Eco Friendly Boards

eco friendly paddle board

We are all avid paddlers at Glide, so nothing is more important to us then the cleanliness of our oceans, lakes and rivers – not to mention the overall health of our planet. From our inception, it was not only important to make the most durable SUPs on the planet but also the most eco-friendly.


Hard Boards

Many hard board SUP manufacturers coat their boards with auto paint or epoxy resins which can leach or chip off into our waterways. We coat all of our boards with our patent-pending polymer which does not chip or leach and also contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The polymer is so safe that we are able to apply it in our Utah factory without any special venting systems. Underneath our polymer, we use entropy bio resin which is sourced from the waste stream of the biodiesel fuel and paper production industries. It’s usage results in a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions when compared to traditional petroleum-based epoxy or polymer resins. Bio Resin also doesn’t contain cancer causing agents such as Styrene which polymer resins contain.


Inflatable Boards

Our inflatables are more ECO friendly than our competition due to the fact that we ultra-sonically weld the top and bottom together in our fusion process which eliminates the need for glue on these layers. Because of the durability of our inflatable SUPs (as well as our hard SUPs), paddlers can be assured of years of usage and, therefore, you are far less likely to see Glide products in our landfills.