How to Properly Store an Inflatable Paddle Board

In this article, we explain how to properly store your inflatable paddle board.


inflatable stand up paddle board inflated air pressure

Inflatable paddle boards have been taking the market by storm over the last few years. There are many questions from new paddle board owners as to the best ways to store their inflatable SUP. We answer them for you here.

is it better to store inflatable paddle board inflated or deflated

pvc material for long term storage of inflatable paddle board

It is generally better to store an inflatable paddle board deflated in the off season. This is because leaving the board inflated for an extended period of time can cause the PVC material to stretch and weaken, which can eventually lead to leaks or damage to the board.

Additionally, storing the board fully inflated requires more space, which can be a challenge if you have limited storage space. Deflating the board and rolling it up allows you to store it in a more compact manner, making it easier to find a suitable storage location.

Inflatable paddle boards are designed to be inflated and deflated multiple times, so there is no harm in deflating and inflating the board each time you use it. Just make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper inflation and deflation techniques to ensure that the board remains in good condition.

Deflating the board

inflatable stand up paddle board in direct sunlight a few times

The best way to deflate an inflatable paddle board is as follows: Before storing your inflatable paddle board, ensure that it is completely deflated. Remove any fins from the fin boxes and any other accessories that may be attached to the board.

Wipe the board down with a clean cloth to remove any dirt, sand or debris. Using a light detergent on the board is a good idea if you have been paddling in salt water or a murky waterway. It's not a bad idea to clean your inflatable SUP board even if you have been paddling in clear, fresh water.

Make sure that you let your board dry completely before deflating and rolling it up to prevent mold growth.

Rolling the board up

inflatable paddle board salt water

Lay the paddle board flat on the ground, with the top side facing down. Fold the inflatable SUP board in half lengthwise, so that the nose and tail meet. Starting at the nose, begin rolling the board tightly towards the tail. Once the board is rolled up, place it in the backpack or storage space that came with your inflatable paddle board.

Storing inflatable paddle boards

fresh water inflatable sup board and other stand up paddle boards

Store the deflated board in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight as UV rays can be damaging over time. Avoid storing the board in areas with extreme heat or cold, such as attics or basements. Extreme temperatures in your storage area can be very damaging over the long haul.

If possible, store the board in its original storage bag or a board bag designed for inflatable paddle boards. Double check to be sure that it's a dry bag. The entire storage space should be completely dry.

Make sure the paddle board is not compressed or weighed down by heavy objects, as this can damage the PVC material. Extra precautions should be taken to make sure that there are no sharp objects in the storage area for your inflatable board.

Short term SUP storage

electric pumps for an inflatable paddle board with a fin box with strong chemicals

It is perfectly fine for your inflatable SUP board to be left inflated when you're not using it. There are a few key factors to consider when keeping boards inflated, however.

It's a great idea to remove a little air pressure for short term SUP storage especially if you are storing the board in very hot weather as the air inside the inflatable SUP boards will expand in the heat. Don't leave inflated paddle boards in direct sunlight for long periods without removing a few PSI. If you must leave your inflated board in the heat, store it upside down or in a hard board bag so that the deck pad doesn't fade.

Most people will keep their inflatable paddle board inflated for short term storage and will deflate it for long periods. It's worth investing in a board rack so that you can put the entire board out of the way when storing it while inflated. Just keep an eye on the air temperature and be aware that the board will lose air when stored in cold weather. Usually it's just a little bit of air loss, maybe a few PSI.


storage options for a small space or smaller space for stand up paddle boards

Inflatable paddle boards offer many short term storage options as well as quite a few long term storage options. It is perfectly fine to store your inflatable stand up paddle board inflated, just make sure that you release some air pressure first. A better long term storage option is to keep your clean, dry and deflated board in a board bag or storage bag and keep it in a dedicated storage area that is cool and clean.