Best Low Key spots to Paddle Board in Utah

Blackridge Reservoir:

This reservoir is a man-made beauty that resides in Herriman Utah. It is fairly small but features a beach with soft sand, and no fishing rules (so there is no worry about swimming and catching a hook on the foot.) This reservoir is an extra water supply from the Utah lake used by the residents for watering their lawns and such.

solid paddle boards on a lake

It is a very pleasant atmosphere and includes a playground nearby the water so that there is a place for children to play while parents soak up the sun on the beach!

This spot has calm waters and beautiful views of the city on one side and mountains on the other. Get your paddleboard and jump right in!

Stansbury lake:

A surprisingly lesser-known spot Located in Stansbury on the route to Tooele, is Stansbury Lake. This lake also has a snow cone shack which is absolutely delicious and worth a try! It is the most amazing summer day treat!

woman on paddle board

This lake also has loading ramps for easy hardboard transport. This water is home to many fish, so going out with your angler Glide board would be perfect here as well as paddle yoga. 

Stansbury lake gets quite warm in the summer as well, but not too warm as to not cool you off! There are ducks and grass and wildlife all around. The lake goes in many directions and is surrounded by lake houses and other boaters/boarders! If you go upstream, there is a freshwater spring that leads into the lake making the water breathtakingly blue.

Grantsville Reservoir:

The Grantsville reservoir is another low-key spot just a small drive away from Stansbury lake! These two are located in the same county. It is a man-made reservoir that does have fish and camping spots nearby.

sup board on lake

It also features picnic tables and areas for parking trailers to stay by the lake! This is a great option for yoga as well because it is not as tourist swarmed and is kind of unknown to tourists. The majority of folks you’ll find there are the locals!

Flaming Gorge Reservoir:

Flaming Gorge is one of the places you’d think would have tourists as far as the eye can see, yet surprisingly it has plenty of space and not many people around at all times. This reservoir extends up to 91 miles and is surrounded by the classic red rock found in southern Utah.

It is famous for the record-breaking lake trout in its waters. This would be an amazing spot to sport your fishing rod and paddleboard! Even if you’re not fishing, using your stand-up paddleboard in these waters is a great idea. The water temperature in the summer can even reach 80 degrees! If you enjoy the scenery of southern Utah and love to paddle around in the water as warm as your bath, this makes for the perfect spot! 

Strawberry Reservoir:

Another beautiful reservoir for fishing and paddle boarding, Strawberry Reservoir is located in Strawberry Valley, just a drive southeast of Heber. Perfect for fishing, and yoga this lake is quiet, calm, and peaceful. The landscape and wildlife are absolutely one of a kind! So much wide open space and mountainous beauty.

This lake has easy port access to get either your ISUP or hardboard to the waters. This lake has a higher elevation so it can be a bit colder in nature even in the summer months, but it is a great option to cool off in the summer heat!


Utah has such a wide range of places to use your stand-up paddleboard. It truly is one of the best places for SUP. lakes and rivers are surrounded by some of the most breathtaking views around! For every type of paddler. Beginners and pros can enjoy what this lovely state has to offer.

paddle board by tent

Many places are still unknown to the majority of travelers. outdoor enthusiasts travel here every year just for a great big vacation in one of the best places on earth. We are proud to call Utah home with Glidesup paddleboards. If you are looking for some clear waters and sandy beaches, that aren’t overrun, we have got you covered on your Paddle boarding trip in the beehive state.