O2 Lochsa Inflatable SUP for Whitewater

Conquer the rapids and experience the thrill of whitewater paddling with the GLIDE O2 Lochsa Inflatable Whitewater SUP, perfect for both adult and young adventurers!

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Cross-Knit Woven Drop Stitch - Stiffer & lighter for the perfect hard board feel

10-Year Warranty - Trifused rails for maximum durability

Rock-Solid Stability - Offers a balanced and controlled ride, perfect for all skill levels

Compact - USA-style foldable fin box for maximum portability

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About the Product

The 2024 GLIDE O2 Lochsa Inflatable Whitewater SUP is crafted for the extremes of whitewater paddling. Enhanced with AeroMatrix and Thermofuse technologies, it provides unmatched durability and responsiveness, ideal for adventurous paddlers and beginners alike. With commercial-grade PVC construction and a thoughtful design, the O2 Lochsa ensures safe, stable, and exhilarating rides in rough waters, backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

What's Included
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Size Details

  • Length 10'
  • Width 36"
  • Thickness 6”
  • Volume 323 L
  • Weight 28 lbs
  • Weight Cap 400 lbs
  • Fitness/yoga 8
  • Maneuverabilty 7
  • Speed 6
  • Stability 9

What's Included

  • Backpack with Rolling Wheels for easy travel

    Our premium travel backpack has space for your inflatable paddle board, break down paddle, pump, leash, and fins. It also has enough additional space for essentials like water and snacks.

    This Inflatable SUP Backpack was created with the goal of making transporting and storing your board as simple as possible.

  • Adjustable Paddle

    A lightweight and robust performance three-piece breakdown paddle that offers the superb energy transfer and power of the fiberglass shaft along with the durability of the ABS blade. This paddle can be broken down into three separate pieces for easy transport and storage. The adjustable length makes it easy so paddlers of any size can have the ideal length for their needs in a matter of seconds.

  • 10’ Coiled Leash

    The leash is one of the most important pieces of safety gear you can use with your paddleboard. If you do happen to fall of your board your leash will keep you attached to the paddleboard and it allows you to quickly get back on your board. Unlike shorter leashes, the 10’ leash gives you full freedom to move around on your board, and the coils keep the leash out of your way and tangle free.

  • High-capacity SUP Pump

    Easy inflation of your paddle board to the recommended 12 PSI is possible with the help of our dual-action, high-pressure hand pump.

    Dual-action pumping, which inflates on both the pull and the push motion of the pump, will allow you to get out on the water in a short amount of time without worry about where to plug in an electric pump.

  • Dolphin Style Fin

    9” dolphin style fin compatible with all USA style fin box. USA fin boxes are the universal standard of fin boxes used in SUP and Surfboards.

  • Repair Kit

    Take care of your paddle board with an easy-to-use repair kit for quick fixes on the go.



Height: 10’

Width: 36”

Weight: 28lbs

Thickness: 6”

Tail Width:18in

Composition: Quadruple Layer Military Grade PVC – Woven Drop Stich Core

Weight limit: 400 lbs 



Leash Length:10’ 

Paddle Length/weight: 71in-85in, 2lbs

Paddle Composition: Fiberglass with ABS blade

Pump Features: 2 Speed, Dual Action

Fins: Dolphin style center fin & 2 attached side bites

Total Package Weight: 40lbs


Bag Dimension: 40in x 16in x 10in

Front Pocket Dimension: 26in x 5in x 10in

Weight of Package in Backpack: 36lbs


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