Discover the Best Inflatable Paddle Boards with Glide

Key Highlights

  1. Versatility for All Water Types: The Glide 02 Retro offers stability across surf, flat water, or rivers, supporting up to 400 pounds for a variety of activities.
  2. Unmatched Fishing Experience: The Glide 02 Angler, with its stability and 500-pound weight limit, is equipped for all your fishing adventures.
  3. Supreme Stability for SUP Yoga: Glide 02 Lotus is your serene platform for mastering SUP yoga with unmatched stability.
  4. White Water Thrills: Navigate rapids smoothly with the Glide 02 Lochsa, designed by experienced paddlers for optimum white water performance.
  5. Explore with Speed and Efficiency: The Glide 02 Quest, known for its sleek shape, is ideal for adventurers looking to cover distances swiftly.
  6. Enhanced Paddling with Quality Accessories: From the Shark II Electric Pump to the versatile Paddle Board Seat, Glide accessories elevate your experience on the water.

Glide inflatable stand up paddle boards.

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What inflatable stand up paddle board is right for you? Hopefully we can help you find out which isup is the best choice for you. What we do know is that a Glide paddle board regardless of what model you choose will be the right one.

Our inflatable stand up paddle boards are one of the best inflatable sup if not the best inflatable sups on the market. With our ultra durable paddle board build and premium materials that we use on every board a Glide sup board is the right choice every time.


    At Glide, we are not just passionate about paddle boarding; we live and breathe it. Our dedication to crafting the finest inflatable paddle boards (SUPs) on the market shines through in every product we offer. From serene yoga sessions on the lake to adrenaline-pumping river runs, we've designed an inflatable SUP for every adventure. Let's dive into our top picks that cater to every paddler's dream.

    Glide 02 Retro 10'6" - The Versatile Performer

    glide inflatable paddle board

    Meet the Glide Retro, a masterpiece that embodies versatility. This inflatable stand up paddle board is a true all-rounder, offering stability and performance across various waters – be it surf, flat water, or rivers. With its 10'6" length and 33" width, it comfortably supports up to 400 pounds, making it an ideal companion for you and your furry friends. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned paddler, the Retro's all-around design is perfect for fitness paddling, SUP yoga, touring, and even catching waves. If you can dream it, the Retro can glide it.

    Glide 02 Angler - The Ultimate Fishing Companion

    inflatable paddle boards for fishing

    For those who live to fish, the Glide Angler inflatable stand up paddle board transforms your fishing experience. Its flat bottom and extra-wide body ensure unparalleled stability, while the impressive 500-pound weight limit allows you to bring along all your fishing gear. The Angler is equipped with a large center fin, multiple attachment points, and the flexibility to add accessories like rod holders and coolers. This board comes with everything you need – an adjustable paddle, rod holders, a kayak seat, and even a backpack with rolling wheels for effortless travel. Your search for the perfect fishing SUP ends here.

    Glide 02 Lotus - The Zen Master

    inflatable paddle board for sup yoga

    The Glide Lotus inflatable paddle board is a sanctuary for those who seek tranquility on the water. As the inflatable counterpart to our revolutionary hardboard, the Lotus is among the most stable SUPs available, ideal for mastering SUP yoga. But don't let its serene nature fool you; the Lotus excels in performance, catering to both beginners and experts who desire a stable, high-quality board. Its design focuses on fitness and joy, equipped with removable fins and a plush deck pad. The Lotus invites you to a world where fitness meets fun, regardless of your yoga prowess.

    Glide 02 Lochsa - The White Water Warrior

    whitewater paddle order

    Named after the thrilling Lochsa River, this inflatable stand up paddle board is your ticket to the exhilarating world of white water paddling. Crafted by a professional paddler with over 25 years of experience, the Lochsa is engineered to navigate class I, II, and III rapids with grace and agility. Its quality construction and thoughtful design, including specialized rockers and rails, ensure a joyous paddling experience through rough waters. When it comes to river running, the Lochsa stands unmatched.

    Glide 02 Quest - The Explorer's Choice

    touring paddle board

    Embrace your inner explorer with the Glide Quest, a board that slices through water with ease. Designed for speed and efficiency, its sleek shape and unique stiffness make it one of the fastest inflatable SUPs around. The Quest's narrow nose and tail, coupled with a pin tail design, provide quick turns and superb maneuverability. Ideal for flat water touring, this board promises adventure on every paddle.

    Elevate Your Paddle Boarding with Glide Accessories

    Our commitment to your paddle boarding journey doesn't stop at boards. We offer a range of accessories to enhance your experience, from the Glide Anchor Pole and Coolers to the indispensable Shark II Electric Pump and its companion battery. And for those seeking added comfort, our Paddle Board Seat is a game-changer.

    At Glide, we believe in the power of quality, eco-friendly inflatable paddle boards to transform your water adventures. Our boards and accessories are designed to cater to every paddler's need, making long-distance trips and SUP camping effortless and enjoyable. Experience the Glide difference and discover why our SUPs are quickly becoming the favorite choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Join us on this journey and see for yourself why Glide stands as the epitome of inflatable paddle board innovation.