Is it Worth Buying Your Own Paddle Board?

Buying your own paddle board is indeed a worthwhile investment for numerous reasons, extending far beyond the mere convenience it offers. Let's dive into why owning a paddle board enriches your experience and can be seen as a valuable addition to your lifestyle.

Key Highlights:

  1. Increased Convenience: Eliminate rental hassles with your own board, making it easier to hit the water whenever the mood strikes.
  2. Customization for Comfort and Preference: Tailor your paddle board with specific features and accessories for a personalized experience.
  3. When Renting is Preferable: Understand scenarios where renting might be more beneficial than owning.
  4. Choosing Between Inflatable and Hard Boards: Explore the pros and cons of inflatable vs. hard paddle boards to suit your lifestyle and storage needs.
  5. The Social Benefits of Owning a Paddle Board: Dive into how having your own board can open up community connections and new friendships.
  6. Sustainability Considerations: Consider the environmental impact of your choice between inflatable and hard boards.

Unmatched Convenience

Owning a paddle board dramatically increases the likelihood of you hitting the water more frequently. The hassle of rentals, such as availability issues, extra costs, and time spent picking up and returning, is eliminated. The story of someone who began paddle boarding more often after purchasing their own board highlights how ownership removes barriers, making spontaneous adventures on the water an easy choice.

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Customization and Comfort

When you own your paddle board, you have the perfect match for your needs and preferences. Whether you're into SUP fishing, yoga, or simply exploring, having the right board means you're always prepared for the activity you love. Unlike one-size-fits-all rental boards, your personal board can be customized with specific fins, accessories, and features that enhance your paddling experience.

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When Renting Makes Sense

While owning a board has clear advantages, renting can be beneficial in certain situations. If you're new to paddle boarding, renting different types and brands can help you discover what suits you best without a significant initial investment. Rentals are also convenient for infrequent paddlers, group events, or those looking to try paddle boarding for the first time.

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Inflatable vs. Hard Paddle Boards

The decision between an inflatable paddle board (iSUP) and a hard paddle board depends on your lifestyle, storage options, and where you plan to paddle. iSUPs offer excellent portability and are easier to store and transport, making them ideal for city dwellers or those who enjoy remote paddle spots. However, hard boards provide slightly better performance and durability, appealing to those who prioritize these aspects.

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The Social Aspect

Owning a paddle board can also lead to new friendships and social opportunities. Being part of the paddle boarding community, you're more likely to engage with fellow enthusiasts, share experiences, and even meet up for group paddles.

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This article is a great read on the two types of paddle boards. A couple quick pros and cons of the two are as follows.

With inflatable paddle boards, they are easier to find storage space for, and they can also be easily transported without requiring dedicated roof racks or a truck bed. You will also be able to use a ride share with an inflatable paddle board if you live in a major city and ware wanting to paddle board at spots like Lake Union in Seattle or Lake Hefner in Oklahoma many cities have great paddle boarding spots in the heart of the city.

Hiking to remote waterways is easy to do with an inflatable paddle board. As well as paddle boarding in some national parks where you can only get to them by private boat, seaplane or ferry which often do not have room for solid boards.

Solid boards offer slightly better performance than inflatable paddle boards, they are also more durable than an inflatable paddle board.

A hard paddle board is also more of a conversation starter and has led to making new paddle-boarding friends.

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One such occasion was when I took my puppy nephew paddle boarding with me and we stopped at one of the city's best breakfast places that was also dog friendly. Sadly Campos coffee has closed in the USA. As we waited for our breakfast to come a couple sat at a table close to ours, having seen us in the parking lot they came over and talked paddle boarding and we made plans to meet later that afternoon at the boat-in-only site at Rockport Reservoir.

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The investment in a paddle board pays dividends in convenience, fitness, enjoyment, and social opportunities. Whether you choose an inflatable or hard board, owning one allows for a deeper, more personal connection to the sport. Glide supports your journey on the water, offering boards that cater to all levels and interests, ensuring that every paddle out is an adventure worth taking.