Glide Brand Comparison

When it comes to buying a paddle board you are faced with many choices and like everyone you want to get the best board you can for your money. There are a lot of different companies that claim factory direct pricing, or direct to consumer. What the really means is that they are buying standard shaped boards from a factory overseas and selling them from a garage or a warehouse.

At Glide we own our factory, and produce every board we make in the USA. We are committed to growing the sport through our dealer base, events, and ambassador programs. We want to bring jobs back to the USA and give consumers a product that will last a lifetime.

  Tower Padleboards SUPATX Surftech Naish Glide
Made in the USA No No No No Yes
Self Venting Gortex Handle No No No No Yes
Ultra Durable GSS Construction No No No No Yes
Full Length Non Fatigue Deck Pad No No Limited Models No Yes
Eco Friendly Green Resin No No No No Yes
White Water Specific Models No No No No Yes