What is the Best Paddle Board for Dogs?

What to look for when choosing a paddle board for dogs?

While there are no paddle boards designed specifically for dogs there are some that work better than others. This is also where build quality and high-grade materials come in. Fiberglass boards are not recommended for paddle boarding with your dog as the fiberglass is slippery and easy to damage. The photo below shows how much more comfortable the dog is on the board with the better design for a dog paddle board and its full deck pad/traction pad.


Key Highlights

  1. Introduction to Paddle Boarding with Dogs: Highlight the joy and bonding experience of paddleboarding with your dog. Stress the importance of choosing the right SUP for safety and comfort.

  2. Choosing the Right SUP: Emphasize the criteria for selecting a paddleboard that accommodates both the weight and movements of dogs. Mention the importance of stability, durability, and a large deck pad for comfort.

  3. Material and Build Quality: Discuss why materials like ultra-durable PVC are preferred over fiberglass for paddleboarding with dogs, focusing on safety, comfort, and durability.

  4. Board Stability: Explain how the width of the paddleboard contributes to stability, making it an important factor for dog-friendly SUPs, especially for large dogs or those that move around a lot.

  5. Safety Tips for Paddleboarding with Dogs: Cover essential safety tips, including the use of life jackets for both the paddler and the dog, and training tips to ensure a smooth experience.

  6. Ideal SUP Features for Dogs: List features such as large deck pads, high weight capacity, removable fins for shallow water, and bungee cords for securing gear.

  7. Recommended Boards: Suggest boards like the Glide Lotus and Glide 02 Angler, detailing their specific features that make them suitable for paddleboarding with dogs.

  8. Conclusion and Call to Action: Encourage readers to share their paddleboarding adventures with their dogs and to check out recommended boards for an unforgettable experience.

dog on a paddle board

The best paddle boards will have a large deck pad, be an ultra durable paddle board, and a more stable sup board. It is also important to remember that not all dogs will be up for being a paddle board dog. Both you and your dog need to feel comfortable on the board, comfortable swimming, and trust one another. A trainer and puppy swim class can help with this and asses the dog's personality and how it potentially will do on a paddle board. Many dogs love to be on the board and be with their pack.

dogs on a paddle board

You will also want to choose a paddle board that has a high weight capacity and enough room for both of you. Good stability in the board choice is a huge plus, especially with large dogs which is one of the reasons a yoga board like the Glide Lotus makes a perfect sup board for your dog. With its large deck pad and good stability, a Lotus will ensure you have a fun activity with your furry friend. Even if your best friend is a large dog and the dog moves around.

inflatable paddle board

If you don't quite have your sea legs or your dog is a larger dog then the Glide 02 Angler is a perfect choice, with its incredible weight capacity and 36-inch width this is a stable paddle board that will have you and your best friend smiling as you paddle in style.

inflatable paddle board for fishing

When choosing an inflatable stand up paddle board for you and your furry friend look for a board that has a weight capacity of over 350 pounds, 400 pounds weight capacity, or better will be ideal. If you have a large dog an isup with a weight capacity of 500 pounds will make you and your big dog happier.

Some things to consider when paddle boarding with your dog.

If your dog is a pup find a good dog trainer in the area and start working on some basic commands to help build the trust relationship between the two of you. A special command can also be taught to get your dog used to going to a certain spot on the board, either to help with weight distribution or recovering your furry friend if your dog jumps overboard during your paddle boarding adventure. Having a dog with reliable recall and good manners off-leash is important.

Most dogs can swim, although this does not mean they do not need a life jacket. A good dog life jacket is a needed piece of equipment, most have reflective accents to help other boarders and boaters prevent accidentally hitting your furry best friend. A dog life jacket usually has a handle on the top to help with the recovery of your pup and both you and your dog should have a life jacket. The life vest is probably legally required for you, however, the laws do not usually apply to dogs or other animals that may be supping with you. A dry bag is also a great item to have with you, keep the pup's treats and kibble dry as well as keeping a first aid kit dry as well. When paddle boarding with our dog we bring along a dog-specific first aid kit that also is suitable for humans. Sadly dog's paws on occasion find fishing hooks or other sharp stickers. Life jackets will also help keep older dogs safer. Older dogs will also like a traction pad or deck pad that fits most of the board giving them stability and a comfortable sitting space.

Your dog should also be able to follow the same commands as they would when on dry land. And sup safety should be followed for both you and your dog.

For the first trip with your dog look for a place that has some of his or her favorite activities nearby and that has calm waters. Paddle board with your dog for a little while and then reward them with their favorite nearby activity and then go back to the water and paddle board some more. Paddle board dogs love to be with their humans although may get a bit restless during the first few outings. Breaking it up with things they love will help you and your dog out in the long run.

The Best paddle boards for dogs will have the following.

To choose the right board to start stand up paddle boarding with your dog look for the following features to get the best paddle board.

If an isup is what you are looking at then make sure to check the weight capacity, on a hard board this is not as important as long as both of you combined do not exceed it.

The dog paddle board should have a large deck pad or traction pad.

The body structure of the dog paddle board should be designed with ultra-durable materials.

The dog paddle board should be wide enough for improved stability and weight distribution.

The dog paddle board should have bungee cords or d rings to secure gear including a dry bag.

The dog paddle board should be a longer board of 10 feet or more for even more stability and room.

The dog paddle board should not have exposed fiberglass or carbon fiber materials

The dog paddle board should also have removable fins when exploring shallow water.

The dog paddle board should use the highest quality materials and be ultra durable so you hopefully will never need a repair kit.

When you start paddle boarding with your dog you and them are going to be in for an adventure you both will love. Most dogs love to be out on the water and not separated from the pack or left at home. Our dogs get so excited when they see the paddle board, and on occasion have a hard time waiting to be told to mount up. I prefer a rounded nose on the sup when with my dog as it gives him some more paw room as he captains the board.

paddle boarding with dog

The best paddle boards for dogs include the Glide Lotus, The Glide 02 Angler and the Glide Lochsa, which is what the river sup pup was on in the main photo.

inflatable paddle board

We have some great training tips on the blog, and places to sup with your dog. Let us know if your dog likes to paddle board, and where their favorite spot to sup is. #glidesup on instagram.

Now it is time to get your dog, grab the gear, and go boarding with your dog, When you board with your dog you will create a deeper bond, and have a blast while doing so. Show your dog some love and get on the water!