SUP surfing- which paddleboards surf the best?

Exploring the waves with a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) introduces a thrilling dimension to both ocean and river surfing. Glide Paddleboards, renowned for crafting the best paddle boards that are ultra-durable, offers two exceptional models designed for surf enthusiasts: the Retro for ocean waves and the O2 Lochsa for river surfing. These boards blend the excitement of catching waves with the versatility needed for various paddleboarding activities.

 The Retro: A Versatile Ocean Wave Rider

The Retro by Glide is an all-around SUP board that excels in ocean surfing. While not designed exclusively as a surfboard, its all-around capabilities mean it performs exceptionally well in catching ocean waves. Whether you're looking to ride small, gentle waves or tackle larger, more challenging swells, the Retro is up to the task. Its ultra-durable construction makes it virtually indestructible, ideal for conditions where rocks or rough landings might pose a risk to less sturdy boards.

This board is spacious enough for comfortable maneuvering while surfing and is suited for paddlers of all skill levels. Equipped with a USA style fin setup and a large center fin, the Retro offers customizable performance through interchangeable fins. Whether you prefer a setup for tighter turns or greater stability, the fin's surface area, rake, and length can be tailored to your weight and surfing style, thanks to its compatibility with a wide range of fins available on the market.

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Catch waves with the Glide Retro Hardboard.

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If you are wanting to have fun on the ocean or Gulf of Mexico, and want a board that will also handle other paddle boarding activities with grace then the Retro is the board for you. This is one of the best if not best all-around sup boards on the market, and will let you ride waves with ease.

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SUP Surfing: Ocean to River

Paddleboarding with the Retro or O2 Lochsa transcends traditional surfing, offering the flexibility to enjoy flat water paddling, adventurous multi-day excursions, and, of course, surfing. Unlike standard surfboards that are limited to ocean waves, Glide's SUP boards open up possibilities for year-round wave riding, including the dynamic experience of river surfing.

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The Glide 02 Lochsa

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Embrace the Adventure

Whether you're carving through ocean swells with the Retro or navigating the spirited rapids with the O2 Lochsa, Glide Paddleboards ensure your surfing adventures are both thrilling and safe. These boards stand testament to the versatility and excitement SUP surfing offers, inviting you to explore waters far and wide. Share your surfing adventures with us on Instagram using #glidesup and let the world see where your Glide board takes you.