, length, and design of this board give even when paddling through choppy waters. The Glide O2 Retro 3.0 offers outstanding performance, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride in various water conditions.

The package comes well-equipped with essentials like a paddle, AirThrone, and fin. However, there’s a common sentiment that additional accessories such as a waterproof storage pouch on the AirThrone would elevate the overall experience. Some users also wish the kayak blade attachment was included.

On the design front, users are excited about the new upgrade, highlighting the stylish new look and vibrant color options. They believe these updates will not only enhance the board’s aesthetics but also its functionality, making each paddling adventure even more enjoyable.

For the most accurate details on the latest colors and styles, please refer to Glide's website.

In summary, people love the Glide O2 Retro 3.0 kayak hybrid for its incredible design, generous accessories package, quality build, durability, and the fun it brings when paddling. Its features, such as ease of supping with both paddle and fin, and the comfort provided by its retro style combined with modern functionality, have earned it high praise. Due to these outstanding qualities, it scores a nearly perfect 4.8.

Some customers felt the AirThrone Kayak Seat should have had a waterproof storage pocket and that the package should have included the kayak blade conversion accessory. Due to these suggestions, the board lost a few points but still ended up with a nearly perfect score. Check out the review at Moab Reviews

Comparing the GLIDE O2 Retro With Competitors

When you stack up the GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid against others, a few things really make it shine:

  • For folks who love yoga, this kayak hybrid hits the mark with its design that's just right for them. With plenty of room and a sturdy build thanks to its wide width, it's perfect for striking all your favorite poses without worrying about tipping over.
  • In terms of lasting power, this board is top-notch. It’s made with several layers of tough-as-nails PVC material that military folks would nod at approvingly. This means it can take quite a beating from paddling adventures and still be ready for more year after year.
  • On flexibility with fins, the fin box on this model is pretty cool because you can fit any kind of fin you like best. Whether you have a specific style or preference in how you paddle or steer through waterways; having options makes everything better.

So when looking at what sets it apart - whether it’s doing yoga on water comfortably due to its generous width, relying on its durable construction built to last many seasons using robust PVC materials or enjoying versatility in choosing fins thanks to universal compatibility offered by the fin box – The GLIDE O2 Retro proves itself as an adaptable and reliable choice not only for those passionate about kayaking but also enthusiasts eager to blend their love for paddling with yoga practices.

What Makes the GLIDE O2 Retro Stand Out

The GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid really shines for a few big reasons:

  • With its cool rocker design, the board makes sure you have a smooth ride on the water no matter what it's like out there. This means great glide and easy steering.
  • When it comes to moving around with this board, things couldn't be easier. You can deflate it and pack it up in the backpack that comes along with it. This feature is super handy for those who love to travel because you won't have to deal with carrying something big and awkward.
  • Paddleboarding fans really dig the GLIDE O2 Retro because of how stable and tough it is, not to mention how well it works for all kinds of paddlers - whether you're just starting out or already know your way around a paddleboard pretty well.

So, if you're into adventures on water, this kayak hybrid stands out thanks to its awesome glide ability, ease of portability in a backpack form factor ,and being loved by enthusiasts for its stability,durability,and versatility making every trip enjoyable regardless of skill level.

Considerations Before Making Your Purchase

Before you decide to buy the GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid, it's good to think about a few key things:

  • With its construction using multiple layers of military-grade PVC, this board is built tough. This means it can handle lots of use and last for many years.
  • Thanks to its inflatable nature, the GLIDE O2 Retro is pretty light and easy to carry around. For those who love taking their board on trips or moving it between spots, this feature is super handy.
  • On the topic of surfing with this board, if catching waves is your main goal, keep in mind that the GLIDE O2 Retro isn't really made for heavy-duty wave action. It shines more when used for calm water paddling or just having fun out on flat waters.

By keeping these points in mind about durability, lightweight design due to being inflatable compatibility issues regarding surfboard use; choosing whether the kayak hybrid suits what you're looking for becomes much clearer.

The Ideal User for the GLIDE O2 Retro

The GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid is a hit with lots of different people, but it's especially good for:

  • For those just starting out, its stability and easy paddling make it perfect.
  • If you're into chilling on the water at your own pace in lakes, rivers, or near the coast, this kayak hybrid is what you need.
  • With its wide deck and strong build, yoga lovers will find it an awesome spot for their exercises right on the water.
  • Surfers might not catch big waves with it but will surely enjoy mixing things up a bit.

Also coming along with a PVC leash makes sure you stay safe while having fun.

So basically if you love being on the water doing anything from sup to yoga or just kicking back and enjoying nature’s views - The GLIDE O2 Retro has got something special for everyone.

Who Will Get the Most Out of It?

The GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid is crafted to cater to a wide range of folks, including:

  1. For beginners, this board is a dream come true because it's super stable and easy to get the hang of, making it ideal for anyone just starting out with stand-up paddleboarding or kayaking.
  2. With adventurers in mind, its design shines when you take it across different types of water like lakes, rivers, and even near the coast thanks to its versatility.
  3. On top of that, yoga lovers will find the spacious deck perfect for stretching out and doing their poses on water because it’s so steady.
  4. And for those really into paddling or kayaking who love switching things up between activities without any hassle? The GLIDE O2 Retro has got them covered too.
  5. Lastly, YouTube creators looking to film their watery escapades won't have any trouble attaching cameras or mics due to its compatibility with various accessories.

No matter if you're dipping your toes into water sports for the first time or seeking new adventures on your kayak hybrid; whether you’re aiming at mastering yoga moves on a sup board in serene waters; eager about capturing every moment of your paddling journey; or simply enjoy exploring what versatile gear can add to your experiences—the Glide O2 Retro stands as an excellent choice offering endless fun during all kinds (and levels) of water adventures.

Scenarios and Activities Best Suited for This Hybrid

The GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid is a great fit for all sorts of fun on the water, including:

  1. Just paddling around: If you love gliding through quiet lakes or gentle rivers, this kayak hybrid makes it easy and fun with its smooth handling and stability.
  2. Spending time with family: With room to hold up to 400 lbs and plenty of space for gear, the GLIDE O2 Retro lets you make lasting memories out on the water with your loved ones.
  3. Going fishing: Thanks to its steady nature and flexible design, this board is a top pick for fishing fans. It has lots of room on deck and comfy seating so you can focus on catching fish all day.
  4. Doing yoga or working out: Its wide deck and strong build offer a solid base for doing yoga poses or fitness routines while floating.

5.Switching between kayaking excursions effortlessly using an included seat allows adventurers to check out coastal areas or meander down twisty rivers without trouble.

No matter what kind of adventure calls your name in terms of water activities, from supping across calm waters to engaging in some relaxing yoga sessions onboard - The Glide o2 retro ensures every experience is better than ever before


Wrapping things up, the GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" SUP/Kayak Hybrid really stands out for anyone who loves being on the water. Its clever design makes it tough and able to perform well in both lakes and rivers, making it a top pick for folks into watersports. Switching from SUP to kayak mode is a breeze, thanks to some cool accessories like an improved iSUP bag and a handy pump that make everything better. If you're all about mixing adventure with ease when you hit the water, this Glide O2 Retro has got your back. It doesn't matter if you're paddling by yourself or with someone else; this hybrid keeps things stable, fast, and comfy during your time in the water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" Accommodate Two People?

The GLIDE O2 Retro 10'6" is really made for just one person to use at a time. With its cool retro look and smaller size, it's great for going on adventures by yourself. The board is 6 inches thick, which means you'll stay stable while you're out there paddling around. It's designed in a way that makes sure your ride is smooth and fun. But if you were hoping to find a paddleboard that two people could use together, this might not be the best pick. You should check out some of the other options from GLIDE instead.

How Does the GLIDE O2 Retro Perform in Rough Waters?

The GLIDE O2 Retro comes with a foam core that makes it float better and stay stable, especially in choppy water. With its great maneuverability, you can easily handle tough situations on the water. Whether you're dealing with big waves or making your way through tight spots, this board is versatile and performs well. It's a solid option for any paddler wanting to take on rough waters.

What is the Maximum Weight Capacity?

The GLIDE O2 Retro, with its inflatable stand, can hold up to 400 lbs. This means lots of different people can use it comfortably. Thanks to its width of 32.5 inches, it's really stable on the water which is perfect for both newbies and those who've been paddling for a while. The best part? You can easily carry it around and store it without giving up any quality in how well it performs.

How to Best Maintain the GLIDE O2 Retro for Durability?

To keep your GLIDE O2 Retro in top shape and ensure it lasts a long time, there are some easy steps you should follow. Make sure the fin box is tightly attached and often check the board for any wear or damage signs. It's crucial to inflate the board to the suggested air pressure to get it performing at its best. When storing, find a spot that's cool and dry, steering clear of too much direct sun exposure for great content maintenance.