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One of the top brands in durable SUP boards and inflatable SUP packages. Our inflatable boardsand accessories are perfect for all your water activities!

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Learn About Our Best Selling Board

Introducing The Retro Inflatable

Of our hard boards the Retro is our best seller as is our o2 Retro inthe inflatable paddle board arena. If you are just looking for a good all around board, skip the Retro because it is a truly great board in the all around paddle boards category which gives our customers the versatility and extra stability that they require. As all around boards like this solid board and its inflatable cousin are pure fun and high performance. From the eye-popping graphics on it's full length deck pad to its shape which mimics the surfboards of yester year but the board design is tweaked to perform in each of the SUP disciplines: surf, flatwater, slow moving rivers or whitewater rapids and SUP yoga. It's made from the same higher quality materials you've come to expect from Glide. It's a great board for multiple conditions from choppy water to placid alpine lakes. It comes with its own backpack so that you can explore the backcountry. Compare this board's quad layers of PVC to competitors single layer PVC boards. Even double layer boards don't come close. Check out this inflatable stand up paddle board for yourself and see why we offer a Lifetime Warranty

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Why Glide?

Durability, Performance and Light weight. That’s it. What more is anyone really looking for in a SUP? We have a stand up paddle board for every skill level from beginner to advanced paddlers.

Glide was founded back in the early days of SUP when our founders realized that traditional epoxy hard SUPs (you know the shiny rigid boards with the pretty designs and the EPS foam core?) were far too fragile for river paddling.

A Stand Up Paddle Board that can handle abuse

After much trial and error, these mad scientists came across a coating that was used by the Department of Defense for application on our submarines to allow them to glide over long distances 10 percent. The other benefit of this technology was that any object it was applied to was able to absorb 600 times the abuse that it could normally withstand while adding next to no additional weight. The first test was to convince a local trucker to drive his semi-truck over a paddle board while the pointed nose (or displacement hull) of the board was elevated. When that stand up paddle board didn’t break, Team Glide knew they had found a winning formula.

What Is Glide Surface Shield?

In the years that followed, Glide’s hard boards that utilize our patent pending GSS (Glide Surface Shield) have been a mainstay of paddle board rental fleets globally because renters are far more abusive to stand up paddle boards than a river could ever hope to be. Try dropping that pretty epoxy stand up paddle board which uses old surf board technology in the parking lot on the way to your flat water paddle board session at an alpine lake and then let us know how much water the hard paddle board takes on because of the ding that was created and you will quickly understand the benefit of GSS.

That gorgeous, epoxy paddle board typically will lose its luster after a season of paddle strikes and bumps from unseen rocks which is a good reason to protect your board with our GSS if you want a long lasting SUP.

Key Features Of Our Inflatable Sups

Other boards don't offer the cornucopia of extra features and other accessories that a Glide inflatable SUP board comes with. Most inflatable SUP board brands don't throw in a kayak seat and carry strap with their inflatable SUP boards. And our storage bag is a state-of-the-art backpack with roller wheels. We also offer an electric pump which is a great option if you want to cut down inflation time with a hand pump. Regardless of board size, our inflatable boards won't take up much storage space. We also offer multiple attachment points via d rings to act as cargo tie downs.

We offer a board thickness of 6 inches which means it can handle a higher weight limit and won't be prone to the "tacoing", which is a problem for many boards out there. So you don't need to worry about the weight capacity so that you still get that stable feel with the extra weight that a child or a furry friend adds to the board. You can load our boards with more max capacity than your average SUP and still get great performance out of them. The only reason for this commitment to performance is that it carries over from our commitment to quality. Part of the keys to our success is that we make a very maneuverable board.

Most inflatable SUPs come with a multi year warranty, we are so confident in our quality that our boards come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Sups For Every Skill Level

Regardless the board length and width, Glide has a paddle board for all skill levels that will give you a smooth ride. We literally have a paddle board for the entire family. Most people absolutely love the value proposition that our SUPs offer whether it's their first time out or they are an expert, Glide boards are a great choice.

Recreational SUP enthusiasts that don’t want to have to treat their paddle board like a Faberge egg soon became loyal customers Glide customers as well. Most customers feel that they get better performance and extra glide out of each paddle stroke on our SUPs as we've really found that sweet spot between performance and durability.

Whether you are interested in transporting extra gear on a solo backcountry trek on a touring board, riding ocean waves on a shorter board (known as surfing SUPs with a planing hull), practicing yoga on a wider board with ample room, you will find the performance characteristics of a Glide solid board to be top notch. We test each SUP extensively to make sure each board performs to our exacting standards. There is no excuse for the entire family not to get into SUP. Our fun loving factory guys created a whole video series on YouTube called “Will it Break Wednesday” where they essentially risk life and limb trying to break one of our solid boards.

Once inflatable boards became the rage, we realized that we were going to need to revolutionize that market as well because most of the brands were using technology that was only a grade or two better than pool toys. After a lot of expert advice from more experienced paddlers, we introduced our O2 inflatable paddle board line in 2015.

The O2 inflatable SUP line utilizes 4 layers of military grade PVC that are integrated using our cutting-edge Fusion technology. With over 33,000 reinforced drop stitches per board, Glide inflatables can be fully inflated to an industry-dominating 25 PSI (most are 15 PSI) when properly inflated. Every square inch of a Glide inflatable SUP is pure quality. With this kind of attention to detail it is unlikely that you will ever need to use the repair kit that comes with your board.

Unlike most other stand-up paddle board companies, we own a factory which gives us complete quality control over our paddle boards. This means we can produce the right board for every paddler.

As water sports enthusiasts, we understand the nuances of stand up paddling through various waterways and with customer feedback we’re always at the whiteboard looking for ways to take our product even further. You will also find that we have truly great customer service.

All Glide O2 series inflatables use a standard USA-style fin box. This fin box has been used in the surfing industry for over 50 years and is the standard fin box for almost all longboards and hard paddle boards. This means users will not have to purchase priority fins that other inflatable SUP brands use but can instead use any standard fin on the market. This flexibility allows the user to customize the fin setup for whatever conditions they will be using their inflatable in. Our inflatables come with a 9” keel fin which is a great all-around fin that is suitable for all types of paddling.

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