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Hook, line, and sinker - the GLIDE O2 Angler Inflatable Fishing SUP is your go-to board for unforgettable SUP fishing adventures!

Size Details


  • Length 11'
  • Width 36"
  • Thickness 6"
  • Volume 400 L
  • Weight 25 LBS
  • Weight Cap 500 LBS
  • Fitness/yoga


  • Maneuverabilty


  • Speed


  • Stability


About This Sup

Cast your line and reel in the big one with the GLIDE

O2 Angler Inflatable Fishing SUP! Designed for fishing enthusiasts, this board offers a stable platform for casting, reeling, and landing your catch. The spacious deck and multiple attachment points for gear, combined with the impressive 500 lbs weight capacity, allow you to easily customize your fishing setup, carry all your gear, and bring back your prized catch. Enjoy memorable fishing experiences on various waterways, from serene lakes to winding rivers, with this versatile and reliable board. Constructed from Commercial-grade PVC and featuring welded rails, the O2 Angler is built to withstand the rigors of fishing adventures, ensuring you can focus on the catch of the day! Highlights:

  • Designed for SUP fishing enthusiasts, perfect for aquatic angling adventures
  • Commercial-grade PVC construction and welded rails for enhanced durability and resistance
  • Woven drop-stitch core for maximum rigidity and lightweight feel, ensuring stability while casting and reeling
  • Spacious deck and multiple attachment points for fishing gear, allowing you to customize your setup
  • 500 lbs weight capacity, offering ample support for you and your catch
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty, safeguarding your investment for countless fishing trips
  • Front mounts are compatible with RailBlaza and rear plates are compatible with Scotty Mounts

What's Included

  • Three piece adjustable paddle

    A lightweight and robust performance three-piece breakdown paddle that offers the superb energy transfer and power of the fiberglass shaft along with the durability of the ABS blade. This paddle can be broken down into three separate pieces for easy transport and storage. The adjustable length makes it easy so paddlers of any size can have the ideal length for their needs in a matter of seconds.

  • 10’ coiled leash

    The leash is one of the most important pieces of safety gear you can use with your paddleboard. If you do happen to fall of your board your leash will keep you attached to the paddleboard and it allows you to quickly get back on your board. Unlike shorter leashes the 10’ leash gives you full freedom to move around on your board, and the coils keep the leash out of your way and tangle free.

  • Dolphin Style Fin

    9” dolphin style fin compatible with all USA style fin box. USA fin boxes are the universal standard of fin boxes used in SUP and Surfboards.

  • Kayak Seat and Carry Strap

    When you want to take a break from standing our paddleboards come with a kayak seat that quickly attaches to the boards D rings. The paddled seat has a large zipper pocket on the rear of the backrest.

  • Backpack with Rolling Wheels for easy travel

    Our premium travel backpack has space for your inflatable paddle board, break down paddle, pump, leash, and fins. It also has enough additional space for essentials like water and snacks.

    This Inflatable SUP Backpack was created with the goal of making transporting and storing your board as simple as possible.

  • High-capacity SUP Pump

    Easy inflation of your paddle board to the recommended 12 PSI is possible with the help of our dual-action, high-pressure hand pump.

    Dual-action pumping, which inflates on both the pull and the push motion of the pump, will allow you to get out on the water in a short amount of time without worry about where to plug in an electric pump.

  • Repair Kit

  • 2 Rod Holders

    Glide Angler Fishing SUP's remarkable companion, the Railblaza-compatible Rod Holder. This rod holder is built with advanced high-impact materials and a robust design, making it an unmatched powerhouse in strength and durability. With its ability to endure the largest trolling loads and withstand the strongest strikes, this rod holder has been put through rigorous testing like no other. Featuring a rotating collar, gimble lock, full adjustability, and easy reel access, it offers ultimate convenience in one compact package.

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Experience the Future of Paddle Boarding: Glide's Inflatable Boards Set a New Standard in Stiffness!

Brand Model Bend Test 170lbs MSRP
GLIDE Angler 1" $899.00
GLIDE O2 Retro 1.06" $799.00
GLIDE Lotus 1.06" $899.00
IRocker CX Ultra 1.18" $949.00
ISLE Pionrer 2.0 1.18" $795.00
Nixy Newport GF 1.31" $895.00
IRocker Ultra 11 1.42" $799.00
Gili Meno 10'6" 1.43" $900.00
BOTE HD Aero 1.43" $1,099.00
Atoll Atoll 11 1.5" $799.00
Hono Byron 1.50" $725.00
ISLE Switch 1.56" $995.00
BOTE Flood Aero 1.93" $899.00
BOTE Breeze Aero 2.25" $799.00
Gili 10'6 Air 3.25" $545.00



Height: 11’

Width: 36”

Weight: 25lbs

Thickness: 6”

Tail Width: 18in

Composition: Quadruple Layer Military Grade PVC – Woven Drop Stich Core

Weight limit: 500 lbs

Volume: 400L


Leash Length: 10’ 

Paddle Length/weight: 71in-85in, 2lbs

Paddle Composition: Fiberglass with ABS blade

Pump Features: 2 Speed, Dual Action

Fins: Dolphin style center fin

Total Package Weight: 46lbs


Bag Dimension: 42in x 16in x 10in

Front Pocket Dimension: 26in x 5in x 10in

Weight of Package in Backpack: 41lbs


Customers buy this board:

  • The O2 Angler excels in keeping you stable from A-to-B, and has enough space for all your equipment or a furry friend.
  • Recommended for our Angler friends, someone with more weight, or someone with a few pups.
  • Larger paddlers that are looking for a more stable board

SUP Disciplines that the board is used for:

  • Calm lakes and bays for flatwater paddling
  • SUP Fishing


Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Robert Webb
Came with the wrong size PFD

It came with PFD which is very nice but I can't wear it because it is too small. There was no opportunity to select a size when I submitted my order. Haven't had a chance to try the board yet.


Very stable, tons of deck space, included rod holders are a plus and appreciate. Now problem for this SUP noob to stand, sit cast, and land fish. The view is far superior than the one I have from my kayak. Price and financing options were the kickers! Love it.

Matt McKinney
Easy, Stable, Fun!

I bought this SUP on sale, specifically for fishing. I had the chance to try it the next day and was a little nervous about its stability and "fish-ability". Let me say, it was super easy to stand, paddle, cast, and land fish! I love how much deck space there is and the view of the water is so much better than with my kayak! I'm really happy with the purchase! Comes with two rod holders, which is awesome. Can't wait to get out there again!!

Nicholas Averaino
Fun for fishing

Only used once so far but enjoyed it. So far it has been easy to paddle around the lake and fish off of. I’m no longer stuck in one sitting position. I can stand up and fish with ease, also fished while kneeling and sitting sideways with my feet in the water. I am able to fish longer throughout the day than I was able to on my ascend kayak.

Eric Ledgerton Ledgerton
Awesome product

Nice unit. Very stable. Gauge on air pump doesn't work. Other than that ,I love it

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