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Expert Advice
  • Mar 23, 2023

How to SUP Fishing Drift Fishing: A Comprehensive Guide.

Key Highlights Introduction to Drift Fishing on a SUP: Understand the basics of using the water's natural current to your advantage for an efficient fishing experience. Essential Equipment Selection: Learn how to choose the right SUP, paddle, fishing rod, and safety gear to enhance your drift fishing adventure. Pre-Trip Preparation: Key tips for planning your fishing trip, including weather checks, packing essentials, and researching your fishing location. Spotting the Ideal Fishing Location: Strategies for finding the perfect spot that promises a good catch, utilizing currents, and understanding fish behavior. SUP Setup for Optimal Fishing: Guide on how to prepare your SUP for fishing, ensuring stability, and maneuverability. Rigging Your Rod for Success: Detailed instructions on setting up your fishing rod and reel for drift fishing, including bait and lure selection. Effective Casting Techniques: Master the art of casting in a drift fishing scenario to increase your chances of a successful catch. Proven Tips for Drift Fishing Success: Insider tips and tricks to improve your fishing technique and overall success rate. Common Drift Fishing Mistakes to Avoid: Learn about frequent pitfalls in SUP drift fishing and how to steer clear of them. Safety Measures for SUP Fishing: Essential safety practices to ensure a secure and enjoyable SUP fishing experience. Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) fishing is an exciting and challenging way to catch fish. Combining the relaxation of being on the water with the thrill of fishing, SUP fishing can be a great way to get outside and enjoy nature. One popular technique for SUP fishing is drift fishing, which involves using the current to move your bait or lure. In this article, we'll provide you with step-by-step instructions and examples of how to SUP fishing drift fishing. We hoper you enjoy this article on sup drift fishing tips.

  • Mar 22, 2023

Tips for Spotted Seatrout SUP Fishing

Are you a fan of fishing on a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) and looking for ways to improve your spotted seatrout fishing experience? Spotted Seatrout is a popular game fish for many anglers due to its versatility, making it ideal for fishing from a SUP. However, with this type of fishing comes some unique challenges that require specific techniques and gear. In this article, we'll provide expert tips on how to enhance your spotted seatrout SUP fishing game and increase your chances of catching that big one. We hope you enjoy our article and sup fishing tips for spotted seatrout.

  • Mar 21, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Light vs. Dark Colored Lures: Maximize Your Fishing Success

Are you tired of coming home empty-handed after a long day of fishing? Do you find yourself wondering why others seem to catch more fish than you do? One possible explanation for this could be the color of your lures. In this ultimate guide, we will explore the science behind color and how it can impact your fishing success. We will specifically focus on the difference between light and dark colored lures and provide examples of when to use each type to maximize your chances of catching fish. Key Highlights Understanding the Science of Color: Explore how light wavelengths interact with water and fish vision, impacting lure visibility. Light Colored Lures: Ideal for clear water and sunny conditions, light lures like white, silver, or gold are more visible and can attract fish from a distance. Dark Colored Lures: Best suited for murky water and cloudy days, dark lures such as black, brown, or green blend with natural environments and appeal to cautious fish. Situational Use of Lures: Guidelines on selecting the right color based on weather, water clarity, and fish species to enhance your fishing approach. Practical Examples and Tips: From topwater lures to crayfish imitations, practical advice on choosing and using light and dark lures effectively.

  • Mar 20, 2023

How to Fish from a Paddle Board: A Beginner's Guide to Spring SUP Fishing

Springtime is a wonderful season for fishing enthusiasts who love the great outdoors. As the ice melts, and the temperatures rise, it is an excellent opportunity to take your paddleboard fishing gear out for a spin. However, there are unique challenges that come with the spring season that you need to be aware of to ensure your safety and make the most out of your paddleboard fishing adventure.  In this article, we will discuss the different challenges you may face while paddleboard fishing during the spring season, including weather challenges, water conditions to watch out for, and safety precautions to consider.  Key Highlights Introduction to Paddle Board Fishing: Discover the fast-growing trend combining fishing's thrill with stand-up paddleboarding's excitement. Benefits Unveiled: Gain access to hard-to-reach spots, experience unique fishing tranquility, and enjoy a fantastic workout. Spring Challenges: Prepare for spring's unpredictable weather, strong currents, and cold waters to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Essential Gear and Board Selection: Choose the right paddle board and gear, focusing on stability, buoyancy, and suitability for spring conditions. Safety First: Emphasize the importance of wearing a Personal Flotation Device (PFD), staying hydrated, and knowing your limits to navigate spring paddleboard fishing safely.

  • Mar 19, 2023

The Art of Fly Fishing from a SUP: A Beginner's Guide

Dive into the captivating world of SUP fly fishing with our beginner's guide. Discover essential gear, perfect SUP choices, and master techniques for an unforgettable fly fishing adventure. Whether you're navigating serene lakes or challenging streams, elevate your angling experience with tips for success and safety on the water.

  • Mar 18, 2023

SUP Fishing for Redfish: A Comprehensive Guide with Expert SUP Fishing Tips.

Stand-up paddleboard (SUP) fishing is an exciting and challenging way to target redfish, a popular game fish that is widely distributed along the Gulf Coast and the Atlantic Coast. With its versatility and mobility, SUP fishing provides anglers with unique opportunities to explore shallow water, sight-fish, and catch redfish in areas that are inaccessible by boat. In this article, we will provide you with detailed instructions on SUP fishing for redfish and expert redfish sup fishing tips that will help you increase your catch rate and improve your skills.

  • Mar 18, 2023

Smallmouth Bass SUP Fishing Tips: A Comprehensive Guide

Fishing is a beloved pastime for many people, and there are many ways to enjoy it. One of the most exciting and challenging ways to fish is by using a stand-up paddleboard (SUP). SUP fishing offers a unique experience, and when it comes to fishing for smallmouth bass, there are several tips and tricks that can help you increase your chances of success. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on smallmouth bass SUP fishing tips. Key Highlights: Understanding Smallmouth Bass: Dive into the habits and habitats of smallmouth bass to increase your chances of a successful catch. Choosing the Right Equipment: Essential tips on selecting the best SUP board, paddle, and fishing gear tailored for smallmouth bass. Locating Smallmouth Bass: Strategies for finding smallmouth bass in various water bodies, focusing on river and lake environments. Techniques for Catching Smallmouth Bass: Advanced methods including topwater fishing, jig fishing, and drop shot fishing to lure in your catch. Best Baits for Smallmouth Bass: Insights into the most effective baits and lures for enticing smallmouth bass. Safety Considerations: Important safety tips to ensure a secure and enjoyable SUP fishing experience.

  • Mar 17, 2023

SUP Fishing tips for Trout: A Comprehensive Guide

Stand-up paddleboard (SUP) fishing has gained popularity in recent years, and it's not hard to see why. It allows anglers to access new fishing spots and experience fishing in a unique way. Trout fishing is a popular pursuit among anglers, and with a SUP, you can explore new waterways and discover new trout fishing opportunities. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about SUP fishing for trout, from equipment to technique and safety tips. Key Highlights Understanding SUP Fishing for Trout: Explore the unique blend of stand-up paddleboarding and trout fishing for an exciting fishing adventure. Essential Gear Selection: Learn how to choose the right SUP, fishing gear, and clothing for a successful trout fishing experience. Mastering Techniques: Gain insights into finding the best fishing spots, basic casting techniques, and understanding trout behavior to increase your catch rate. Safety First: Important safety tips and precautions to ensure a safe SUP fishing experience for trout enthusiasts. Practicing Etiquette: Embrace responsible angling practices to maintain harmony on the water and protect aquatic environments. Enjoying the Benefits: Discover the advantages of SUP fishing for trout, from accessing remote locations to improving physical fitness. Exploring Top Destinations: A curated list of the best trout fishing destinations ideal for SUP fishing, enhancing your fishing journey. Conclusion and FAQs: Wrapping up with answers to common questions about SUP fishing for trout, ensuring you're fully prepared for your next adventure.

  • Mar 17, 2023

SUP Fishing Etiquette: Best Practices for a Safe and Respectful Experience.

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) fishing is a unique and exciting way to catch fish while enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors. However, with this combination of activities comes a need for proper etiquette to ensure that everyone can enjoy their time on the water safely and respectfully. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about SUP fishing etiquette, from safety tips to common courtesy practices. Key Highlights SUP Fishing Etiquette: Understanding the dos and don'ts is crucial for ensuring a safe, enjoyable experience for everyone on the water. This includes giving space to other anglers, yielding to larger watercraft, and adhering to local fishing regulations. Safety Guidelines: Always wear a personal flotation device, check weather and water conditions, and be aware of your limits and skill level to ensure safety while SUP fishing. Respecting Other Anglers and Watercrafts: Maintain a respectful distance from other anglers and yield to larger boats, promoting harmony on the water. Catch and Release Techniques: Employ barbless hooks, handle fish carefully, and revive them properly before release to support fish populations and ecosystem health. Environmental Stewardship: Emphasize the importance of leaving no trace, using eco-friendly gear, and supporting conservation efforts to protect natural resources for future generations.

  • Mar 17, 2023

SUP Fishing Safety: Everything You Need to Know.

If you're an avid fisherman or just enjoy the peacefulness of paddleboarding, chances are you've heard of stand-up paddle (SUP) fishing. SUP fishing is a growing trend that combines the relaxation of paddleboarding with the excitement of fishing. While it can be a fun and rewarding experience, it's important to prioritize safety to avoid any accidents or injuries. In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about SUP fishing safety, including gear, tips, and precautions. Key Highlights Choosing the Right Gear: Essential items include a stable paddleboard, comfortable paddle, US Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device, and appropriate fishing gear tailored to the target fish species. Safety Tips for SUP Fishing: Key tips include checking weather and water conditions, wearing sun protection, staying hydrated, carrying basic first aid supplies, and being cautious of wildlife. Fishing Etiquette: Respect other anglers by maintaining a reasonable distance, minimizing noise, and being mindful of boaters and swimmers to ensure a harmonious experience on the water. Precautions While SUP Fishing: Maintain balance, avoid overloading the board, stay aware of surroundings, and understand personal limits to prevent accidents and ensure a safe outing. FAQs Section: Addresses common queries, such as the necessity of a fishing license, actions if you fall off your paddleboard, legal and safe bodies of water for SUP fishing, and tips for encountering wildlife.

  • Mar 16, 2023

Best SUP Fishing Knots: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Every Angler

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) has become a popular way to fish in recent years. SUP anglers have the advantage of being able to access areas that are otherwise difficult to reach, and they can get closer to the fish without spooking them. However, if you're going to be successful at SUP fishing, you need to know how to tie the right knots. In this article, we'll cover the best SUP fishing knots that every angler should know. Key Highlights Essential Skills for SUP Anglers: Understanding how to tie the right knots is crucial for successful SUP fishing. Types of Knots: Learn the difference between loop and cinch knots, and when to use each. Knot Selection: Choosing the correct knot based on fishing type, line, and lure or hook size. Step-by-Step Instructions: Detailed guides for tying the Improved Clinch, Palomar, Dropper Loop, Double Uni, Blood Knot, Surgeon's, Bowline, Anchor Hitch, Bimini Twist, Albright, Nail Knot, and Perfection Loop knots. Knots for Various Purposes: Whether attaching a line to a hook, securing gear, or anchoring a board, find the perfect knot for every situation. FAQs Addressed: Tips on selecting the right knot for your gear, tying knots for different fishing lines, and more. Conclusion: The importance of mastering knot-tying for enhancing your SUP fishing adventures.

  • Mar 14, 2023

Mastering SUP Fishing: Techniques for Casting and Landing Your Catch

Stand-up paddleboard (SUP) fishing is one of the most exciting and rewarding ways to enjoy the great outdoors. As the popularity of SUP fishing continues to grow, it's important to have a solid understanding of the essential techniques needed to be successful. In this expert article, we will delve into the world of SUP fishing, focusing specifically on casting and landing fish. We'll cover everything from selecting the right equipment to understanding the basics of casting, and share tips on how to land your catch with ease.

  • Mar 14, 2023

Landing Fish While SUP Fishing: Tips and Techniques.

Key Highlights Unrivaled Portability: Inflatable paddle boards redefine convenience, allowing easy transportation and storage, perfect for travelers and those with limited space. Exceptional Durability: Constructed with advanced materials, iSUPs withstand bumps and scrapes, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. Supreme Versatility: From serene lake paddles to SUP yoga, find an iSUP designed for every activity and skill level. Stability and Confidence: Ideal for beginners and experienced paddlers alike, iSUPs offer a stable platform for a safer and more enjoyable experience. Cost-Effective Adventure: Offering competitive pricing, iSUPs make paddleboarding accessible to a broader audience without compromising on quality. Effortless Setup: Transition from bag to water in minutes with iSUPs, maximizing your time spent enjoying the great outdoors. Eco-Friendly Choice: Embrace sustainable water sports with iSUPs, designed to minimize environmental impact. Fishing while Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is a unique and exciting experience. Not only do you get to enjoy the serenity of the water and beautiful scenery, but you also get to reel in fish. However, landing a fish once it's hooked can be challenging, especially if you're new to SUP fishing. In this article, we'll provide you with tips and techniques on how to land fish while SUP fishing.

  • Mar 14, 2023

How to Choose the Right Size Inflatable Paddle Board

Selecting the perfect paddle board size is a pivotal step in enhancing your paddleboarding journey, and with Glide Paddlesports, finding your ideal match has never been easier. Whether you're leaning towards the convenience of an inflatable SUP or the traditional feel of a hard paddle board, this guide will navigate you through choosing dimensions that promise unparalleled paddleboarding adventures.

  • Mar 13, 2023

Paddle Board Fishing: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you on the hunt for a fresh and exhilarating way to fish? Look no further than paddle board fishing! This guide dives into the rich history, myriad benefits, essential gear, and practical tips for embarking on your paddle boarding adventure.   Key Highlights Origins of Paddle Board Fishing: Tracing back to ancient Polynesian culture, paddle board fishing has evolved into a popular modern sport, enhanced by specialized SUPs designed for angling. Benefits of Paddle Board Fishing: Offers a full-body workout, unparalleled accessibility to various water bodies, a stealth approach to getting closer to fish, and an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fishing methods. Essential Gear: A fishing-ready paddle board with stability and ample storage, paddle, life jacket, fishing equipment, and necessary accessories for comfort and safety. Pro Tips for Success: Start in calm waters, secure your board, stay weather aware, comply with local fishing laws, and practice catch and release to support sustainable fishing practices. FAQs: Addressing common questions about using regular SUPs for fishing, licensing requirements, safety, fishing locations, optimal fishing times, and recommended equipment.

  • Mar 10, 2023

Fishing from a Paddle Board: Tips and Tricks for a Successful Experience!

At, we're passionate about the thrilling combination of stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) and fishing. This unique blend offers an exceptional way to access untouched fishing spots, merge a fantastic workout with leisure, and immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature in a distinctive manner. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned SUP fishing enthusiast, this guide is packed with insights to elevate your experience. Welcome to our comprehensive SUP fishing tips for beginners. Key Highlights Space and Stability Mastery: Learn how to leverage your inflatable paddleboard's space for stable and comprehensive packing without compromise. Ideal Campsite Selection: Tips on utilizing Google Maps and local resources to find unique, paddleboard-friendly campsites. Navigating Local Regulations: Understand the importance of being informed about public land, camping regulations, and life jacket laws. Prioritizing Safety: Strategies for maintaining safety through communication, selecting the right location, and choosing busier areas. The Joy of Companionship: Enhance your SUP camping experience by sharing the adventure, ensuring both safety and unforgettable memories.