Glide Lotus


Glide partnered with some of the pioneers in SUP Yoga to create the premier SUP Yoga center to develop our Lotus Yoga and Fitness Board. The instructors have tried every SUP Yoga board on the market and none of them quite worked for their demanding Yoga sessions. The board had to be a stable and comfortable platform for Yoga or Crossfit style exercises but it also had to paddle well in flat water as well as the open ocean. It had to be durable but it also had to be light weight. So many demands! After almost 1 year in development and testing Glide's Yoga board will become the standard for Yoga and Fitness boards. Designer Ken Driscoll was last seen doing a King Pigeon and Side Crane Pose on the Glide Lotus. We’re pretty sure he’s not coming back to the factory.


Patent-pending GSS ultra durable coating protects the board from transportation damage and bumper boats

Full size non-slip mat is equal in size to a standard yoga mat for seamless transition from lad to water

FCS 'easy carry' handle is set to keep out of the way of headstands

Lightweight construction for easy carrying

Glide exclusive lock port allows you to lock, tie or anchor your board for ease of use

Included with the board is a Futures Keel  Fin

USDA biomass certified Entropy resin ensures that your practice is gentle on the environment

Self regulating vent plug for maintenance free thermal venting

Heavy deep vee to a light deep vee in the tail ensures that the yoga board will navigate the waterways safety and efficiently

Extra wide platform for added stability




Length Width Thickness Volume Weight
10’ 35" 5" 218L 25 lbs



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