O2 Lochsa Inflatable SUP for Whitewater

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Conquer the rapids and experience the thrill of whitewater paddling with the GLIDE O2 Lochsa Inflatable Whitewater SUP, perfect for both adult and young adventurers!

Size Details


  • Length 10'
  • Width 36"
  • Thickness 6”
  • Volume 323 L
  • Weight 28 lbs
  • Weight Cap 400 lbs
  • Fitness/yoga


  • Maneuverabilty


  • Speed


  • Stability


About This Sup

Challenge yourself and embrace the adrenaline rush of whitewater paddling with the GLIDE

O2 Lochsa Inflatable Whitewater SUP. This board is specifically designed to tackle rapids, drops, and technical maneuvers with ease. Due to its smaller size, the O2 Lochsa is also an excellent choice for young paddlers as a perfect beginner board, allowing them to safely learn and develop their skills in a more controlled environment. Unleash your inner whitewater warrior with the O2 Lochsa and navigate the most demanding waterways with confidence. Constructed from Commercial-grade PVC and featuring welded rails, this inflatable SUP is built to withstand the rigors of whitewater adventures, ensuring you can push your limits and conquer new challenges on the water! Highlights:

  • Designed for whitewater paddling and technical maneuvers, perfect for thrill-seekers, adventurous paddlers, and young enthusiasts
  • GSS coating offers unparalleled durability and protection, handling the demands of rough water conditions
  • Commercial-grade PVC construction and welded rails for enhanced durability and performance in whitewater environments
  • Woven drop-stitch core for rigidity and lightweight feel, ensuring stability and responsiveness in challenging conditions
  • Agile and compact design for precise control and maneuverability, suitable for both adults and younger paddlers as a beginner board
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty, supporting your whitewater pursuits and protecting your investment in extreme conditions

What's Included

  • Backpack with Rolling Wheels for easy travel

    Our premium travel backpack has space for your inflatable paddle board, break down paddle, pump, leash, and fins. It also has enough additional space for essentials like water and snacks.

    This Inflatable SUP Backpack was created with the goal of making transporting and storing your board as simple as possible.

  • Adjustable Paddle

    A lightweight and robust performance three-piece breakdown paddle that offers the superb energy transfer and power of the fiberglass shaft along with the durability of the ABS blade. This paddle can be broken down into three separate pieces for easy transport and storage. The adjustable length makes it easy so paddlers of any size can have the ideal length for their needs in a matter of seconds.

  • 10’ coiled leash

    The leash is one of the most important pieces of safety gear you can use with your paddleboard. If you do happen to fall of your board your leash will keep you attached to the paddleboard and it allows you to quickly get back on your board. Unlike shorter leashes the 10’ leash gives you full freedom to move around on your board, and the coils keep the leash out of your way and tangle free.

  • High-capacity SUP Pump

    Easy inflation of your paddle board to the recommended 12 PSI is possible with the help of our dual-action, high-pressure hand pump.

    Dual-action pumping, which inflates on both the pull and the push motion of the pump, will allow you to get out on the water in a short amount of time without worry about where to plug in an electric pump.

  • Dolphin Style Fin

    9” dolphin style fin compatible with all USA style fin box. USA fin boxes are the universal standard of fin boxes used in SUP and Surfboards.

  • Repair Kit

Dig in More



Height: 10’

Width: 36”

Weight: 28lbs

Thickness: 6”

Tail Width:18in

Composition: Quadruple Layer Military Grade PVC – Woven Drop Stich Core

Weight limit: 400 lbs 



Leash Length:10’ 

Paddle Length/weight: 71in-85in, 2lbs

Paddle Composition: Fiberglass with ABS blade

Pump Features: 2 Speed, Dual Action

Fins: Dolphin style center fin & 2 attached side bites

Total Package Weight: 40lbs


Bag Dimension: 40in x 16in x 10in

Front Pocket Dimension: 26in x 5in x 10in

Weight of Package in Backpack: 36lbs


Customers buy this board:

  • They are experienced paddle boarders looking to take on the challenges of the river
  • Whitewater kayakers that are looking to make the change to SUP
  • Large SUP beginners who need more stability and want to learn on a wider, more stable board

SUP Disciplines that the board is used for:

  • River
  • Flatwater paddling on lakes and harbors


Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
ray miller
Great river boat

Needs handles on deck sides to climb back on
Needs rings or clips for putting on a seat

Nichole S.
Impressive! Keeps up with the Big Brands!

I ordered a known brand whitewater SUP in January to compete in the GoPro Mountain Games in June. However, it was on backorder and did not look like it would arrive in time. I found Glide and was impressed at the price, free shipping, speed of delivery and included paddle. It’s a pretty good paddle, too! Board and paddle performed very well in Class II-III and felt stable. I like the feature of Glide Shield Surface that protects against abrasions. It still looks new after a few runs. Time will tell. Inflation is at the nose (makes for easier deflation when rolling up) and the deck pad extends the full board. Maybe I’ll get better at hanging 10 over the nose? Comes with a nicer bag with wheels. The center removable fin was too tall for the river, but great for tracking in the lake. I need to get a short and/or gummy fin to keep it tracking straight on the river. Thanks goodness it’s a USA style fin box so I can get another fin easily.
Customer service was very quick and responsive!! I am impressed and will recommend to my employer’s for next year’s adventure camp equipment purchases.

Kevin Fleuret
Wow! Customer service!

I just got my board in last week and the pump was damaged. They answered the phone in 3 rings and within 60 seconds of hanging up the phone I got a Shop notification that the new pump was on the way. I’ll update my review on the board when I get out to the River.

Gregory Graley
Trying to compare my Lochsa to my Rivershred

Some people are asking my thoughts on both of my SUPs. Well, the Badfish Rivershred is more of a beast, and has hardly any bounce. And the rocker is so great, and will rise up and over waves like a champ. Because I have been paddling my Rivershred for over a year and a half, it has gotten me through some interesting features.

Now, after having the Glide 02 Lochsa out 4 times, here is my take on this. There is more flex(bounce) on the deck, but, this can be a good thing, being a little more forgiving. The rocker is moderate. But still rises over the face of the wave. The stern is a little wider, giving more stability when stomping the tail deep in the water. I think putting handle grips just past the carry handle like I did on the Badfish, really helps when scrambling back on the deck after swimming. I think both are so close and I am so glad I bought the Lochsa, price wise, you can’t go wrong. I am glad to have both SUPs, but lately, I have run this chute on the Comal River, and I cleaned it 5 times out of 15 attempts that day, and normally on the Rivershred, I am lucky if I run it clean twice in one day. And the paddle that comes with it might look flimsy, don’t let that fool you. It is solid, stout, and really digs in when you need to make a quick change of direction. I haven’t needed to use the rucksack/carry bag, but that is well designed too. Price wise, Glide wins, and should carry you far. To go further, then the Rivershred will finish the job, but for almost twice the price. It depends on how rough you want to play, or pay. Either one works for me, and I always encourage others to jump on board and see what they are paddling. Until then, paddle on…..

Gregory Graley
Round Two…..more time to get aquatinted…

After the first play run….we had to go to a different section on the Guadalupe River. I mistook the initial reaction to the paddle. But, don’t let the look’s fool you. It is a solid paddle shaft, and the blade might look flimsy, but when you dig in for that last stroke to get on that wave, it has a fantastic bite, and gives power without any flutter. I’m finding out I have to move around on the deck more to adjust my stance and trim, the the wave allows me much more stability and balance. I’d say Round #2 was a hit as well. More to come….. still FIVE STARS !

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