Beat the Heat: The Ultimate Fishing Experience with a SUP

Key Highlights

  1. Exceptional Design and Performance: Highlight the Glide O2 Quest's optimal length and width, which provide superior stability and speed for adventurers. Its design is tailored for both leisurely exploration and long-distance journeys.

  2. High Durability and Weight Capacity: Emphasize the board's construction from military-grade PVC and its impressive 400-pound weight capacity, making it ideal for carrying gear and companions.

  3. Advanced Features for Enhanced Experience: Discuss the board's US fin box, versatile dolphin fin for excellent tracking, and full-length EVA deck pad for comfort during extended use.

  4. Versatility and Customization: Explain how the Glide O2 Quest meets various paddling styles and needs, thanks to its design and accessory compatibility.

  5. Comprehensive Adventure Package: Outline the complete package offered by Glide, including a high-performance paddle, manual pump, coiled leash, and more, ensuring adventurers have everything they need.

A day fishing on a sup.

It is already September and the area is still baking under a heat wave. Parts of the state getting up to 111 this week, here it will be 104 today a 105 tomorrow, and just way too hot.

Where it won't be hot is at the alpine lakes in our high Uinta's which means I will be working remotely checking out the paddle board fishing at one of my favorite fishing spots. Then I may move on to one of my hidden gems and hidden fishing spot.


As a team member at Glide, my days often transition from office tasks to outdoor adventures seamlessly. Today was no exception. With the sun blazing overhead, I grabbed my fishing rod, leaving behind the mundane for an adventure on the water with our top-notch inflatable SUP, the O2 Angler. This isn't just any paddleboard; it's a fishing enthusiast's dream, especially designed for those who thrive on the thrill of the catch while stand-up paddleboarding.

inflatable fishing paddle board

The O2 Angler stand-up paddleboard is a marvel for fishing aficionados. Its design caters to both the excitement of the catch and the serenity of being on the water. Before setting out, essentials like snacks for both me and my furry companion, and a cool beverage for the journey, were packed. The anticipation of utilizing various fishing techniques on the SUP was exhilarating. From trolling across the serene lake to trying my hand at catching live bait in deeper waters, the possibilities seemed endless.

The beauty of SUP fishing, especially with the O2 Angler, lies in its versatility. Unlike traditional fishing kayaks, this paddleboard offers unparalleled sight fishing opportunities. Its ample storage space, strategically placed at both the nose and tail, and the generous number of D-rings, ensures that all fishing gear, from tackle bags to boxes, can be securely stored and easily accessed. This setup is a game-changer for those of us who prioritize efficiency and convenience while on the water.

Fishing with live bait adds an exciting dimension to the experience, and the O2 Angler makes it a breeze. Whether using worms, wax worms, or crickets, the pursuit of the catch becomes even more thrilling. To enhance the fishing experience, I rely on polarized sunglasses for protection and enhanced visibility, enabling me to spot fish beneath the surface effortlessly. Moreover, incorporating a fish finder into my setup allows for strategic fishing, making each outing both productive and enjoyable.

Technology plays a pivotal role in modern fishing adventures. Apps like RiverFlows and Fish Deeper have become indispensable tools, offering insights into water conditions and aiding in the discovery of prime fishing spots. These digital aids, combined with the advanced features of the O2 Angler, underscore the evolution of fishing from a simple pastime to a sophisticated pursuit of passion and precision.

What sets the O2 Angler apart is not just its design but its capacity to support additional gear and companions, whether canine or human. Its superior weight capacity and stability make it the ideal choice for those seeking adventure without compromise. The inclusivity of features like rod holders and extensive storage options further cements its status as the premier choice for SUP fishing enthusiasts.

Reflecting on my fishing adventure, the O2 Angler inflatable SUP not only met but exceeded my expectations. Its ability to blend functionality with eco-friendliness encapsulates what we at Glide strive for - creating products that enhance the outdoor experience while respecting and preserving the natural world. Whether you're an avid fisherman or a paddleboarding enthusiast, the O2 Angler offers an unparalleled experience, promising adventure, excitement, and, most importantly, fun on the water.

As we continue to innovate and provide the best SUP experiences, we're always eager to hear from our community. Share your paddleboarding fishing tales with us, and let's celebrate the joy of catching the big one, the Glide way.


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