Glide Paddle Yoga

Glide Lotus Board

Glide Paddle Yoga has been leading the industry in board design and SUP yoga community since 2010. We quickly noticed the benefits of Aquatic Based Stability Training (ABST) and created a board specific to yoga. With a full length non slip EVA deck pad and a board shape that was designed based on a classic yoga mat, the Glide Lotus is the premier aqua yoga platform.


The Lotus is constructed with Glide Surface Shield coating encased around an EPS foam core with 12oz of fiberglass top and bottom. This means that you or your students can rest easy knowing that abuse and the heavy hand of time won’t keep your boards off the water.


Lotus Board Yoga Specific Design Features

  • Ultra-Durable GSS construction
  • Displacement hull in the nose for added stability
  • Deep V Tail creating a stable platform
  • Full length non slip EVA deck pad modeled after a yoga mat
  • Secure lock hole in the tail for an anchor and outdoor storage
  • 35 inch width to maximize balance and space for wide poses
  • Lightweight Construction