Is There a Pump in the House? Methods of Inflating an iSUP

Inflation process for an inflatable paddle board.

Are you wondering about inflatable paddle boarding and how to go about inflating one? Do you have to inflate it at the house and then transport it to the launch site? Or can you transport it in the smaller space-saving backpack that Gilde isups come with? The good news is you can transport, hike and inflate the isup where ever you want. And with Glide, you get an ultra-durable paddle board.


Manual Pump Method

inflatable sup board pump

Your isup will include a manual pump, pump hose, and pressure gauge, When you buy a Glide inflate sup board we include a higher quality dual action high capacity SUP pump. This will make the inflating of the inflatable paddle board easier and quicker than with lesser quality manual pumps other brands include.

Simple steps are needed to start to inflate your board. Find a location that is free of sharp objects such as broken glass. I also try to avoid locations that are hotter than other areas such as the blacktop of a parking lot, this is for my comfort why let the heat from the sun and the asphalt bake you? You will be getting a small workout soon with the manual pump. If your isup is rolled up it is time to remove it from the bag and unroll it.

inflatable paddleboard

Once the inflatable paddle board is rolled out straight you are going to want to notice if the valve is up or down. After removing the valve cap we want the valve to be in the upward position. We can now attach the pump's hose to the valve and begin pumping to start inflating the isup. At this point, you just start pumping keeping an eye on the gauge as you go. The board will be fully inflated when the pounds per square inch reach 12 aka 12 psi. This is the magic number to allow your inflatable paddle board to perform its best.

Once you are done inflating your isup it is time to grab the carry handle or strap and position the fins in the water. You may want to twist your isup around so that the fins are on the other side from the shore. Either store your bag and pump back in the car, or on your board and prep for an epic paddle session.

The Electric Pump Method

Inflating an isup with an electric pump is the fastest way to get on the water. Follow the simple steps from above and plug your electric pump into the car's power outlet, attach the pump hose, and power on the electric pump. When using electric pumps it is important to watch the gauge and make sure you do not overinflate. Or you can get one of the best electric  pumps on the market and set the psi gauge and forget it. The pump will automatically shut off when the entered pressure is reached. This makes it a snap to fill your inflatable paddle board.

The shark II electric pump is also rated to inflate up to 3 boards before needing a short cool-down period. Other electric pumps often require a fairly long cool down between inflating boards. If you have a Glide paddle board you have the best boards made, it is only fitting that we would offer the best electric pump as well.

Another fun twist to throw in is that we offer a battery as an add-on for your electric pump. This means you are free to bring the electric pump where ever you may want to launch your inflatable sup from.

isup electric pump battery

The friend's method.

deflated inflatable paddle board

This is the one I hear a lot when it comes time to get the inflate sup boards on the water. From the I will be back in a moment then we can start pumping. To the I forgot my sup pump, maybe that is a sign they need hard boards only. To the direct approach which is the approved method for me to get your inflatable paddle board pumped up. That is why I always have an electric pump with me, and a spare hand pump in the truck.

Deflating the isup.

inflatable paddle board

To delete the inflatable paddle board you will want to remove the fin. Then remove the valve cap, push it to the downward position, and twist it to lock it. Then move to opisite end of the valve stem and start to roll the board tight. Once the board is rolled tight and all the air pressure has been released, reposition the valve to the inflate postion.

With the rolled-up board it is now time to put the isup back into its carry bag.

paddle board pump