How to use the Glide 2021 Hand Pump

Embarking on a stand-up paddleboarding adventure begins with one crucial step: inflating your board. While electric pumps offer convenience, mastering the Glide  Hand Pump equips you with the knowledge to get your iSUP ready for the water, anywhere, anytime. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure a swift and efficient setup.

Key Highlights

  1. Identifying the Puncture: Techniques to find and mark leak spots on your SUP.
  2. Preparing for Repair: How to dry and prepare your board for patching, including valve and water checks.
  3. Patch Application: Detailed instructions on applying the patch correctly to ensure a watertight seal.
  4. Post-Repair Care: Ensuring the patch's durability with proper curing time and additional checks for air leaks.
  5. Preventive Measures: Tips for storing and transporting your paddleboard to avoid future damage.

If you’re reading this, I apologize that you don’t already own a Glide Electric Pump and you’re stuck doing the manual labor just to get out on the water.

For our visual/verbal learners we filmed a tutorial on our YouTube channel which you can find here!

Now, let’s get started.

Step 1: Preparing Your Pump

O-Ring Swap: Upon unboxing your new Glide iSUP, you’ll find a small but vital component floating in the hand pump's bag — the O-Ring. This little piece needs to be swapped with the one pre-attached to the hose, ensuring an airtight connection and efficient inflation.

Glide Paddle boards


Step 2: Connecting the Hose

Secure Attachment: With the O-Ring correctly in place, connect the hose to the pump and then to your board. Ensure the board’s valve stem is in the ‘up’ position to prevent air from escaping once disconnected. A proper connection is confirmed when the board doesn’t drop while lifting by the hose.

If you need more instruction on inflating the board itself you can read about here.

Tip: You can make sure it's secured by lifting the board up by pulling on the hose and if it doesn't fall out then you've done it properly. See picture below as an example.

glide inflatable paddleboard


Step 3: The Inflation Process

Persistence Pays Off: Initially, inflating your iSUP might seem slow, but continuous pumping for approximately 13-15 minutes will do the trick. Glide’s robust construction means the board will feel rigid early on, but reaching the optimal 12-15 PSI is crucial for performance and safety.

Switching Gears: As resistance increases, a small cap located near the hose connection can be unscrewed to shift the pump into a high-efficiency mode, easing the process as you approach full inflation.

Reading the Gauge: It’s common to worry about a non-responsive gauge. Rest assured, the pressure gauge activates around 7-9 PSI, so don’t be discouraged if it takes a few minutes of pumping to see movement.

Here is an example of the gage below 7 PSI and what it looks like:

glide inflatable paddleboard

Here is a photo showing what it looks like when you're up to 12 PSI:

how to fix a broken inflatable paddleboard hand pump

Ready for Adventure

Once inflated to the recommended PSI, detach the hose, secure the valve cap, and your Glide iSUP is water-ready. With practice, inflation becomes quicker, making the hand pump an effective tool for your paddleboarding escapades.

Beyond Manual Pumping

For those seeking an alternative to manual pumping, the Glide Electric Pump, complemented by our Portable Battery, offers a hassle-free solution, allowing on-the-spot inflation and deflation.

Conclusion: A Seamless Start to SUP

Inflating your iSUP doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the Glide Hand Pump, you’re equipped to set your board up efficiently, ensuring more time on the water and less time preparing. Whether you embrace the manual process or opt for an electric pump, Glide Paddleboards is here to support your paddleboarding journey from start to finish. If you opt for the electric option don't forget to add on an optional battery pack for the ultimate flexibility.

For further inquiries, tips, or to explore our range of iSUPs and accessories, reach out to us. Glide Paddleboards is committed to enhancing your SUP experience with quality equipment and expert advice.


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