General Paddle Board Information

General Paddle Board Information
  • Aug 18, 2022

Glide the best paddle boards of 2022!

Let's talk about the best inflatable stand-up paddle boards of 2022! As you probably are aware, we at Glide have been producing the best paddle boards since 2010, we also create the most durable paddle boards on the planet that are also the most eco-friendly. So it should be no surprise that the best inflatable paddle boards also come from Glide. When you buy a Glide paddle board, isup, or hardboard you are getting the following and so much more. Expertly designed and crafted boards by professional white water paddlers and river runners. Boards that are eco-friendly, will last year after year and are financially sound purchases. You will be getting the best paddle boards of 2022. The lightweight board will be a premium board crafted with the highest quality materials. We also incorporate us fin box so that you can easily find fins and not be limited to ordering through us. Premium deck pad on every board. And these premium boards will reflect our love of paddling, showing why we have the best inflatable paddle boards, actually the best stand-up paddle boards as we do not want to forget our hardboard lineup. At this point, I won't go on about everything that allows Glide to make the best inflatable paddle boards. You will get the best paddle boards made, and with that tons of great memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Aug 17, 2022

Is there a pump in the house? Methods of inflating an isup.

Inflation process for an inflatable paddle board. Are you wondering about inflatable paddle boarding and how to go about inflating one? Do you have to inflate it at the house and then transport it to the launch site? Or can you transport it in the smaller space-saving backpack that Gilde isups come with? The good news is you can transport, hike and inflate the isup where ever you want. And with Glide, you get an ultra-durable paddle board.

  • Aug 17, 2022

The best paddle boards ever made!

Glide inflatable paddle boards are the best inflatable paddle boards you can buy. What makes Glide Paddle boards the best? It is simple, our paddle boards are crafted with the highest quality materials to be ultra durable paddle boards. Our founder and those on the design team come from a lifetime of paddle experience and have been on many professional white water teams.

  • Aug 12, 2022

A day paddling the best yoga sup ever! The Glide Lotus.

A day paddling the amazing Lotus sup yoga board.   Today I am going to be doing some sup yoga and paddling the Glide Lotus, the best yoga sup that has been made. It also performs incredibly well as a flat water cruiser. The Lotus sup yoga board is stable, maneuverable, and forgiving. It is the perfect board for sup yoga by yourself or with a partner. This board will allow you to get more out of your sup yoga sessions.

  • Aug 11, 2022

Paddling the Retro, the best all-around sup you can buy.

A day paddle boarding the original Retro.   The Retro hard paddle board is one of the best all-around sup boards around. The retro is able to handle flat water, fishing, yoga, river running, or catching ocean waves. The ultra-durable paddle board is the go-to board for beginner and advanced paddlers alike. Once you try the board you will see why.

  • Aug 10, 2022

A day paddling the best inflatable touring sup!

A day of paddling with the Inflatable Paddle Board the 02 Quest. Today I am going to be taking the inflatable touring sup 02 Quest out for a day of paddling. My first stop is going to be at Starvation Reservoir, a friend is down there camping and asked me to come down and paddle for a bit, perhaps camp out. Starvation Reservoir is a perfect spot for a high-performance touring sup like the 02 Quest, it is a large reservoir with lots of coves and an island or two to explore.

  • Aug 9, 2022

A day with the inflatable paddle board the 02 Lochsa River Sup

A day paddling the best inflatable whitewater sup board on the market the 02 Lochsa!   Inflatable paddle boards are an easy way to travel and reach remote waters, although is an inflatable paddle board really ok for rivers and whitewater? the answer is yes if you are paddling one made by Glide. Our ultra-durable paddle boards also translate into the best inflatable paddle boards on the market. The best inflatable sup for whitewater is the 02 Lochsa. Named after the Lochsa river shown below, that translates into rough water.

  • Aug 8, 2022

A day with the 02 Lotus Inflatable Yoga Sup

Paddling the best inflatable sup yoga board! Today I am going to take out dedicated yoga board paddle boarding, and possibly to a yoga session. This going to be our inflatable yoga sup. If you are looking for a good yoga board this is the one for you. The Glide 02 Lotus and Lotus are the best yoga boards on the market. These stable boards will make doing your yoga routine a breeze for any sup yoga session you may want to try. No yoga mat is needed with this board's full-length deck pad.

  • Aug 7, 2022

A day with the 02 Angler

A day of paddle boarding with the isup Glide 02 Angler.   Today I am taking the Glide 02 Angler inflatable paddle board out. This is Glides ultra-durable fishing inflatable paddle board. The first stop is going to be the gas station, petro, ice, and snacks are on the list. And the first paddle boarding destination is going to be Smith and Moorehouse reservoir.

  • Aug 5, 2022

A day of paddle boarding with the isup Glide 02 Retro.

A day with the stand up inflatable paddle board 02 Retro. Today I decided to make it a long weekend, I mean I am working doing product paddle boarding. Today I chose the inflatable sup the 02 retro. I was not sure what I wanted to do when I decided to go paddle boarding so I chose the perfect board to do a little bit of everything. This inflatable sup can handle being a sup fishing board to a yoga sup board and can get moving as a sup river board.  

  • Aug 4, 2022

Summer days, paddle boarding, and more.

What do summer days mean to you?   Summer days are some of the best days, and on the first day of summer, I mark the occasion by taking one of my puppy nephews out to paddle board and run crazy. Something about seeing the joy dog showed when he saw the paddle board and spent some time frolicking in the water before getting on the paddle board. As we supped to the other side of the lake he would sit calmly and watch the birds on the water and when they were no longer where he could see them, he stretched out on the paddle board for a bit of last leisure time in the sun. While occasionally slapping at the water and trying to catch the droplets he caused to spray up.

  • Aug 3, 2022

Rise Of Inflatable Paddle Boards

Rise of the Inflatable Paddleboard In the last couple of years, inflatable paddle boards have become increasingly popular. Especially since the start of the pandemic where we were told to social distance. Paddle board enthusiasts always knew this was a great social activity that could also be enjoyed solo, with others while naturally maintaining distance from others. As people went stir crazy with restaurants, clubs and bars closed down more and more people started to look into stand up paddle boards.

  • Aug 3, 2022

How I became a paddle boarder, a thank you to friends family and Glide.

Hello,   My name is Greg and this is part of my story. I do not know about you and what things you are grateful for, for me it is a long list although I will keep it shortish I hope. The first is being alive, I feel we should all be grateful for this, and for being free. For the planet from flat corn fields, to lakes and raging rivers, sandy beaches, and imposing mountains.

  • Aug 2, 2022

The Best Inflatable Paddle Boards On The Planet!

What makes the best inflatable paddle board? The best inflatable paddle boards are going to be the ones designed to last, and that do the least harm to the environment and your budget. This is why Glide inflatable paddle boards are often considered the best inflatable paddle boards on the planet. Our boards are so durable and environmentally friendly that they were chosen to be in animal exhibits from penguins, otters, and more. And to join the national geographic tours. We took these same requirements and dedication to the planet to heart when we started designing inflatable stand up paddle boards to create the best inflatable paddle board one could hope to find.

  • Aug 2, 2022

The best touring paddle boards!

How to choose the best touring SUP. The best touring paddle board is the one you will paddle. There are a lot of touring paddle boards out there, and some are ok other touring boards less so. Only two truly stand out above the rest and are the best touring paddle boards you will find. The Glide Quest touring paddle board and Glide 02 Quest inflatable touring paddle board.

  • Jul 25, 2022

SUP Boards FAQs

We answer these three questions: What is the difference between a SUP board and a paddle board? What SUP board is best for beginners? and How do I choose a SUP size?