A Robust Line of Inflatable Paddle Boards

Key Highlights

  1. Unmatched Durability and Performance: Glide Paddle Boards are renowned for their robust construction, combining the sleek design of a luxury car with the ruggedness of military vehicles.

  2. Versatile Board Selection: Whether you're into tranquil lake paddling, fishing, yoga, touring, or navigating rapids, Glide has a board specifically designed for your needs, ensuring stability, speed, and convenience.

  3. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: Glide's commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in their eco-friendly manufacturing processes, making them a wise choice for eco-conscious paddlers.

  4. Innovative Features for Enhanced Experience: From the high-weight capacity to specialized accessories and designs for specific activities like fishing and yoga, Glide boards are equipped with everything you need for an unparalleled paddling experience.

  5. Community and Customer Service: Choosing Glide means joining a community of passionate paddlers. Their dedication to quality and customer service ensures you're not just buying a board; you're becoming part of a family that values waterway conservation and adventure sharing.

The best inflatable paddle boards of 2022

Glide inflatable paddle boards the best inflatable paddle boards of 2022

Are Glide Paddle Boards really the best inflatable paddle boards made? Yes, they absolutely are and have been year after year. Inflatable paddle boards come in many different designs, some are like a pinto where any little bump may make the thing go boom and ruin your day. Then you have the industry's #1 company Glide whose boards are sleek and well designed like a Lamborghini with the ability to handle anything with extreme durability and performance of a military humvee. For your inflatable paddle board, get the best and go with an ultra-durable high-performance paddle board from Glide that is both eco-friendly and financially wise. Other boards try to imitate us although none can deliver the quality of a Glide inflatable paddle board even if they name their boards a glide or try for the yellow color our rigid boards are so well known for.

At Glide, our passion for paddle boarding is matched only by our commitment to creating the ultimate experience on the water, whether you're exploring serene lakes or navigating the thrilling rapids. Today, we're excited to share insights into our top-of-the-line inflatable paddle boards, each designed to elevate your adventure, no matter your paddling style or destination.

Glide 02 Retro: The Ultimate All-Arounder

all around inflatable paddle board

The Glide 02 Retro stands out as the industry's leading all-around inflatable SUP board, perfect for those seeking versatility and stability. At 10'6" in length and 33 inches wide, this SUP board offers an impressive weight capacity of 400 lbs, ensuring a stable ride for all paddlers. Unlike other boards that struggle with lower weight limits and reduced durability, the 02 Retro is built to handle both calm waters and the challenge of Class I and II rapids with ease. Its unparalleled quality and design make it the go-to choice for paddlers who demand the best in all-around performance.

Glide 02 Angler: The Angler's Dream

glide angler fishing sup board

For the fishing enthusiasts out there, the Glide 02 Angler is a masterpiece, combining stability, space, and specialized features to offer the best inflatable fishing SUP board experience. With a 36-inch wide deck, 11 feet in length, and a hefty 500 lbs weight capacity, this board is designed to accommodate you, your gear, and the catch of the day without compromising stability. Its US-style fin box and removable fin enhance maneuverability, while the abundance of D-rings and optional accessories like a Glide cooler, electric pump, and battery pack make it the ultimate fishing platform. Whether you're fly fishing in the Florida Keys or trolling in a peaceful lake, the 02 Angler is your trusted companion for unforgettable fishing adventures.

Glide 02 Lotus: A Sanctuary on Water

lotus inflatable sup yoga boards

The Glide 02 Lotus redefines SUP yoga, offering a perfect blend of stability and serenity for practitioners of all levels. This inflatable SUP board, designed with a full-length deck pad, provides a comfortable and stable platform for any yoga routine. Its 10-foot length and 35-inch width, combined with a 400 lbs weight capacity, ensure that whether you're a beginner or a seasoned yogi, the Lotus will support your journey towards inner peace and physical balance. The board's design encourages the practice of solo or group yoga, making it a favorite among SUP yoga studios and enthusiasts worldwide.

Glide 02 Quest: For the Explorers

glide quest touring paddle board

The Glide 02 Quest is a touring marvel, designed for speed, efficiency, and adventure. Its 12'6" length and sleek design allow for effortless gliding through water, making it ideal for long-distance paddles and expeditions. With ample deck space to carry gear for day trips or multi-day adventures, the Quest is the epitome of a high-performance touring inflatable SUP board. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced paddler, the Quest's stability and speed will inspire confidence and joy in every stroke.

Glide 02 Lochsa: Whitewater Warrior

For adrenaline seekers, the Glide 02 Lochsa offers an unparalleled whitewater paddling experience. Designed by professional whitewater paddlers, this board excels in navigating Class I, II, and III rapids, thanks to its specialized rails, rockers, and a quadruple-layer military-grade PVC construction. The 10-foot board is not only robust but also versatile, serving as an excellent flatwater cruiser with a full-length deck pad for optimal traction. The Lochsa is a testament to Glide's commitment to providing the best inflatable paddle boards for every water condition.

Glide's Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Every Glide inflatable paddle board comes equipped with a high-pressure pump, a durable deck pad, a lightweight adjustable paddle, and a transport-friendly carry bag. Our dedication to quality, customer service, and environmental sustainability ensures that when you choose Glide, you're not just getting an inflatable paddle board; you're becoming part of a community that cherishes the waterways and promotes paddling adventures.

Glide: Beyond Boards

While we pride ourselves on creating the best inflatable paddle boards, our ultimate goal is to enrich your life with memorable moments on the water. Whether you opt for a Glide board or another brand, we encourage you to cherish every paddle, protect our waterways, and share your adventures with us at #glidesup on Instagram.

In crafting this guide, our aim was not only to highlight the superior features of Glide inflatable paddle boards but also to ignite your passion for paddle boarding. As you set out on your next adventure, remember that with Glide, you're always paddling with the best.